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On graduation, you could find work locally or internationally as a programme or project manager, consultant, analyst, civil servant or policy maker, in public and private sectors. Over 60% of our graduates go on to pursue a masters degree. A good portion of graduates take up work and continue to live in the Netherlands.

At work

Is there anything I cannot be after I graduate?

IPM gives you a range of skills which you can put to use in professional practice. We try to keep your job options open in the rapidly changing job market. We have provided some suggestions below, but there are myriad possibilities, depending on your strengths.

Potential job roles (from current IPM alumni)
Programme/project manager
Human resource assistant
Manager/team leader
Communications advisor/manager
Civil servant
Stakeholder relations advisor

Alumni speaking

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IPM Graduate

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Continue studying

An increasing number of IPM graduates are pursuing post-graduate qualifications. Most students wishing to pursue a masters degree abroad are able to do so without a bridging course or qualification. However, you must check with the given institution to determine entry requirements.

You should note that academic universities in the Netherlands require you to follow a pre-masters course after graduating from THUAS. Therefore, IPM offers you the opportunity to complete a pre-master’s degree in year three which qualifies you for the Public Administration masters at Leiden University, for example. Bear in mind that you may need to meet certain grade requirements, i.e. an average grade of 7.5.

In fact, 63% of our graduates at IPM pursue a pre-master's and then a master's degree in Public Administration at Leiden University specifically. 8% pursue a master's in International Relations or War and Conflict Studies, 5% in Crisis and Security Management, Cyber/IT studies or Law.

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