Databases of the week

Week 27

  • The Strategic, Defence & Security Studies collection of Taylor & Francis : The place to find information on military intelligence, terrorism and peace & security

The Strategic, Defence & Security Studies collection of Taylor & Francis (SD&SS collection) contains more than 40 e-journals that focuses on security, protection, military intelligence, peace and terrorism. For instance, in the article below you can read more about to which extent trust issues impact UN peacekeeping-intelligence.

Competing for Trust: Challenges in United Nations Peacekeeping-Intelligence

Make note that the SD&SS collection is a part of a bigger database called Taylor & Francis Online and that not all content in this database is available in full text.  You can filter on HHs-availability by choosing ‘Only show what I have access to’. We also recommend using one or more of our browser tools to easily find your full texts options.

Other relevant databases for safety and security studies:


If you make an account, you can also set up alerts for relevant topics or searches. This is an easy way to stay up-to-date on your favorite subject(s). 

  • Het Financieele Dagblad (FD)

    The library has a subscription to the paper version of Het Financieele Dagblad but also offers the online version: FD Online. Staff and students have unlimited access to all content in this newspaper, including the archive, via the website and apps for smartphones or tablets. The latest news on the stock exchange, the financial world, the economy, politics and business is available and you can also listen to podcasts.

It is also possible to browse the newspaper digitally. First you need to create a personal account as indicated in this leaflet. The access will be valid for 3 months after your last login. There are also personalisation and alert functions: under My News you can set which topics you want to follow and it is also possible to have newsletters sent to your THUAS email address. The content of the FD is also included in the Nexis Uni database.

The articles can also be used as teaching material. If you want to link to an article you can use the URL in the address bar, like this article about the current shortage of drinking water. For access, you must first be logged in at FD Online with your THUAS account.

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