Theses and publications

The HBO Knowledge Base (HBO-Kennisbank) brings together around 30,000 digital theses and final papers from 23 universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands (including THUAS). And it also includes approximately 16,000 scholarly articles, books and research reports. In this way, THUAS is making part of the knowledge it is generating freely accessible to society according to the Open Access concept.

Use as inspirational source for your own research! (Note: you can view English subtitles via the “instellingen”-option.)

Universities have a similar platform in the form of NARCIS. In NARCIS, you can search for more than 1.2 million scholarly publications, 80,000 theses and 150,000 data sets made available by Dutch universities and research institutes. Around 80% are freely accessible according to the same Open Access concept.

In addition, recently all staff-publications of the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences from the HBO Knowledge Base have been included in NARCIS, including those of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The publications can also be found on Google Scholar via NARCIS.

The publications can be found in NARCIS by title and subject.If you also want to be found on your author's name, you can create a profile page in NARCIS. See the NARCIS-faq.

Theses and publications available from THUAS

Most degree programmes have made some of their electronic theses available for inclusion in the HBO Knowledge Base. These electronic theses can be accessed as full-text versions on campus or from home.


Your thesis, too, could be included in the attractive HBO Knowledge Base showcase,  along with a LinkedIn link if you want  (and if your internship/contracting-institution and degree programme approve). All you have to do is fill in the Thesis Application Form and the library will do the rest! Or register it via OnStage for the HBO Knowledge Base, if your faculty has made that possible in OnStage.

Post your thesis on and create added value! (Note: you can view English subtitles via the “instellingen”-option.)

Researchers, lecturers and Heads of research groups

Lecturers, researchers and heads of research groups can also submit their work for inclusion in the HBO Knowledge Base by completing a different form: Open Access Registration form. This form also includes more to read about the conditions and copyright issues.

If the publication has been registered with the HBO Kennisbank (with the permitted version according to the publisher), it can also be found in NARCIS and via Google Scholar after it is visible on the HBO Kennisbank.

Note: in the HBO Knowledge Base, we only include publications that are fully visible to everyone (e.g. not hidden behind a so-called "paywall").