THUAS Prize Parade 2020

Initially, the decision had been made to cancel this year’s THUAS Prize Parade 2020 because of COVID-19. However, because the Executive Board of The Hague University of Applied Sciences believes it’s very important (perhaps in these times especially so) to reward wonderful and unique performances within the organisation and across the entire university of applied sciences, there will be a graduation award ceremony during the modified THiNK FeST, called THiNK & CO this year, on Thursday, November 5.

The 2020 THUAS Prize Parade will be a smaller version of the thesis award and doctoral awards. The Olive Award and the Pim Breebaart Research Award will not be awarded this year. 

The winners have now been announced:

THUAS Prize Parade 2020 - Winners

Thesis award winners 2020

Faculty Business, Finance & Marketing- International Business and Management Studies

Afstudeerprijs Michelle GroenendijkMichelle Groenendijk

'How can KLM overcome internal resistance factors to radical innovation in the operational environment of GS and Cargo?'


Faculty Health, Nutrition & Sport- ISPMAfstudeerprijs Jake van Zijl foto 2

Jake van Zijl

‘Customer Experience of Heroes Den Bosch, an evaluation and revision of current operations'


Faculty IT & Design- Communication and Multimedia Design

Afstudeerprijs Eva KarelseEva Karelse

'Denken in mogelijkheden, want ‘Je bent maar een keer oud’


Faculty Management & Organisation- European Studies

Afstudeerprijs Vincent RumpVincent Rump

'European Union Development Policy - A Champion for  Common Pool Resources?'


Faculty Public Management, Law & Safety- Public Administration

Afstudeerprijs Myrthe MaijerMyrthe Maijer

'Intergemeentelijke samenwerking: doet men de goede dingen en doet men de dingen goed?   Een onderzoek naar de succes- en faalfactoren in de intergemeentelijke samenwerking bij de in- door- en uitstroom bij de Vrouwenopvang'


Faculty Social Work & Education- Social Educational Care parttime:Afstudeerprijs Freeke de Vries

Freeke de Vries

'Coaching en training in de zorg Interventies voor het maken van teamdagen ter vergroting van expertise m.b.t. psychiatrische problematiek'


Faculty Technology, Innovation & Society- Engineering Physics:Afstudeerprijs Josef Hutten

Josef Hutten

'Oxidation mechanism study of diamond-like carbon'


Doctoral candidates 2020

David NederlofPromovendi David Nederlof

Thesis- phd: 'Membership of the European Council in a Constitutional and Historical Perspective, Europa Law Publishing'


Corine van Nierop Promovendi Corine Nierop

Thesis- phd: The meaning of hope for people with cancer


Agota SzaboPromovendi Agota Szabo

Thesis- phd: ‘Adoption of governance practices in hospitals: The role of directors’ multi-level frames in the governance decision-making process in the boardroom’


Jolanda van der Vliet Promovendi Jolanda van der Vliet

Thesis- phd: 'The international legal protection of environmental refugees: a human rights–based, security and state responsibility approach'


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