European Studies - English - 4 years

You could be representing an air-conditioning company as a lobbyist at the European Union. This is what you do after you complete the degree programme and begin working on real assignments. But as a young professional, you do much more. You discover, for example, the culture at ‘your’ company. You attend meetings and company parties and meet with colleagues. You also learn all there is to know about ‘your’ market - the latest developments, the competition and what they do. In other words, you learn what this profession involves on a daily basis.

At work

Is there anything I cannot be after I graduate?

No. That’s the beauty of European Studies. In a sense, we are training you to be as multifunctional as a Swiss Army Knife. Does this automatically mean ES’ approach will make you a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none? Although that is probably what your peers and parents might think, the opposite is true. The hectic international working environment of the 21st century neither has the room nor the patience for job seekers who are good at just one thing. It needs agile employees and employers like yourself, who aren’t afraid of switching between 10 disciplines the same day.

Continue studying

An increasing number of European Studies’ graduates decide they want to continue their education after graduation. Luckily, the interdisciplinary nature of European Studies gives them a range of possibilities. Outside the Netherlands, ES students can follow a Master directly after graduation. We have seen for instance that ES’ students have no problem applying for a Master at universities like Coventry University, King’s College, the College of Europe, the London School of Economics, Sciences Po Lille, Johns Hopkins and many more.

Note however that different rules apply in the Netherlands, as most Dutch universities require that THUAS graduates follow a pre-master first. There are, of course, exceptions, so be sure to check the entry requirements for each master programme carefully.

Need help making a decision

We like to help you make the right decision

It takes a bit of thought and research to find the right programme. The Hague University of Applied Sciences organizes various activities throughout the year to give you the best possible idea of the various study’s offered. You also learn what it’s like to study at THUAS. This way, you can click on the registration button without a doubt in mind. Or you’ll know for certain it’s not right for you. 
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