Database of the week - Archive

Week 2

  • Political Science Database : From trade magazines to academic journals - publications about politics, international relations and public policy

The Political Science Database gives users access to leading political science, public policy, and international relations journals. You will find thousands of recent, full-text, political science dissertations from U.S. and Canadian universities and other sources such as country reports and policy papers and the database is updated on a daily basis.

By making a personal account in ProQuest, you can add alerts that will notify you when new documents that match your search, are available.

For example you can read more about the Trump-administration’s decision to sanction against staff  at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

  • The Case Centre : Teaching by means of cases

In The Case Centre you will find a large number of cases in the field of business administration, marketing and management of universities and business schools worldwide. The case studies deal with real-life situations that confront the students with a dilemma or an uncertain outcome. A case often includes relevant documents, audiovisual items and carefully designed teaching notes. If you are interested in inspection copies or the use of the cases in education, please see the ordering procedure.
This database is really useful for Blended Learning.. More information on online teaching, the use and writing of cases.

Example of a case: Philips Healthcare: Global Sourcing in a Post-COVID-19 World
As a global leader in healthcare technology, Philips had an important role to play in the COVID-19 pandemic. The surge in demand for life-saving medical equipment by hospitals around the world presented high-stakes opportunities for the company. At the same time however, national governments in most countries were compelled to implement safety measures that greatly affected commercial activity. Philips' Healthcare business units, particularly in diagnostics and respiratory equipment, faced critical supply challenges during the Corona crisis which garnered media attention both at home and abroad. In order to capitalize on the high demand for medical equipment, CEO Frans van Houten knew that Philips needed to overcome several hurdles to produce and deliver enough inventory to meet that demand. Aware of the many challenges ahead, van Houten had to decide whether to revise the company's global sourcing strategy to future-proof it in a post-COVID-19 world - and, if so, how.

Week 51

  • OECD iLibrary : Online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 

OECD iLibrary is the Online Library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The Library provides access to e-books, journal issues and statistical databases in various fields, such as economics, science and technology, agriculture and food, employment, energy, environment, education, social sciences, migration  and health.

Would you like to see the most recent OECD edition on the influence of COVID 19? Then take a look here at the Economic Outlook of December 2020.

The OECD iLibrary also provides access to statistics. The OECD iLibrary contains content released by the OECD, IEA (the International Energy Agency), NEA (the Nuclear Energy Agency), the OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) and ITF (International Transport Forum).

Week 50

  • Linguistics Database: full-text articles on all aspects of linguistics

The Linguistics Database contains full-text articles from journals and other linguistic resources, including many titles indexed in Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA). It covers all aspects of the study of language, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

The Linguistics Database is part of the "Linguistics Collection", which in turn is part of the "Library and Information Science Collection" of ProQuest, containing databases on sociology, politics, criminology, library and information science, education and linguistics. Via the option "Change databases" you can search in multiple ProQuest databases at the same time.

Are you looking for example for a full-text article about the use of Blended Learning in learning foreign languages? Then in the Linguistics Database you will find this interesting article entitled “Can blended learning aid foreign language learning”. You can find it by searching with the following search terms: (blended learning) AND (higher education) AND (foreign languages). The relevant article is at the top of the search results.

Week 49

  • Policy File Index: Looking for information or research on Public Policy?

In the database Policy File Index you will find research from think tanks, NGOs, research institutes, university centers, advocacy groups and more. Though the focus is on material from the USA, you will find a lot of international material.

The following subject are covered: Social science, Political science, Public policy, International relations, Public administration, and Economics.

In this report three important barriers for universal and equitable access to a COVID-19 vaccine are examined.

  • Discover the latest IT trends with database ACM & connect worldwide with IT specialists 

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world’s largest professional association in the field of computer science education and research. Their digital library contains an extensive full text collection of articles in the field of information technology as well as conference proceedings, newsletters, and video and audio files. Connect through ACM with IT specialists/community. For example when facing difficulties with a certain IT thesis/topic: reach out to the ACM community!

See for example the latest developments in multi-user augmented reality which makes group collaboration on a virtual object possible, such as a online graffiti project.

Week 48

  • SDGO database supports sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals Online database of publisher Taylor & Francis is an interdisciplinary digital collection around the 17 SDGs, the United Nations' sustainable development programme to end poverty, combat inequality and injustice and protect the planet. The content consists of a large number of carefully selected chapters from e-books; journal articles and many presentations, videos, case studies, lesson guides and lesson plans. New content is added annually in April and September. The collection was created in cooperation with the United Nations and is led by an international advisory board of academics, practitioners, policy makers and officials in the tertiary sector, government and NGOs. See also this introduction, the flyer and the content list.

For example, the ebook "Psychological Perspectives on Radicalization" (2020) is included. It looks at the different typologies of radicalising individuals, what makes individuals resilient to radicalisation, and events that can trigger individuals to radicalise or deradicalise.

  • Sociology Database: A full text database in the field of sociology and social work

Looking for international scientific articles, books or dissertations in the field of sociology and social work? The library has many Proquest databases in this field, but Sociology Database mainly has many full text articles from a total of 330 leading journals (previously partly only found in abstracts in Sociological Abstracts and Social Services Abstracts).

Are you e.g. curious about articles from the last 10 years (filter after the search on 2010-2020) about treatments of children with child abuse by parents with a drug addiction, then this would be a useful search action: (child abuse) AND (substance abuse) AND treatment. The result will be more than 7000 items, of which more than 5000 peer-reviewed and full text in Sociology Database.

If you would like to have an article in which there is already done literature research in this area, filter on 'Document type' : Literature Review. Then you get an overview of more than 100 articles.

Week 45

  • Expand your technological skills with database O’Reilly Safari

You want the latest Excel or Powerpoint tips & tricks? Cloud technology? Cyber security 2020 training course? Use O’Reilly e-books and video content PLUS loads of other topics such as communication and marketing. To demonstrate how versatile O’Reilly Safari database is, there is even content about healthy food! O’Reilly database offers around 39,000 e-books and more than 6,000 video tutorials from leading publishers in the fields of technology, digital media, technology and business. In addition to e-books and video tutorials, learning paths are also part of the digital offering. IT professionals, software developers, web designers and system administrators use O'Reilly Safari as the source for research, problem solving and certificate training. The e-books can be read online, not for download.

Highereducationtip: use O’Reilly e-books as an alternative for students (without additional costs) for next year’s reading list (2021-2022). Also suitable for blended learning within classes due to unlimited access.

  • Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA): Abstracts on all aspects of linguistics

In the ProQuest database Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA) you will find abstracts and indexes of international literature in linguistics and related disciplines. The database covers all aspects of language study, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics.

Much attention is paid to different areas of linguistics, including descriptive, historical, comparative, theoretical and geographic linguistics. The database provides journal article summaries and book review citations from more than 1,500 journal publications, as well as book summaries, book chapters and dissertations. This database is indexed with a thesaurus of 3,700 terms. The thesaurus is available online.

For example, you can found interesting peer-reviewed articles on the writing skills of students with dyslexia in higher education.

Week 42

  • Medline, international database that offers authoritative medical information

In Medline  you can find scientific articles about the treatment of apnea. Medline is a medical database of the National Library of Medicine (USA). This database contains articles from 5400 international biomedical journals. About 11% of the articles is available in full text format.

Treatment of apnea (breathing stops while sleeping) in sleep centers is no longer covered by the basis insurance in The Netherlands, because the scientific basis for this treatment is insufficient.

If you want to search systematically, think carefully about using the right keywords. A list of Medical Subject Headings (MESH,  press “MESH 2020” in the blue bar at the top in MEDLINE) will help you in finding the most appropriate keywords. The correct MESH for apnea is “sleep apnea syndromes”.

Under Therapy Sleep Apnea Syndromes you find an example of a search for scientific articles about the treatment of apnea that have been fulltext published over the past ten years.

Medline contains audiovisual media, that can be used for Blended Learning.

