Databases of the week

Week 48

  • Find Open Access journals to publish in DOAJ


If you are a researcher looking for journals in which to publish Open Access, you can get good help from Directory of Open Access Journals. Besides search options, there are also options to filter by licence type, costs of Open Access publishing and which review type is applied. 


DOAJ is a database consisting of only OA journals, with no access restrictions and all with a CC licence. To be included in this database, a journal must, among other things, publish at least 5 academic articles per year and focus mainly on researchers or people from a particular field. More information on journal requirements and verification you will find here. DOAJ has international coverage and covers almost all subject fields.


Search tips

First, choose whether to search for articles or for journals. The search fields for articles and journals differ slightly. If you use more than one search term, they are automatically combined with AND. You can also specify with OR or NOT (make sure you use capital letters) and truncate words with the *-sign. Building complex search strings with, for instance, brackets is not possible.


For instance, have look at open access general law journals, with articles in English or Dutch, published in The Netherlands.

  • BouwkostenKompas: Handy tool to calculate construction costs, among other things

What can this tool be used for?

BouwkostenKompas is a construction cost management tool that provides access to the most up-to-date and reliable cost data. The tool is of course very useful for students of the courses Bouwkunde and Civiele Techniek, but courses such as Ruimtelijke Ordening and Werktuigbouwkunde can also benefit from it.

The tool consists of a cost database (Cost figures) and a calculation tool (Calculate). This allows you to make an accurate estimate of the costs for construction and renovation projects. With the Cost figures you can quickly determine costs for individual materials. With the calculation tool you make an estimate for the entire construction project. The costs of building materials change quickly, as do labor costs in the construction industry. It is of great importance for every architect to be able to estimate the costs as accurately as possible when starting a new construction project. The correct assessment guarantees the success of projects and investments.

Cost figures

The Cost figures are divided into four different categories:

First you choose the right subcategory, such as new construction, office, educational buildings, agricultural buildings or bridges. Then you determine the place where the work will take place. Lower or higher costs may apply in different regions of The Netherlands. You get an overview of the costs, sorted by destination of the buildings. In the case of education, these are, for example, a daycare center, university of applied sciences or laboratory building.


The construction costs based on Calculation can be calculated in a few simple steps. First, you determine the location of the construction project and fill in the general project information. In the second step you choose the right building type. You then define the architectural parameters as well as installations and other costs. With the push of a button you get an estimate of a project.

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