International Financial Management and Control - English - 4 years - Full-time

The IFMC programme will give you the skills you need to improve your world – and be financially independent. You’ll be ready to deal with business and management decisions from both entrepreneurial and socially responsible perspectives.

Because your world is constantly shifting, you’ll learn how to adopt change. By continuously experimenting with new insights, perspectives, knowledge and competences. This is how you can make a change. We call it business + impact. This empowers you as a ‘manager of change’ in your field of expertise, from a small and medium-sized enterprise, to a government institution or multinational.

At work

Is there anything I cannot be after I graduate?

We already know that our graduates make their mark in the professional world. It goes without saying that we make a huge impact in the day-to-day financial running of an organisation - from interpreting numbers and giving sound advice to management, to helping with process improvement and building dashboards. But we also play a big part on the social side - working with colleagues from all backgrounds and boosting team performance.

What will you become
Business controller
Financial controller
Investment advisor
Financial analyst
Financial consultant
Risk manager
Group treasurer
Assistant accountant
What you won't become
Accountant (not yet)

Continue studying

IFMC gives you the chance to take a pre-master’s programme. On completion, you can take the Master’s in Accounting, Auditing and Control at Rotterdam’s Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). Twenty per cent of our graduates have taken us up on the offer and successfully completed the pre-masters and master’s programme. The qualification has opened doors at big firms like Danone and Microsoft.

IFMC gives you the chance to take a pre-master’s programme.

Need help making a decision

We would like to help you make the right decision

It takes a bit of thought and research to find the right programme. The Hague University of Applied Sciences organizes various activities throughout the year to give you the best possible idea of the various studies offered. You also learn what it’s like to study at THUAS. This way, you can click on the registration button without a doubt in mind. Or you’ll know for certain it’s not right for you. 

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International Financial Management and Control - English - 4 years - Full-time?

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