  • Find your information on Public Affairs in the PAIS-index (Public Affairs International Service) 

The database PAIS Index contains bibliographical records and abstracts for over half a million international journal articles, books, government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference papers, web content and more about public affairs. It is updated quarterly, en over 17,000 current records are added in total each year. When the article is available in one of our other databases, you will be linked directly to the full text. 

The subjects you will find in this databases are economic conditions, education, energy resources and policy, government, health conditions, human rights, international relations, labor conditions and policy, politics and social conditions.

For instance, this article tells you about the long term consequences of the corona restrictions on public health.

Week 41

  • GreenFILE: multidisciplinary database for research into the relationship between humans and the environment

The GreenFILE database provides access to scientific resources, government reports and popular publications on how individuals, companies and governments affect the environment and what needs to be done to neutralize negative effects. GreenFILE contains indexes and abstracts of 216,000 publications, some of which (9100 publications) are available in full text. The time range of the publications is from 1913 to the present.

Most publications are about global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and recycling. In addition, the database has a multidisciplinary character: it makes a connection between the problems of the environment and various disciplines such as education, law, health and technology.

For example, are you interested in the application of solar energy in sustainable architecture over the past twenty years? With the terms "sustainable building" and "solar energy" you will find the relevant, academic and popular publications.

Greenfile also contains video fragments that could be used in Blended Learning. For example, if you search under Document type "Image" for the keyword "environment", you will find more than 10,000 video fragments.

Week 40

  • Web of Science: versatile multidisciplinary database for scientific information

Web of Science contains bibliographic metadata from the past 10 years from a large number of scientific research publications in all fields of science. There are extensive possibilities to search and discover trends and patterns.

For example, if you search for the topic fake news and look at the "hot papers", articles will show both the quoted literature and references to articles published later. With Find it @ H\Library and/or Kopernio, you can find the full text. Like the article from 2020: “Who falls for fake news? The roles of bullshit receptivity, overclaiming, familiarity, and analytic thinking”.

Web of Science can be used to determine the h-index, a measure for the impact of publications of a scientific researcher. And with the Journal Citation Reports the impact factor of a journal, an indication of its importance based on citation data. Via the Data Citation Index you can search over 380 data repositories worldwide.

  • Business Source Ultimate : the business research database

The database Business Source Ultimate provides full text access to peer-reviewed business, management and economic journals, including the Harvard Business Review. Topics include accounting, banking, finance, international business, marketing, and economics. In addition, the database also provides access to case studies, economic country reports, business information and more than 27,000 videos from Harvard Business Publishing, among others.

For example, would you like to know about the economic impact of COVID-19? Search for the terms COVID-19 and Economic impact and in this result list you will find high-quality articles.

The videos and the case studies could be used for Blended Learning.

Preferably use the FireFox browser.

Week 39

  • How to borrow books from the library of The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The library has a collection of more than 45,000 titles,  to support education and assignments. Most titles can be borrowed.  In addition to textbooks, there is also a small collection of novels and DVDs in many languages to support language teaching.

The library always has a reference copy of mandatory literature available for consultation. A second copy is available for loan but obviously does not meet the enormous demand of large numbers of students. A copy of the recommended literature and minors is included in the collection.

Do you want to know if a book is in the collection and available? Go to and type in your search term(s). Combining terms is possible. But you can also refine afterwards on location, type of material or author. Search for example on ‘research’ and refine by author or type of material. For example on mandatory literature and/or e-book.

Is the publication you are searching for not in the catalogue or is it on loan?
Submit a purchase request or request it via the Interlibrary Borrowing Service (IBL).

Borrowing and returning materials is possible with the self-service systems. Students can borrow materials from the self-service systems using their digital student card. Employees can request a library card for use with the self-service systems. A maximum of 7 books can be borrowed and, if not reserved, extended to 5 times more.

In addition to the physical collection, the library also has a digital collection with more than 100 databases and a collection of e-books in various databases and individually purchased e-books in the catalogue.

  • Library Science – Everything about knowledge- and information management

The Library Science database provides access to over 200 publications about information science. For example see how students developed a information security course for small business owners and detect fake news with the help of multi-objective hybrid feature approach. You could use these articles as input for assignments as part of Blended Learning, so that students are introduced in reading scientific/journal articles as part.

  • Westlaw UK– up to date case law and legislation in the UK


The law database Westlaw UK contains cases, legislation and journals covering the jurisdiction of UK, and there also is a separate section for EU cases and legislation.

Via the topics on the main page, you can stay informed about the Brexit-related developments, like an overview of the UK law relating to Brexit.

You need to have an account to see the results.


You can install different alerts, e.g. you can be notified when the (appeal) status changes for a case or when a judgement is available. The icon used for setting up alerts, is a bell.


Good to know, you can make your own folder(s), add comments to the text and even highlight sections accompanied with remarks.


The cases in Westlaw UK are suitable for use in Blended Learning.

Week 38

  • Education Database: leading database on educational research

Education Database supports the study and application of education at all levels, including pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher education. The database contains thousands of full-text journals, dissertations and other relevant sources. You will find abstracts and indexing of more than 1090 educational journals, 800 of which are full-text.

The database, like ERIC, is part of the “Education Collection”, which in turn is part of the “Social Science Premium Collection” of ProQuest, containing databases on sociology, politics, criminology, library and information science, education and linguistics. ProQuest databases can be combined or excluded via the “Change databases” option.

Now that education mainly takes place online, it is difficult to maintain a bond with students. The Education Database contains articles on this subject. Search with the keywords “learner engagement” and “online courses” and “higher education”. Articles can be placed on Blackboard as part of Blended Learning. Using feedback fruits, students can possibly comment on the articles.

Week 37

  • A specialized database in the field of Posttraumatic Stress Disorders? Yes, the "PTSD" database!

Looking for international scientific articles/books/dissertations related to PTSD? Then search the Proquest database PTSD (formerly "Pilots").

If you are e.g. curious about PTSD treatments for young refugees, this would be a useful search action: (treatment ptsd refugee) AND (children OR minors OR adolescents). The result will be 150 items, of which 96 peer-reviewed articles in PTSD.

Please note: through the "Findit tool" or through "Get full text" the full text article can very often be found at record level.

You can extend your search to all other Proquest databases at once via the "Change databases" option and "Exclude duplicate documents" (via "Result page options" on the search page). With the same selection as above you will get over 3600 unique results, of which 2300 peer-reviewed articles and 191 of the last 12 months.

  • Do you miss reading the newspapers in the library? In Nexis Uni you can also keep up with all the local and world news at home

The Nexis Uni database contains more than 15,000 news, legal and business sources, including print and online magazines, news stories and blogs from national and international newspapers, as well as simply the local and regional news from the daily newspapers. You can also find (American) legal cases in Nexis Uni, which might be interesting to use for Blended learning.

For example, if you want to stay informed about the tension between Greece and Turkey, with regard to ownership over the waters in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, you can read these news items

read in all English newspapers in Nexis Uni.

The search is as follows. Go to the Nexis Uni homepage. Then click ‘All Nexis Uni’ and choose ‘News’.

Then you filter on Newspapers, English and Date range ‘Past 3 months’. In the search box you type ‘Greece Turkey tension’ and then click on ‘Search’ and you will get the result list. (click ‘Doorgaan’ on the next screen).

Week 28

  • Scientific Open Access e-books

Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN) provides access to more than 2500 scientific peer-reviewed Open Access e-books in a wide range of research areas through the Online Library and Publication Platform. But especially in the humanities and social sciences. Currently, 273 publishers make OA e-books available, including Springer Nature and Oxford University Press.
Want to know more about, for example, ethnography? Or about sustainability? OAPEN offers access to peer-reviewed, scientific e-books, which are available full text.

Week 25

  • Intensive literature search? Use Web of Science!

In Web of Science you can search the bibliographic metadata from a large number of scientific research publications. Such as the article "Towards a New Definition of Blended Learning" (February 2020) which provides a new definition that includes context, theory, methodology and technology. WoS refers to journals, books and proceedings in all fields of science from the past 10 years. There are extensive possibilities to search and discover trends and patterns. With Cited Reference Search you can search for current publications that quote a particular article. Web of Science can be used to determine the h-index, a measure for the impact of publications of a scientific researcher. Do you want to learn how to make the best use of WoS? Then follow one of the webinars.

