Prize Parade 2018

At the THNK festival on 1 November 2018, various THUAS awards will be presented for exceptional performances. Each faculty is challenged to propose nominees by no later than 14 September for:

Pim Breebaart Research Award

The Pim Breebaart Research Award (PBRA) honours inspiring research conducted at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The Hague University of Applied Sciences initiated the award in 2010, the year in which Pim Breebaart left his position as President of the Executive Board. The Pim Breebaart Research Award has been presented annually since 2017 (previously every other year since 2011).

The goal of the award is to show our THUAS colleagues that research is something that ‘belongs to all of us’ and is valuable to our education. The ultimate goal is to generate more enthusiasm for research and, consequently, a better link between education and research. The award is for research conducted by a member of the THUAS staff that clearly shows the connection between research, education and professional practice.

The prize is 5,000 euros for the winning research and a figurine. The money is intended for the research.

Olive Award

The Olive Award is presented to the team of lecturers that succeeds most effectively at creating engaging and challenging education. Considering the importance of the teams in designing and carrying out education, the Executive Board and deans believe that this award should not go to an individual, but to a team.

The goal is to demonstrate appreciation for the work carried out by lecturers and to draw attention to their contribution to quality education. The (new) format also enables the university of applied sciences to draw attention to the strength of a highly collaborative team (of 3 to 8 persons). From the winning team, a lecturer will be selected to participate in the national ‘Lecturer of the Year’ award competition.

The jury award for the winning team is 1,000 euros, to be spent on literature, and 2,500 euros, to be spent on an activity carried out together with students in the professional field/at a social organisation. The Public Award for the winning team is 500 euros, to be spent on literature. The other one or two nominated teams receive a bouquet of flowers and a small gift.  

Thesis Award

The Thesis Award is presented to students who carry out the best graduation research project.
The goal is to draw attention to theses that reflect the philosophy of the school, both within and outside of the university of applied sciences.

Every nominee from each faculty receives 50 euros. The top 3 winners receive 1,500, 500 and 250 euros, respectively.

With any questions and/or comments, please see the EK&C contact person per award, they can be found in the nomination forms or via