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Citing and referencing

Students at universities of applied sciences are required to include a bibliography of the books, articles and other sources they have consulted in all their written work. Failure to do this counts as plagiarism, which the Collins Cobuild English Dictionary (1999) describes as ‘the practice of using or copying someone else’s idea or work and pretending you thought of it or created it.’ 

Moreover, in order to obtain uniform bibliographies, these should be compiled using the appropriate models, such as the APA, MLA or Vancouver guidelines that are required by The Hague University of Applied Sciences. (Ask you own degree programme which guideline would apply to you.) 


RefWorks enables users to save, manage, export and share references online. The Write-N-Cite programme is available for citing within a text.
RefWorks allows you to:

  • choose the referencing system you wish to use (e.g. Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago) and export it to a Word or other document
  • import from Google Scholar, Ebsco, LISA, Social Services Abstracts, WorldCat, and many other databases
  • share references with others
  • create your own keywords, organise them into folders, remove duplicates and search them
  • create an individual as well as group accounts online

Why RefWorks instead of Word?

  • References made in RefWorks are always available on line, while those saved as a Word file are accessible from one place only: the computer they are stored on.  
  • In RefWorks you have more than 3,500 different guidelines (output styles) for compiling bibliographies or references as opposed to six in Word.
  • RefWorks offers technical support; Word does not.

More info?


Write-N-Cite helps you not only to make bibliographies, but also to import references from your RefWorks account into Word documents. You will need to download Write-N-Cite if you want to use it at home. View the online Write-N-Cite tutorial.


RefGrab-It is a tool for importing publications from website such as online bookshops to use as references in RefWorks. RefGrab-It searches internet pages for information with which a publication can be clearly identified such as ISBN, DOI, RSS or PubMed IDs.  Using these details, RefGrab-It searches the internet for more information, allowing it to be imported into RefWorks. 

To install it, go to RefWorks and log in to your account. Then go to ‘Tools’ and select ‘RefGrab-It’. RefGrab-It can be added as a bookmark in Firefox; unfortunately, it is not compatible with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.  


WorldCat, with its references to national and international publications, is a user friendly tool that tells you the nearest location where a work may be found (very useful during internships abroad).    WorldCat allows you to save references in RefWorks (click on ‘quote/export’).

WorldCat allows you to:

  • export lists to RefWorks
  • easily reference literature in a Word document and automatically generate a bibliography according to a system of your choice (Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago or the reference system of a certain publisher or journal)
  • make and update your own lists (to share or for private use) of books, videos and other library materials
  • add valuations and reviews
  • makes a free profile


Zotero is an easy-to-use reference tool to help you collect, organise, export and share your references. Zotero is not compatible with Internet Explorer.  As it is a free add-on to the Firefox browser, you can use it anywhere you are. 


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