  • Academic Search Ultimate: Very extensive international and multidisciplinary database

Academic Search Ultimate is an international and multidisciplinary database intended for academic institutions. The database contains publications in almost all fields of study, including information for technical courses . The database contains approx. 17,800 academic journals and professional journals with summaries, of which 5,479 with full text. It also contains more than 77,000 short videos by Associated Press, the leading American press agency, from 1930 to the present day.

Easily search all words in the index or search advanced and combine search terms in different indexes. To obtain full text only, refine to full text in the left-hand column.

Search tips
Place " " around multiple search terms, e.g. "Renewable materials” to ensure that the terms only appear side by side.

Browse through Subject Terms to see which terms are used, to select them and combine them. For example Hydrogen production OR Hydrogen storage.

Click on the magnifying glass in the results list to quickly view the summary.

Use "share" at the top of the results list to save your search query and execute it again.

After opening the article in the right-hand column, click on the icon for the permalink of the article in question to share it.

Week 24

  • More contents in our ProQuest databases – more criminology is covered!

Recently the contents of the ProQuest databases have been expanded, this including the subject Criminology. We now have access to the full text database Criminal Justice Database and next to that we have access to the bibliographical database National Criminal Justice Reference Service. In both of these databases, you can search on subject as Criminology, Drug Prevention, Juvenile law, Law enforcement, Law, Sociology and Criminal justice.


Again there are many stories in the media on the police use of force against black people. In this research article, they test hypotheses on relations between race, civilian behaviour, age, and police use of force.


Alerts: Makin a (free) personal account at ProQuest, will give you the possibility to set up alerts for:

1. New articles published on a certain subject. To do this you need to first submit a search. Then you will see an option for setting up alerts on the right side of the screen:

ProQuest save alert

If you click on one of these you can fill in your preferences and then click on ‘Create alert/feed’

2. New available issues of your chosen publication. To do this, you need to search your journal/publication and then you will see an option for setting up either an alert via e-mail or an RSS feed:

ProQuest create alert

If you click on one of these you can fill in your preferences and then click on ‘Create alert/feed’


Week 23

  • Corona virus: financial arrangements for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
    The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is there for enterprising Dutch people working towards a sustainable and economically strong society. The RVO subsidy guide provides an up-to-date overview of subsidies for SMEs. The 'subsidy Reimbursement Fixed Costs' (TVL) scheme will soon be opened. The RVO will implement this scheme. For a complete overview of the government emergency measures, please click here.

Week 21

  • Boomportaal : New database with many e-books

Boomportaal is a digital library of the publishers Boom Amsterdam and Boom The Hague with more than 2,400 e-books on almost all subject areas, plus 54 e-journals in the fields of law, administration and policy, society, healthcare, HRM, communication and languages.

Do you want to know which titles are offered? Click here for the Boomportaal e-books and refine by author or keyword for a specific title or topic.

Or go to the database a-z list for the complete Boomportaal collection (e-books and e-journals).

  • Publication not available in our (digital) library? Submit an application via Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The library of The Hague University of Applied Sciences offers students and employees the opportunity to request books and magazine articles that are not available in our (digital) collection, from another library in the Netherlands via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). You must fill in a separate form for each application. You will receive a confirmation of the request by e-mail.

There are some costs for students, but not for employees of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The delivery time of a book is usually about a week, an article is often delivered digitally within a few days.

Before submitting an application for ILL, it is useful to first check with Google Scholar whether we already have access to the full-text article via our databases. This can be recognized in Google Scholar by the link resolver Find it @ H/Library.

If you search at home via Google Scholar, you must first adjust a setting to see the link resolver. You do this as follows:

Google Scholar drop-down menu top left -> Settings -> Library links -> checkmark at De Haagse Hogeschool - Find it @ H/Library -> Save


Week 19

Discover the added Politics collections within the ProQuest databases

Recently, the ProQuest databases have expanded considerably - also on the topics related to politics.

For example, we now have access to the full-text database Political Science Database. You can also search PAIS index, Policy File Index and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts for bibliographic data.
The topics that you will find in these databases are: Governance and government management, energy policy, (international) public administration, international politics, international relations, government policy and administration, political science, comparative political science and working conditions.

You can search in one database, but you can choose to search multiple ProQuest databases simultaneously. And there is also an overview of which journals are available in, for example, the Political Science Database, which you can select according to your interests.

This is, for example, an article in the Political Science Database about comparative political policy regarding epidemics such as Zika, Ebola or SARS.

Week 18

  • Springer Protocols: essential for laboratory research

The protocols in the database Springer Protocols are manuals for the responsible conduct of biochemical, molecular biological and biomedical laboratory experiments. A protocol also contains a list of required materials (chemicals, equipment, software, etc.), literature references and sometimes notes and tips for solving problems. The protocols are also included in SpringerLink.

If you search for coronavirus, there are over 160 coronavirus protocols and methods available.

This overview shows 8 protocols aimed at diagnosing the coronavirus.

  • Directory of Open Access Journals : Already many Open Access articles available on COVID-19

In Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) you will find an extended collection of peer-reviewed Open Access journals, basically covering all subject categories. You can filter or search on subject. But you can also search on CC-licence or publisher, which is convenient if you want to publish Open Access yourself.


Many articles about COVID-19 are already available as Open Access through DOAJ.

Week 17

  • The library catalogue : More than searching for a book!
    In the library catalogue of De Haagse Hogeschool you can search for books, magazines, CDs or DVDs. The availability can be checked, at which location the book is available and on which shelf the book can be found . If you want to know which titles are available on your own location narrow down the results by selecting a location. Restriction type of material, e.g. e-book or compulsory literature is also possible.
    Part of the e-book and e-journal collection can also be found, opened and read in the library catalogue.
    For example: Doing research by Nel Verhoeven. Or the e-book version. If you want to refer to a title, use the permalink.
    What else can you find in the catalogue?
    Every week new books or e-books are added to the collection. Open the Additions tab. The compulsary titles per programme and the lists from previous years are on the tab Reading lists.
    Extending borrowed materials can also be done via catalogue by opening the tab User activities
  • IntechOpen : Peer-reviewed Open Access e-books about science, technology and medicine
    The database IntechOpen provides access to 4700 scientific Open Access e-books in the field of research in science, technology and medicine. The subject areas are physical sciences, engineering & technology, life sciences, health sciences, social sciences & humanities.
    Especially the natural sciences, engineering and technology are widely represented.
    Would you like to know more about robotics, for example? Or about drones? IntechOpen offers access to many peer-reviewed, academic e-books, which are available in full text format.

Week 16

  • United Nations Digital Library : All sorts of publications and information from the UN

The United National Digital Library (UNDL) is a result of the cooperation between Dag Hammarskjöld Library and the United Nations Office at Geneva Library and offers a single point of access to a variety of U.N.-related materials, including UN reports, UN maps, UN voting data and UN speeches – both current and historical. The interface is offered in six languages and the content is also multilingual. The content is updated daily (not during the COVID-19 crisis).


Which system features are there for the user?

  • Extended searching manual
  • Advanced browsing features
  • Linked data between related documents such as resolutions, meeting records and voting
  • Refine search by UN body, agency or type of document
  • Simple and advanced search functionality
  • Personalization (save your searches, create alerts)

You can make your own feed for i.e. the voting in the General Assembly on Human rights advancement.


  • A-Z list of e-journals

Looking for a particular e-journal? Find it easily in our overview of e-journals where all our e-journals are collected in the A-Z list e-journals. You can search on journal title, ISSN or on subject, but not on e.g. articles or authors.


Popular e-jorunals are Harvard Business Review and Foreign Affairs, but you can also find newspapers from a lot of different countries, e.g. Corriere Della Sera, The Independent and The Washington Post,


The A-Z list of e-journals is accessible both on and off campus.

Week 13

  • Van Dale Online dictionaries: Always an up-to-date dictionary at hand 

Van Dale Online dictionaries contains complete and up-to-date dictionaries, the Dikke van Dale Dutch, Synonyms, dictionaries English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Handbook Dutch, Handbook English, Dutch spelling aid. All sources are searched simultaneously. With additional information, thematic overviews, language tips and country information.

