Digital sources


The databases we use at THUAS Library are mainly licensed databases that have been selected for their relevance and reliability. These are computer files containing a huge amount of organised data. A database can contain various kinds of information. Usually, these are articles from digital journals (e-journals), often entire or parts of e-books, visual material, factual data and descriptions of literature. 

In Simultaneous search, run the mouse over the title in a database and click on ‘i’ to get a description. Click on the title in the database for access to the title itself.


An e-book is a digital book that you can read either online, or offline on an e-reader, tablet, laptop or computer. You can browse through and make notes in them and print out pages. The library gives you access to thousands of e-books about all kinds of subjects. Some of these e-books are also listed in the library catalogue.

You can find all of the library’s e-books by running a Simultaneous search.


The library has thousands of digital journals (e-journals) that provide information on virtually all topics. The collection of e-journals is open only to students and staff of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The A to Z list provides an alphabetised list of titles that can be searched by title. Most e-journals in this list can also be found using the catalogue.


The free BrowZine app links you to the digital journals that the library is licensed to make available. With this app, you can browse through your favourite journals and read articles on your tablet, phone or computer. BrowZine is quick and easy to use. You can even receive alerts as soon as a new issue of your favourite journal becomes available.  

Theses and publications available from THUAS

Most degree programmes have made some of their electronic theses available for inclusion in the HBO Knowledge Base (HBO-Kennisbank). These electronic theses can be accessed as full-text versions on campus or from home. Both the theses and publications available from THUAS and the HBO Knowledge Base are also accessible by running a Simultaneous search.

Simultaneous search

Running a simultaneous search lets you search multiple sources of information. The search results are displayed per source and as an aggregated list. 

  • You can search through a single source, a selection of sources, or all the sources at the same time for what you want.
  • Practically all sources are accessible by running a simultaneous search: not only the ones contained in the databases but also in the library catalogue, as well as the theses and materials published by The Hague University of Applied Sciences. A simultaneous search will also turn up digital sources like e-journals and e-books.

Running a simultaneous search is faster than searching through individual databases. The number of search results per source gives you an immediate idea of the most important databases for your purpose. At the same time, a simultaneous search gives you fewer search options than when searching a particular database itself. This means that it’s not always possible to search specific fields, combine results or refine your search.

Search systems outside of THUAS Library

  • Google Scholar: search for scholarly information and get full-text access at Find it @ H/Library;
  • PiCarta: search the items found in Dutch public and academic libraries as well as some other libraries;
  • WorldCat: a catalogue of items found in libraries all over the world that informs you of which library near you has what you want



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