Support during your study

Not everyone experiences a smooth ride towards the finish line. Some of us need a little help along the way. In some situations, you know the going will get tough. This may be because you are combining your studies with professional sports or parenthood or because you have a functional limitation.

Or you may simply ‘get stuck’ during your studies, whether this is related to something at the university or in your private life. Either way, it is advisable to talk to a student counsellor as soon as possible. He or she will discuss with you privately how to best resolve the problem.

Support from a student counsellor

What kind of help does a student counsellor offer?

The student counsellor can provide advice on:

  • Registration and enrolment
  • Academic progress
  • Personal problems
  • Illness and family circumstances
  • Disability and chronic illnesses
  • Study grants and the student loan system
  • Legislation and regulations
  • Student facilities
  • Financial and other arrangements for student (single or married) parents

Confidential meeting

All conversations with the student counsellor are confidential. The position of student counsellor is a position of trust and involves a confidentiality obligation. This means that no information will be provided to others without your explicit consent and knowledge.

Who is my student counsellor?

The student counsellors at The Hague University of Applied Sciences are divided among the various degree programmes. Want to find out who the student counsellor for your degree programme is? See the overview of the student counsellors. Contact details are also provided.  

The student psychologist

The student psychologists of The Hague University of Applied Sciences offer several training courses on topics that are related to issues you might experience during your studies, such as how to deal with exam stress. They also offer individual consultations to discuss and help you tackle your problems. You can discuss anything, and whatever you choose to discuss is confidential.

What sort of issues can you see the student psychologist about?

With all sorts of problems. Be it study related problems such as fear failure in your studies or procrastination.
But also with problems of a more personal nature. For example: you feel down, homesick or you experience difficulty with making social connections.


If necessary, the student counsellor can refer you to a student psychologist. If you would like more information on the services of the student psychologists, please contact the administration office:

The Legal Protection Desk

The Legal Protection Desk handles a notice of objection against for example your (un)enrolment or the Admission Test 21+. Be aware that you have to submit your notice of objection within 6 weeks after the contested decision is made. You can reach The Legal Protection Desk through phone: 070-4458821 / 070-4457027 or mail: More information about the procedure or the standards for a notice of objection you can find here.

Studying with a functional limitation


Suppose you’re dyslectic. Or perhaps you have a hearing, visual impairment or physical disability. There is no reason why you cannot enrol in a degree programme at a university of applied sciences. THUAS has numerous facilities and adaptations that can help make studying easier for you. Possibilities include extra time to take exams, extra guidance and a specially equipped rest area.

In order to provide the appropriate assistance, you must mention when registering that you have a functional limitation. You will then be invited to meet with a student counsellor, who will examine all the possibilities in your specific situation together with you. These possibilities are usually quite numerous.

More information & contact

Want to learn more? If you have any questions about studying with a functional disability, you can always talk to one of our student counsellors. Here you will find an overview of the student counsellors for every degree programme.

Studying and professional sports

Are you a professional athlete? Or a different kind of professional on the national or international level, such as a dancer or musician? Special study facilities can be requested through the student counsellors. Here you will find an overview of the student counsellors for every degree programme.

Student counsellor Kees Mol is the designated contact for professional athletes. He can be reached by phone at +31 (0)70 – 445 8238 or e-mail to