No more expensive old-fashioned dictionaries in your book shelf, but the latest up-to-date versions always available online. With examples, synonyms and multiple meanings of a word.

  • CBS Statline : data on the Dutch economy and society

Statline is the database of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and contains figures on the Dutch economy and society. From inflation to population development, the information is conveniently classified by theme and available to everyone free of charge. It is precisely now that governments, scientists, businesses and citizens need and have an interest in knowing how the Netherlands is doing. Just think of figures on health, care and the economy. What are the figures on international trade? What are the figures for exports of services to China? This table shows the data for the year 2019. From this table you can compile selections, present them on your screen, print them and download them in various formats. It is also possible to display the data graphically. See also the manuals to support optimal use of Statline.

Week 12

NEN Connect: access to all NEN standards accepted in the Netherlands

A NEN standard describes which agreements there are, or which specifications or criteria a product, service or method must meet. NEN stands for Dutch Standard (NEderlandse Norm).

NEN Connect provides access to the THUAS standards collection as well as enabling users to search on number or summaries of all standards published by the Dutch Standards Board (NEN). All standards that are accepted in the Netherlands are full text available at the HHs.

Although most standards are technology-related, but there are standards for virtually all fields, from fire safety of buildings to information security in health care.

Well-known standards are NEN-EN-ISO 9000 (for quality management systems) and NEN 1010 (safety provisions for low-voltage installations).

Taylor & Francis: What does “crisis” education look like?


This is an interesting article with the title What does “crisis” education look like?  from the database Taylor&Francis. What challenges do we face if we want to prepare our children, as future citizens and leaders, on a world jumping from one crisis to the next?


The database Taylor&Francis contains articles on subjects as company information, economy, HRM, marketing, sales, management, military intelligence, terrorism and peace & intelligence studies.

Only part of the collection is available in full text, but you can filter on HHS-availability by choosing ‘only show what I have access to’.

By making an account, you can make alerts and stay up-to-date on your favourite subject(s). 


Available both on and off campus.

Week 11

Zuiderpark Sports Campus Library: Books on numerous topics in relation to sports

Maybe it is not known to everyone, but at the Sportcampus Zuiderpark there is a small branch of the library of the Haagse Hogeschool, specifically aimed at the courses that are housed there. These are  HALO, Sportkunde and International Sport Management (ISPM).

The book collection consists of books in general fields such as research, management, marketing and psychology, but also books on didactics, education, especially physical education, and anatomy and physiology.

In addition, there is an extensive range of books on topics related to sports, such as sports legislation, sports sponsorship, sports marketing, sports management and sports coaching.

In the library catalogue you will also find the books that are on the Sportscampus.

There is of course also an extensive collection of books about the various sports, such as all ball sports, athletics, racket sports, martial arts and also biographies about famous sportsmen.

Part of the collection is in English, especially for ISPM. There is also a small collection of journals that are relevant to the aforementioned courses, but much information in the field of sport can also be found in databases such as SportDiscus and SportBusiness Professional.

The books can of course also be borrowed by students, teachers and staff from other branches of the Hague University of Applied Sciences, and could be requested from the help desk in the library at the head office. Of course you can also visit the Sport Campus Zuiderpark yourself.

20180508_133626_1525783245236_resizedSC Zuiderpark2


Week 9

A-Z list of e-journals


Looking for a particular e-journal? Find it easily in our overview of e-journals where all our e-journals are located. You can search on journal title, ISSN or on subject, but not on e.g. articles or authors.


Popular e-journals are Harvard Business Review and Foreign Affairs, but you can also find newspapers from a lot of different countries, e.g. Corriere Della Sera, The Independent and The Washington Post.


Updated version of Pubmed

Pubmed is being updated and is already available at

FAQs and manuals about the new Pubmed can be found at

For the time being, the old version is still available at:

The exact date of the definitive transition from the old to the new Pubmed is not yet known. As soon as it is known, a message about this will appear on the library website.

N.B. In the new version of Pubmed, it is not yet possible to request full text articles via Find it H /Library.

Week 8

SpringerMaterials: the reliable materials database

Information on properties and uses of physical and chemical materials. You can search for e.g. elemental composition or chemical structure. Interactive graphs, dynamic data tables and phase diagrams with export options. Materials and properties can be compared. Particularly relevant for institutions with a research focus on materials science, physics, chemistry and engineering; and companies in the fields of bulk and fine chemical production, petroleum and petrochemistry, semiconductors and electronic materials, optical metals, ceramics, polymer synthesis and processing, and materials for fuels and energy applications. For example, if you are looking for ethanol (alcohol), you can look at the 3D interactive molecular structure.

Week 7

CINAHL, international database for nursing & related  (para)medical subjects

There are serious concerns about the corona virus worldwide. The WHO and other healthcare organizations are working hard to find the source of the infection and international actions are taken to prevent further dissemination.
In the database CINAHL you can find (background) articles about the corona virus.

The link below shows an example of a search for full text articles about the corona virus.

Coronavirus OR Coronavirus Infections

Week 6

OpenAIR is one of the better music festivals, OpenAIRE is the name of a large European academic repository collection!

Are you looking for reliable European scientific publications, research datasets, information about (and filters on!) European research projects and funders? Then search in OpenAIRE.

It is a huge collection (22 million publications and 80.000 datasets) of 12.000 research repositories in all fields of science. The Dutch NARCIS is part of it. It is intended to support the open science policy of the European Commission.

Via this link you have both ON-Campus access and home access.

Attention: do not be deterred if sometimes something is "closed access"! If you click on the DOI (=Digital Object Identifier) of e.g. an article, you could end up with the complete article because we as The Hague University of Applied Sciences Library have more and more database subscriptions, to which you will be automatically linked!

For example, a "closed" article "Climbing the ladder or falling from grace? A threat-opportunity framework of the effects of norm violations on social rank' (UvA), still available in full text via a single click on the DOI.

If you are visiting from outside OpenAIRE University of Applied Sciences, please put our EZproxy prefix before the DOI: This results in this link.

Week 05

Book or article not available in the HHs library? Check WorldCat where else you can find it!

View in WorldCat which nearest library in the Netherlands has a book or article in their collection. Then request the item through the HHs library ILL form for pick up at the HHs library main location. Not only is it possible to view the nearest library in the Netherlands with, but also in the entire world. This might be useful when you go studying abroad.

Take a look which other libraries in the Netherlands have the book popular prescribed literature “doing research” by Nel Verhoeven in their collection.

Database SDGO supports sustainable development

The Sustainable Development Goals Online is a new database from publisher Taylor & Francis. It is an interdisciplinary digital collection themed around the 17 SDGs, the United Nations' program for sustainable development to end poverty, fight inequality & injustice and protect the planet. Over 13,000 carefully selected chapters of e-books, 1.300 journal articles and over 250 presentations, videos, case studies, teaching guides, and lesson plans. The collection was created in partnership with the United Nations and guided by an international Advisory Board of academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and officers in third sector, government, and NGOs. See also the introduction, the flyer and the content list.

An example is the chapter "Solidarity and Security in the EU Discourse on Aid" by Iliana Olivié and Aitor Pérez from the book "Aid Power and Politics". This is about the increased emphasis on security aspects in the delivery of (development) aid by Europe.

Week 03

Emerald Insight wishes you a happy sustainable 2020!

Because of the 50th Earth Day this year, Emerald Insight gives free access to articles on sustainability until the end of January. Read the 7 tips with literature list.

Emerald Insight provides access to the entire Emerald ejournals collection of about 310 high-quality titles on many topics. Most of the articles are available in full-text; these can be identified by a green square located in front of the article.

Week 02

The international company and industry database MarketLine Advantage renewed and expanded

The international database MarketLine Advantage provides up-to-date and accurate information on companies, industries, countries and cities. The information about companies and industries is available in profiles, reports and case studies. The company information contains SWOT analyses. Also enclosed are trend and risk reports, news and information on financial deals.

