Databases of the week

Week 47

  • Audio books through O’Reilly database : Improve your professional skills on the go


Database O'Reilly Safari offers, in addition to information technology, a wide range of information in the field of personal and professional skills. The learning platform is unique within the HHs library because there is no user limit, which means that dozens of users can view and listen the content at the same time.

O'Reilly also offers access to an extensive collection of more than 2000 audio books on topics such as information technology, management, innovation, social media and artificial intelligence. You can select per chapter, so you don't have to listen to the whole book.

O'Reilly Safari also offers the option to download an app. The benefits of the O'Reilly app are:

  • User-friendly and provides easy access to e-books and audio books
  • Download titles for off-line viewing
  • Plus creating collections of your favorite sources through 'playlists'.

Browse the database through various topics such as:

Within the search results, filter by popularity, date added, or publication date. Choose the desired format: book, audiobook or video.

  • Linguistic Database: Full text scientific journals about linguistics

The Linguistics Database contains approximately 270 full text scientific journals and some other sources, mainly on linguistics, literature and education. Many titles are indexed in the Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) database.

The Linguistics Database covers all aspects of linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. The database is part of the Linguistics Collection, which in turn is part of 'Library and Information Science Collection’ van ProQuest with databases on sociology, politics, criminology, library and information science, education and linguistics.

It is possible to search several ProQuest databases at the same time, via the menu at the top left under “Change databases”. Via the same menu you can also go to the individual publications that can be found in the database. You can also search by subject of the journals via “Publication subject”. Via “Advanced search” in the menu you can search more extensively using filters such as language, type of source, type of document and by date, and also in certain search fields, e.g. in the title, abstract and organization.

Here is an example of an article in the Linguistics Database about bilingual deaf children who use both sign language and spoken language.

The use of repair strategies: Bilingual deaf children using sign language and spoken language

With the article you will find cites, references, suggestions for other relevant sources, and many ways to save or export the article.

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