International Business and Management Studies - English - 4 years - Full-time

IBMS gives its students the tools to excel both as an entrepreneur and as a business expert at an acclaimed international company. In the first year you will develop a basic understanding of the fundamentals within any business, such as: marketing, management, logistics, finance and macroeconomics. Each of the two semesters in the first few years will confront you, as an IBMS student, with existing cases businesses are struggling with. You will then have to solve these cases during multicultural teams. Additionally, in year three you will follow a minor and conclude the IBMS programme with a thesis and internship in year four, which will launch your career as a business professional.

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Dylan de Haan - IBMS
Hi, my name is Dylan and I’m a 3rd year student of the 4-year International Business & Management Studies. I come from the Netherlands, born and raised right here in The Hague. I have a passion for technology, music and travel. Do you have a question about study life at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, finding a room, life in The Hague and Holland, or any other? Email me! Please let me know and I shall email you back as soon as possible.

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Katharina Handler - IBMS
Hi, I am Katharina, a second year International Business and Management Studies student in the accelerated program. I am from Austria. Some of my interests and hobbies are travelling abroad, meeting new people and visiting new places in the Netherlands. Do you have a question about study life at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, finding a room, life in The Hague and Holland, or any other? Email me! Please let me know and I shall email you back as soon as possible.

Structure of International Business and Management Studies - English - 4 years - Full-time


20 - 24

hours per week



hours per week



hours per week

Study credits


in year one

Year 1

The first year is the foundation (propaedeutic) year

The basis of year one is equipping you with enough skills to steer an organisation in the right direction. For starters, you will learn how to register financial data to create annual reports for large companies. But what about setting up a marketing plan or analysing a business in terms of its liquidity and solvability? To a prospective IBMS student this will sound like music in your ears. But bear in mind that year one will entail a lot more than business introductory courses and statistics. We also have English courses that train your debating skills, business administration and English writing. All theory and no practice then? Of course not. We have two main projects in the first year. One of which is called the Business Game. Much as the name suggests, this computer game will train you to run a fictitious business. What revenue models could you use to turn a conservative industry upside down? How do you manage a so-called lean start-up with minimum expense and maximum revenue? On top of all this, year one also has a project in which students will create an international marketing plan. You could be writing a business strategy to introduce a Chinese beer in the Netherlands.


Semester 1
Business Game
Intercultural Project
Academic and Intercultural Skills
English Business Communication A
International Financial Accounting
MS Office Skills
International Business and Management
Introduction to Market Research
Semester 2
Human Resource Management
Business Statistics A
International Business Law A
Integrated Project: Business Plan
Intermediate Financial Accounting
Financial Management
Development and Learning - Academic and Intercultural Skills
English Business Communication B

Year 2

Delve deeper

In year two, much of the content you will cover is a follow-up of first-year courses, but you can also expect courses like E-business, Sustainability & Business Ethics and Management Information Systems. Additionally, IBMS students will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language. You can choose French, Dutch or German, but also Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and even Russian. IBMS students appreciate the importance of being confronted by other culture, via our international classroom and language electives. Ultimately, this intercultural approach adds value to a business or product.

Year 3

In year three it will be time for you to specialise as a business professional via a range of minors. You could deepen your knowledge about marketing, brand management, human resource management and sustainable business or follow a minor about business conduct in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Furthermore, in the second semester we expect our students to study abroad. But ‘expect’ can sound a little daunting. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do all the legwork to arrange such an exchange yourself. At THUAS we have a large network with 100 partner universities in Latin America, Japan, Korea, the US, the UK, Turkey, Indonesia, South Africa and Australia. So we will definitely be able to help out.

Year 4

Internship and graduation

Chances are, the word “thesis” will have you stomach churning. For many students it is a dreaded but obligatory task. After completing it most students print off a few copies for mum and dad and never look at it again. But what if we were to tell you that here at IBMS the subject of your thesis in year four can save an international company thousands of euros and generate real cash flow. And what if, as we have seen with so many students, your thesis can land you a job after graduation. At IBMS, students write their thesis in combination with the second internship of year four. One IBMS student, for instance, analysed the Dutch consumer market to determine whether it was ready for Tom’s of Maine’s natural toothpaste. Another student found out whether RealeGroup, a company that offers insurances against cyber crime, has profitable market potential in Turin, Italy. These reports are one of the reasons our alumni now have high-end jobs at companies like, Karl Lagerfeld, Nike, BlueLynx, BMW and the Boston Consulting Group.


Shape your degree

Most IBMS students enter the workforce with some form of specialisation. And this is what minors are all about: giving your IBMS degree an edge. We have a wide array of minors to offer at IBMS, three of which focus on doing business in promising economies like Africa, Asia or Latin America. Another minor deals with business-to-business products. More internationally inclined? No problem, we have a list of 350 partner universities to choose from when selecting a minor, such as the University of Lyon, France, the University of Dusseldorf, Germany, and even the University of Seoul in Korea.

Working methods

Lectures, seminars, study visits, self-study, group activities and project work

Each term we invite CFO and CEO executives from the business world to be guest lecturers at IBMS. Last year, Niels Vink, a Manager of Data Analytics at PricewaterhouseCoopers, gave students an inspiring lecture on how to influence human behaviour. In their feedback on IBMS’s curriculum these guest lecturers always remark how pleased they are that there is: “finally, a school that produces students who are not afraid of rolling up their sleeves when dealing with business matters”. The new economy needs doers not philosophers. And that is exactly what distinguishes IBMS’ teaching methods from those of an academic university. To give you an example: year one will equip you with an Advanced Microsoft Office diploma, which will make you a wizard with Excel. Practical skills like these will give you a head start when you graduate. And, in all likelihood, these skills land you a higher starting salary than other Business Management programme students.

Assistance during your studies

Study coaching and advice

We assume your time at IBMS will run smoothly. But, if you are experiencing any study problems, we offer personal assistance. A coach can help you keep track of your study progress and further guide your career development. He or she can help you improve your time-management skills for example, or find the right people within the programme to answer more complicated questions. He or she will also support you if you have any personal problems that can adversely affect your schoolwork.

Collect ECTS

Binding Study Advice (BSA)

In the first year, you are expected to earn at least 50 of the 60 credits available. In some cases, as part of the 50 credits, you will need have passed a certain subject.

If you fulfil all requirements, the Examination Board will issue a positive study advice and you can continue with your degree programme. If you fail to meet these requirements, you will be issued a negative binding study advice and will be required to leave the degree programme.

The Examination Board may take personal circumstances into consideration, such as illness or participation in professional sports. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The study advice may be deferred, possibly with certain conditions attached that must be fulfilled during the following academic year.

You are personally responsible for your academic progress, so make sure to contact your academic career coach early on if things are not going well.

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