With the new interface launched earlier this year new functions were introduced. The innovative Tableau interface presents data in flexible charts and tables that can be exported. For example, you can use Country Statistics (under Databases) to indicate for which region or countries you want to see the unemployment rate (or another macro-economic indicator). The data are then displayed in a map and table form. Further, a graph with the forecast of unemployment per region is included. In addition to these own graphs and tables, users can also compile their own reports via the Company Report Generator (under Databases).

The extension provides access to new content. The information about companies, industries, countries and cities is processed in well-arranged Chartbooks (under Analysis). For example, you can compare Amsterdam with other European cities in the Top 50 Europe City Chartbook. In addition to trend and risk reports, there are now also Value and Supply Chain Analysis (via Industry Analysis under Analysis). In it you can read, for example, that there is a need for typhoon-ready turbine technology or that you should look at the toy giant Toys 'R' Us as far as online retail is concerned. Finally, there is the new influencer tool (under Databases) where you can compile the top 100 influencers per sector based on their Twitter behaviour. For example, Evan Kirstel leads the RetailTech list.

Week 51

Upgrade from Academic Search Complete to Academic Search Ultimate: Even more content!

The library has purchased an upgrade of the multidisciplinary database Academic Search Complete, namely Academic Search Ultimate . The content of this upgrade is even more extensive than the earlier version.

  • 5,479 active, full-text, non-open access academic journals and magazines
  • 4,792 active, full-text, peer-reviewed, non-open access academic journals
  • 2,767 active, full-text, peer-reviewed, non-open access academic  journals with no embargo
  • 3,108 active, full-text, non-open access academic  journals indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

Academic Search Ultimate contains more than 77,000 videos from the Associated Press. This collection of videos from the world's leading news agency, updated monthly, contains footage from 1930 to the present. The videos appear in the results list, unfortunately it is not yet possible to search separately for videos.

The subjects in Academic Search Ultimate range from astronomy, anthropology, biomedicine, engineering, health, sports, law and literacy to mathematics, pharmacology, women's studies, zoology and many more.

Week 50

  • Try out BrowZine, our service for e-journals

The library offers access to our scholarly journals through BrowZine. BrowZine is a service that allows you to browse, read and follow scholarly journals in a beautiful visual display.

With BrowZine, you can browse and read thousands of top journals by subject, you can easily review tables of contents, and download full text articles. You can save and export articles. Use the BrowZine app to save articles for off-line reading or export to services such as RefWorks or Zotero.

Stay up-to-date with My Bookshelf: Create a personal bookshelf of titles to follow and receive new article notifications.

You got access on any device, for example from your iOS and Android device and your desktop on- and off-campus.

Get started today! Simply visit or download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store.

Contact the library for more information:

  • O’Reilly Safari: Expansion with video tutorials and learning paths

The new expanded O'Reilly Safari platform offers 39,000 e-books specifically about IT, marketing, economy and career development. Other content within O’Reilly Safari:

Video content en tutorials (6,000)

Divers learning paths – experts share their knowledge and skills short video’s such as Agile. The most popular learning paths contains self assessments.

See how experts/companies solve specific problems with case studies, for example lessons learned from LinkedIn: becoming a data driven organization

Manage the above within your own ‘playlist’

All contents of O’Reilly Safari are for unlimited simultaneous use.

Examples of the O’Reilly Safari collection:

Titles can only be viewed online not for download

For more reading comfort on mobile devices, download the app

Week 49

  • Nexis Uni: Improved version for LexisNexis Academic

Many Dutch and foreign newspapers and company magazines can now be read and searched via Nexis Uni. This database replaces LexisNexis Academic. Nexis Uni offers a number of additional and new functionalities, such as sources and news per discipline, storing and sharing articles and searches and placing notes on articles. The new search interface is also more user-friendly and has a similarity with searching in Google.

Week 48

  • Medline: International database offering authoritative medical information

More and more bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics. Would you like to read articles about preventing antibiotic resistance? Then consult Medline, a medical database of the National Library of Medicine (USA). This database contains articles from 5400 international biomedical journals. About 11% of the articles is available in full text format. 

If you want to search systematically, think carefully about the right keywords. A list of Medical Subject Headings (MESH,  press “MESH 2019” in the blue bar at the top in MEDLINE) can assist you in finding the most appropriate keyword.  The correct MESH for antibiotics is, “Anti-Bacterial Agents” for resistance “Drug resistance, bacterial”.

The link below provides an example of a search for full text articles on the prevention of antibiotic resistance that have been published since January 2018:

Prevention Anti-Bacterial Agents

Week 47

  • CC Search: Search tool from Creative Commons with more than 300 million images

CC Search cannot be used in Internet Explorer, but it does work in Firefox and Edge!

CC Search is a search tool from Creative Commons in which more than 300 million images can be searched. For example, you can search in the collections of some museums and in Flickr. It is also possible to filter by type of license. There is a CC Search Syntax Guide, for help by searching.

CC does not yet check if the images are properly licensed or if the information is correct or complete, so check the license status and the attribute information before using the content.

For example, if you search with the search term "Nachtwacht" in the Rijksmuseum collection, you will find the following results Nachtwacht in collection Rijksmuseum.

  • The Case Centre : Teaching by means of cases

In The Case Centre you will find a large number of cases in the field of business administration, marketing and management of universities and business schools worldwide. The case studies deal with real-life situations that confront the students with a dilemma or an uncertain outcome. A case often includes relevant documents, audiovisual items and carefully designed teaching notes. If you are interested in inspection copies or the use of the cases in education, please contact the library.

An example of a frequently used case is "Google in China". In January 2010, Google threatened in a public statement that it would stop censoring the search results on the website, as required by the Chinese authorities. Should Google leave China? Or try to reach a compromise with the Chinese government? How should a multinational company react when its core values conflict with the policies of the host government? What are the challenges in the relationship between business and government in an emerging economy? How can the reactions of different stakeholders in a crisis be assessed? And can scenarios be developed regarding the resolution of the crisis?

Week 46

  • Have a look in the UN iLibrary – the online library of the United Nations

In UN iLibrary, the online library of the United Nations, you can find books, (annual) reports and statistics published by the UN (and its fund programs). Next to searching, you can browse by theme and/or country, i.e. Human Rights and Refugees in Algeria. 

The content is accessible in different formats – PDF and READ – to make it easier to read on mobile devices, share via social networks or integrate the material in a report. There are two modes of access: access to all READ content or access to all formats. You can read how to use the database in the user guide. In UN iLibrary ou can find publications about all the topics, that the United Nations are involved in.

You want to have a look at statistics for sustainable markets? Have look in “The state of sustainable markets 2018 : statistics and emerging trends”.

  • Project MUSE : Open Access Books

Project MUSE is a scientific, multidisciplinary database in English with full-text e-journals and e-books from more than 200 leading university publishers and scientific associations, focusing on social sciences. There are approximately 1,750 open access e-books and 5 e-journals. It is possible to print and to download and read the e-books unlimitedly simultaneously. If you create an account it is possible to create alerts. It is possible to search in MUSE using a browser. For example, if you do research on sustainability, and you search on this term in MUSE, you will get a list of results with scientific e-books and articles from the e-journals. 24/7 and full text available.

  • Looking for scientific articles in the field of social and behavioural sciences? Try Sociological Abstracts!

Sociological Abstracts is one of the many excellent scientific databases of ProQuest in the social/psychological field. Basically it is a so-called "bibliographic" database (hence "Abstracts") but you will find more and more the full-text articles in it. Excellent content and also good search functionalities (filters!). You can find it in the A-Z database overview of the library.

Are you curious, for example, about how young people look for (psychological) help? Try: "help seeking behavior" AND adolescents in one search field. This could yield more than 300 results. Through the filters "peer-reviewed" and 2010-2019 you will arrive at almost 140 results. Isn't an article full-text? Then click on "Find a Copy". This tool then searches our other databases for the complete article.

