International & European Law - English - Full-time

The opportunities in the international legal field are endless with your law degree. You could become a contract manager, privacy officer, trade policy analyst, researching trade-related policy at the OECD in Paris or become legal advisor in European and international organisations. You will be a step ahead in job interviews and an asset to any organisation or company having spent four years perfecting your legal skills.

At work

Can I become a lawyer or a judge after I graduate?

With a Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) you are fully equip to kick-start your career as a legal professional. However, in most countries, a bachelor’s degree alone will not make you eligible to enter the bar. If you want to become a lawyer (advocate, solicitor, barrister, etc.), usually extra country requirements will apply. In the Netherlands, for example, you will have to take a master’s degree in law and attain a so-called ‘civil effect’.

What will you become
Compliance officer
Contract Manager
Legal researcher
Project worker
Legal advisor
Legal assistant
Trainee solicitor
Policy analyst

Continue studying

More and more Law graduates continue their education after graduating from THUAS. Outside the Netherlands, you can follow a masters after graduation. Law students have enrolled for masters at King’s College and the London School of Economics in London, the University of Kent in Canterbury, Oxford and Cambridge. Even as far as Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

You should note that some universities in the Netherlands require you to follow a pre-masters course after graduating from THUAS. There are exceptions, such as Maastricht University, but students will have to complete an entry test first.

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It takes a bit of thought and research to find the right programme. The Hague University of Applied Sciences organizes various activities throughout the year to give you the best possible idea of the various studies offered. You also learn what it’s like to study at THUAS. This way, you can click on the registration button without a doubt in mind. Or you’ll know for certain it’s not right for you. 

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International & European Law - English - Full-time?