By the way, you can extend your search to the other ten (!) ProQuest databases in the field of sociology and education in one go via the option "Change databases" and then tick "Social Sciences Premium Collection" and "Exclude duplicate documents" (via 'Result page options' at the bottom, when you are back on the search page). This last action prevents the same article from appearing multiple times in your results. With the same filters as above for Sociological Abstracts you'll now have over 700 results.

Week 45

  • Teacher Reference Center (TRC) : database with 280 popular magazines about education

Teacher Reference Center (TRC) provides indexes and abstracts of 280 of the most popular teacher and administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.

In addition, 96% of journals indexed in TRC are peer-reviewed. Topics include: Assessment, Best Practices, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Elementary Education, Higher Education, Instructional Media and Teacher Education.

Would you like to know more, for example about sustainable development goals in education? Then consult Framework Higher education in the sustainable development goals.

  • Hein Online International Core : database with journals and important publications of the United Nations

The database works best with Firefox.

With Hein Online International Core you have access to more than 2.700 law (related) journals, thousands of classic legal works, constitutions and constitutional histories for all countries, the most comprehensive database of treaties available, United Nations documents, case law, a wealth of information on international law, and more.

If you register, you can add bookmarks, create TOC-alerts and save search queries in MyHein.

In 2000 the United Nations passed Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. So if you want to read more about how this affects the processes of peace-building, check this link (link does not work with Internet Explorer).

Week 43

  • Taylor & Francis Online expanded with Business, Management & Economics e-journals

The Taylor & Francis Online database has been expanded with the Business, Management & Economics collection. This collection gives full text access to high-impact research published in influential journals that focus on topics such as accounting, company history, economics, finance, human resources, marketing and public management. Both current topics and the historical perspective on topics are discussed. And themes are treated from different angles. For example, in the e-journal Emerging Markets Finance and Trade you can learn about the economic impact of the trade war between China and the US. Read in the Business History about the strategic and structural responses to international dynamics in the open Dutch economy and the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketingexamines the brand personality dimensions of business-to-business companies. And these are just a few examples of specific topics from the more than 120 e-journals in this collection.

Week 42

  • OECD iLibrary : Online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development

OECD iLibrary is the Online library of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The Library provides access to e-books, journal issues and statistical databases in various fields, such as Economics, Science and Technology, Agriculture and Food, Employment, Energy, Environment, Education, Social Sciences, Migration, Health.

Do you want to know more about how government policy can improve the sectoral productivity and sustainability of the food sector? Then read the report: Innovation, Productivity and Sustainability in Food and Agriculture, October 2019 by the OECD.

The OECD iLibrary also provides access to statistics. OECD iLibrary contains content released by OECD, International Energy Agency (IEA), Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), OECD Development Centre, PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), and ITF (International Transport Forum).

  • LISTA: database about knowledge– and information management

Database LISTA contains abstracts from 440 journals with core subjects as knowledge management, information management, internet technology, etc.

Interesting read about activity tracking technology for sports and human computer interaction: how do amateur runners keep track of their personal health information (PHIM)? What are the latest user experiences with Amazon Alexa? Read here the abstract “Talk to me: Exploring user interactions with the Amazon Alexa”. Or how do Dutch families cope with negative effects due to their use of internet this research has been published in October 2019.  To see if the library provides fulltext access to the above articles use Findit@H/Library in Google Scholar.

Week 41

  • New database: Political Science Complete

Political Science Complete one of our new databases. It is a full-text research database covering political topics with a worldwide focus, including international relations, political theory and comparative politics.

The content includes nearly 700 full-text journals, 330 full-text reference books and monographs, 48,000 full-text conference papers, including those from the International Political Science Association, and a subject-specific thesaurus of more than 28,000 terms.

For instance, you can find articles about the consequences a Brexit can have on de UK diplomacy at the UN. UK diplomacy at the UN after Brexit: Challenges and Opportunities

Week 40

  • Up-to-date, database with up-to-date clinical information

The English-language database Up-to-Date contains current clinical information for giving quick answers to clinical questions in practical situations. Up-to-date information on more than 6,000 medicines and potentially dangerous interactions. Information on recent medical developments and contains basic information on patient information on more than 1,500 topics. For access it is necessary to register on-campus with a self-chosen username and password. To keep the account active, one must log in once every 90 days at the university.

At "Drug Interactions" you can look up whether you can continue to use certain foods if you have to take certain medicines. For example, can you continue to drink green tea if you take the cholesterol-lowering drug Simvastatin?

Up-to-Date also includes calculators, including body weight and to calculate, for example, the likelihood of someone getting a cardiovascular disease.

Week 28

  • Espacenet : Access to more than 80 million patent publications from 90 countries

In the database Espacenet you will find a large part of the worldwide patent documents, more than 90 million from more than 90 countries. These documents describe the technique of inventions. You will also find the names of inventors and companies involved in this field. It is made available by the European Patent Organisation (EPO) through the European Patent Office (EPO) and the national offices of the Member States.

Espacenet has an advanced search engine. It can be searched by terms, classification code, publication or request number or date. But also by inventor or applicant. Look for more search tips in the manual.

Would you like to know which patents TU Delft has applied for? 'technical university delft' or 'tu delft' and database Worldwide (Incl. the Netherlands)

Or do you want to know which ones have only been applied for in the Netherlands?

'technical university delft' or 'tu delft' and database NL-Dutch Patent publications. 

  • Social Services Abstracts : International database about social work and welfare

Are you looking for scientific articles about multi-problem (families), specifically in the Dutch situation? Then you can also take a look at "Social Services Abstracts" by ProQuest.

Search for example: multiproblem* OR "multiple problems" , in all fields ("Anywhere"). Then refine (via the options on the left of the screen) on "Location": Netherlands. Then 6 articles are the result.

You can extend your search to the other ten (!) ProQuest databases in the sociological and educational field at once. This can be done via the option "Change databases" (on the dark green bar at the top). Then tick "Social Sciences Premium Collection" -> "Use selected databases".

In the next search screen click on the option "Result page options" -> "Exclude duplicate documents" -> "Search".

With the same search and refinement as above, you'll end up with 33 mostly fulltext articles.


Week 26

  • VideoArts: Database with short English-language videos in the field of management and communication

    The VideoArts database contains 133 short, humorous video clips in the areas of management, leadership, communication and customer service. The English-language clips contain 1-3 minute sketches between a "good" and a "bad" manager. The clips can be a good addition to the theoretical material on the above subjects, and show recognizable situations on the work floor that we all have or will have to deal with.

    The clips from VideoArts can be used copyright free within Blackboard and PowerPoint environment, and other applications within the Haagse Hogeschool.

    A recognizable example is: Difficult conversations
  • Medline : International medical database of the National Library of Medicine (USA)

According to this RIVM News item RIVM News item, in 2017 more than 3.7 million people in the Netherlands had problems with the stomach, liver or intestines (gastroenterological disorders). Do you want to read articles about the occurrence of these disorders? Then consult Medline which is an authoritative, international medical database of the National Library of Medicine (USA) and contains articles from 5400 biomedical journals. About 11% of the articles included are full text.

Articles on the prevention of gastroenterological disorders

Week 23

  • Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection: database for psychology and behavioral sciences

    Do you want to know more about the relationship between bullying and suicide by young people? And are you looking for articles about this in peer-reviewed journals? Then you can visit one of the (international and English-language) databases of EBSCO: Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection (PBSC), the largest international full-text database for psychology and behavioral sciences in the world, with full texts of around 400 journals. With this PBSC link you can immediately see how you can broaden searches with synonyms.
    You can also easily expand your search with one of the other databases of EBSCO, for example with the multidisciplinary database Academic Search Complete. If you also want to see only peer-reviewed journals here: this link. If you are only interested in recent (eg 2010-2019) and full articles ("full text"): you will come to this.
  • Education Resource Information Center (ERIC): Database with educational information

    ERIC, the Education Resource Information Center, provides access to literature and sources in the field of education. ERIC contains more than 1.3 million records and links to more than 323,000 full-text documents dating back to 1966.
    Do you want to pay attention to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) during your lessons? You can also find information about this in ERIC: Artikelen over SDG

Week 22

  • SportBusiness Professional: database in the field of sport, management and organization 

SportBusiness Professional (formerly SportBusiness International) is an English-language website with news and information in the field of sport, business, marketing, management and organization of international sporting events. As a subscriber you have access to exclusive reports, case studies, analyzes and studies. You can select information by sport, geographical data, sector and sports organization.

For example, if you are looking for information about the Invictus Games that will be organized in May 2020 in and around the park Sports Campus Zuiderpark in The Hague, enter “Invictus Games” in the search bar (magnifying glass on the right) and you will see in the list of articles that on this subject appears on this topic, also an article about the Invictus Games in The Hague in 2020: Invictus Games heads to The Hague in 2020.


Week 21

  • CC Search : Find pictures

    Take the Copyright Act into account

    Are you a student looking for images for your report or thesis? Or do you, as a lecturer, want to illustrate the content of lectures in your presentation or syllabus with an image? That is possible, but you must take the Copyright Act into account. This law prescribes that if you use someone else's work, you must ask the creator of the work for permission and pay a fair compensation. The law has exceptions to this rule and within those exceptions the permission and fee have already been arranged for many images. For use that falls outside these exceptions, you can use images with a creative commons license. CC Search searches such images.

    Right to quote and education exception

    As a student you make use of the right to quote. You can then use any image, for example a diagram or illustration from a book or article. You must mention the source.
    As a lecturer you make use of the education exception. The Hague University of Applied Sciences has already obtained permission through the reader agreement and has paid a fair compensation. You may use a maximum of 25 images in your presentation or syllabus, of which up to 5 images from the same creator. Source citation is mandatory.

    CC Search

    However, you may not use the right to quote or the education exception when the image is purely for decoration. Consider, for example, an image on the cover of your report or thesis as a student and a cheerful picture or cartoon for in your presentation as a lecturer. You need permission from the creator to use this images. Many creators give this permission in advance, with a creative commons license. Use the search engine CC Search to find these images. The search engine searches more than 300 million images.

    More info on the Audiovisual media page and the Copyright and Plagiarism page.

Week 20

  • Emerald Insight: A global publisher linking research and practice
    International and multidisciplinary database containing e-journals in almost all fields of study. Provides access to the entire Emerald collection with approximately 310 e-journals. Most articles are available full-text, recognizable by a green block in front of the article.  Would you like to know more about Reporting in Accountancy? Choose for example the magazine: Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting.
    Emerald Insight also offers (partial) access to cases that can be used in education. Mainly peer reviewed case studies from international business schools.

Week 18

  • Regional Business News: What does the US and CA press say?

What does the American and Canadian business press say about the report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which came out last April? You can read it in the Regional Business News database. Contains articles from around 100 regional business periodicals, trade magazines and newspapers published in both urban and rural regions in the United States and Canada. Includes leading publishers like The Washington Post and PR Newswire US and regional publications such as the New Hampshire Business Review and the South Carolina Lawyers Weekly. Radio and television news transcripts and newswires are also enclosed.

  • Westlaw UK : Laws and regulations from the Anglo-American jurisdiction

Westlaw UK provides access to the collected laws and regulations of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong, supplemented by Community legislation, based on EUR-Lex and the two Journals C and L, and European case law, eg of the European Court of Justice. Additionally you will find analytical commentaries by English lawyers and full-text articles and abstracts from thousands of leading legal journals.

Are you looking for eg. the Children Act from 1989, you will find it here Children Act 1989.

Week 17

  • Communication & Mass Media Complete: database in the field of communication and mass media 

The Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC) is a scientific database in the field of communication and mass media. In this database you will find articles from more than 820 international journals from 1915, of which around 450 journals are offered full-text.

It is an EBSCO database with a well-arranged search page with many filter options. 

Are you looking for information about the use of Facebook and acculturation by Chinese professionals in Western countries? Then you might find this an interesting article: : Facebook Use and Acculturation: The Case of Overseas Chinese Professionals in Western Countries


  • Greenfile: Database with information about human impact on the environment

The Greenfile database contains information about all aspects of human impact on the environment. The collection includes scientific, government and public publications and offers indexes and abstracts of more than 384,000 articles and access to the full text of more than 4,700 articles. If an article is not available in full text, check by using. the Find it@H/Library tool or the article is available in one of our other full-text databases.

Do you want to know more about the pollution of our oceans by plastic? Use the search term: plastic pollution in the ocean.

Create an account to set alerts. Then you will receive all new articles by mail about a specific topic or new editions of a magazine. 

Share or use publication or article during class? Open the article and you will find the permalink to the article in the right column.

Week 15

  • H Library App : 24/7 access to the library of the THUAS
  • Download the H Library app on your phone and have 24/7 access to the services of the library!

    Get access to the H Library app through your THUAS account:

    • view loans
    • extend books
    • consult the library catalogue
    • Prevent fines with push notifications: get an reminder on your phone when your borrowed items are almost due

    In the app you will also find the contact info of the THUAS locations and a link to the library website. The app is available for Android & IOS.

Week 14

  • Science Direct: Elsevier Science collection of periodicals

Science Direct offers online access to the Elsevier Science collection of periodicals devoted to economics, healthcare, management, communications, education, computer sciences, technology, etc. The articles date back to 1995 and are available in full tekst format (as indicated by a green scauare).

Attention! E-books are not covered by the current license.

Make an account:

  • manage allerts
  • make a list favourite periodicals
  • manage recommendations

Browse the title list per domain (Physical Sciences and Engineering, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humaties)
For example all Physical Science and Engineering titles (more than 1200 titles):
Or  subdomain, for example Electrical and Electronic enineering

Or search a subject. For example ‘Cybercrime’.

Or: ‘Energy Transition’

Sort title lists by relevance of or date. Refine the list on amongst others year or article type. Download articles or export the references to Refworks

Share an article?

Copy the article URL and add the prefix

  • Web of Science
    Web of Science contains bibliographic metadata from a large number of scientific research publications in all fields of science. The current license is for the past 10 years. There are extensive possibilities to search and discover trends and patterns. For example, if you search for the topic sustainability and look at the "hot papers", an article will show both the quoted literature and references to articles published later. With Kopernio, a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome and Opera, you can find the full text. Like the article from 2019: "A taxonomy of circular economy indicators" including an Excel tool to select the right CE indicators. Web of Science can be used to determine the h-index, a measure for the impact of publications of a scientific researcher. And with the Journal Citation Reports the impact factor of a journal, an indication of its importance based on citation data. There is also access to EndNote Online, a tool for the management of literature references.


Week 13

  • PubMed: international (bio) medical database

PubMed, a free source of information from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), contains more than 29 million references to biomedical literature (Medline). Medline is also accessible via the database supplier EBSCO. PubMed, however, contains more references from before 1965 and references from non-medical sciences such as natural sciences, chemistry and astrophysics.

In PubMed it is possible to search with medical keywords (MESH, medical subject headings). For example, suppose you are looking for articles about student burnout or stress, you can use the following MESH:

("Burnout, Psychological" [mesh] OR "stress, Psychological" [mesh]) AND (students [mesh] OR "Education, Graduate" [mesh]) that gives the following results with, among other things, the article:

Differential Effect of Level of Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Training on Coping Strategies Used by University Students

Week 12

  • SPORTDiscus: International database about sport, health, physical education and many more sports related subjects

You've also followed in recent weeks the news about ice skaters who were prescribed asthma medications, even though they had no asthma symptoms? Take a look in the international SPORTDiscus database if scientific articles on this subject have already appeared before.  In SPORTDiscus you can find articles, many full-text, from more than 550 (scientific) journals, about subjects in sports (medical) areas, and about movement sciences, coaching, training, rehabilitation and physical education.

If you search for "asthma and treatment and sports and doping", you will find the following articles.

"Pharmaceutical treatment of asthma symptoms in elite athletes : doping or therapy?" Or this article "Can asthma treatment in sports be doping? The effect of the rapid onset, long-acting inhaled beta-agonist formoterol upon endurance performance in healthy well-trained athletes”.

  • e-Book Collection from Ebsco : Textbooks (mainly) written in English on all subject areas

The HHs library offers a growing, varied collection of scientific EBSCO e-books. All major subject areas are represented (including economics, informatics, education, politics, social sciences, technology and management). It is a collection of mainly English-language books by major publishing companies such as Springer, MacMillan, Pearson, Wiley and Routledge.

Take a look at the E-books website.

The eBooks Collection of EBSCOhost offers a presentation of highlights and titles per subject area.

If you are logged in to the HHs network, you can read or download these titles on your tablet or smartphone, on your laptop or computer or on your e-reader.

  • Open Dissertations : More than 800.000 dissertations from American and English universities

Are you interested in cosmology and would you like to see the dissertation of Stephen Hawking from 1966?

Or are you interested in American and English dissertations about blended learning in higher education?

In both cases (and much more!) you can go to the database "Open Dissertations" of Ebsco that the library subscribes to. It offers access to more than 800,000 dissertations from American and English universities. With links to the full text if available.


Week 10

  • Cochrane Library: Want to know more about smartphone applications for melanoma?

The Cochrane Library is the most important database on Evidence-based Medicine. You can find here, among other things, systematic overviews of the state of affairs of medical-scientific research, the so-called systematic reviews. These reviews are maintained by groups of health care professionals, each with their own specialization (review groups), for example Skin Review Group, Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Review Group and Movement Disorders Review Group, etc.

Do you study Skin Therapy or are you an Informatica student and want to know more about smartphone applications for melanoma (skin cancer). Then read the systematic review of the Skin Review Group: Smartphone applications for triaging adults with skin lesions that are suspicious for melanoma

Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs) are easy-to-read, accessible answers based on Cochrane reviews. They are applicable in practice and help to inform you about decisions. Each CCA contains a clinical question with a concise answer with data from the results of Cochrane reviews.

Week 9

  • LexisNexisNexis Academic becomes Nexis Uni : presentation (Dutch) of the improved interface Tuesday March 5th at 2:00 PM 
    Many Dutch and foreign newspapers and magazines can now be read and searched through Nexis Uni. Nexis Uni offers a number of additional and new functionalities:
  • sources and news per discipline,
  • save and share articles and searches,
  • adding notes to articles.

On Tuesday March 5th from 2:00-4:30 PM there will be a Nexis Uni presentation in Dutch by LexisNexis in the instruction room (OV1.88) in the library. Everyone is invited.

Note: the old interface LexisNexis Academic will disappear at the end of March. And all (perma)links in Nexis Uni are different than in Academic, keep this in mind if you used these links in documents/presentations.


O’Reilly Safari Books Online : Expansion with video tutorials and learning paths

The new expanded O'Reilly Safari Books Online (SBO) platform offers 39,000 e-books specifically about IT, marketing, economy and career development. Other content within SBO:

All contents of SBO are for unlimited simultaneous use.
Examples of the SBO collection:

Titles can only be viewed online not for download
For more reading comfort on mobile devices, download the SBO app

Week 6

  • Journal Citation Reports: indication of the importance of scientific journals
    It is important for researchers to publish in a "good" scientific journal. The most important indicator for this is the so-called journal impact factor. This is a measure of the average number of references to current articles in a scientific journal.

    Helen Kopnina works part-time at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Leiden University, and she is the first author of the much-cited article “The ‘future of conservation’ debate: Defending ecocentrism and the Nature Needs Half movement”. This was published in 2018 in the journal "Biological Conservation" with a fairly high impact factor of 4.661

    In addition to Journal Impact Factors, Journal Citation Reports also provides other bibliometric indicators for academic journals. Furthermore, related information is shown, such as the most important articles, institutes and countries of the referenced publications.

Week 5

  • DOAB: Academic e-books
    DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books, provides access to full text, freely accessible scientific books and contains publications in almost all academic disciplines.

    Do you want information about sustainability, for example? Do you want to know how companies can ensure that they contribute to a changing society in a sustainable way? Read the e-book: Sustainable Business Models

Week 4


Week 3

  • Your future : from dream to reality
    Many people dream of starting their own business or career one day. But why wait?
    In Bookboon you will find many e-books about entrepreneurship, time management, presenting, applying and steps for a successful career. Start now and read the e-book “4 steps to career success” (register first).

Week 2

  • Brittannica Image Quest: Do you need a copyrightfree image of child labour in Asia?
    In the English image database Brittannica Image Quest you will find more than 2.5 million images (photos, drawings, cliparts, etc.) in high quality, safe and free of copyright, which can be used for educational purposes.
    For example, if you are looking for images of child labour in factories in Asia, you can filter the results on the shape and collection they come from. You can download the images, print them, save them in your own folder and e-mail them directly.

Week 51

Week 50

  • Google Scholar : ‘Googling’ for scientific articles
    Easily find recent scientific publications with Google Scholar such as : "A new sustainable hydrogen clean energy paradigm". You can search the publications (mainly magazines and books) of the largest scientific publishers in Europe and North America. You can also set Find it @ H/Library, a tool to find full-text publications. See also this LibGuide about Google Scholar.

Week 49

  • Use for business and market analysis
    The traditional Dutch department store Hema was saved by Marcel Boekhoorn. This entrepreneur is no stranger in the fashion- and retail world. Previously, he was an investor of McGregor, Gaastra and Suit Supply. Both McGregor and Gaastra went bankrupt in 2016. Bad omen?Do you want to know what the financial situation is of a company, e.g. your internship company, through annual reports and annual accounts, benchmark, compliance and bankruptcy information), how the market situation is in which the company operates, through industry news, market reports and case law, and whether the management also is connected to other companies (directors, committee members, shareholders)? You can find it all in the database. Useful when you need to make a business and / or market analysis!
  • Academic Search Complete: Do you want to know what the impact is on the environment of plastic waste in the oceans?
    In Academic Search Complete, a very extensive multidisciplinary database, you will also find many articles on this subject. The article The Price of Plastic discusses the impact of dumped plastic bags on ecologic system in the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica, one of the most remote seas on earth. The plastic waste issue is also discussed in the article Problematic Plastic from the USA Today Magazine.

    Academic Search Complete
    is an EBSCO database and via the search page of this database you can also search simultaneously in other EBSCO databases, such as GreenFILE, SPORTDiscus, MEDLINE, eBook Collection) and Business Source Elite.


Week 48

  • Cyber crime, what can you do about it?
    Cyber criminals, how do you detect them and how do you prove that they have actually committed a crime? Read the article in the ACM Digital Library that was presented at the de Internationale Conferentie 'Availability, Reliability and Security'.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the largest professional association in the field of computer education and -science in the world. Their digital library contains an extensive full-text collection in the field of information technology, as well as conference reports, newsletters, video and audio files.

Week 47

  • All muscles and bones explained in Acland’s Video Atlas of Human AnatomyDo you want some extra practice for your anatomy exam? Then consult Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy. This atlas was developed by Prof. Acland of the Department of Anatomical Sciences at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He is an expert in instructional videos and clinical anatomy and has developed a video atlas that provides a three-dimensional explanation of anatomy. All videos are made with prepared body parts. With the help of this atlas (health care) students can individually study the field of anatomy and possibly test it through examinations. For example, watch the video about the wrist muscles.
  • Discover Armed Conflict Database!In Armed Conflict Database you will find information about armed conflicts worldwide. Users are able to generate reports on conflict data dating back to 1997 and correlate reports from various years, conflicts, regions and topics. The database includes conflict reports from 2000/2001 onwards. The users can search or browse per region, per conflict or per conflict party, both on active and archived conflicts.Per conflict there is a short background summary and an overview of related conflicts and in which countries or regions they are active (or have been active).  Using the data tool, you can find annual figures for global conflict trends, as well as multi-year statistics on fatalities, refugees and IDPs. Users can generate targeted results from their data queries. These results can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. E.g. you can make an overview of the number of refugees from Syria from 2011 till today or an overview of all European armed conflicts between 1997 and 2015. See the example of the conflict and the conflict parties in Libya.

Week 46

  • Safety personnel in acute mental health care under pressure
    Trouw's research shows that the safety of personnel in acute mental health care in the Netherlands is under pressure. According to the mental health institutions and staff, the aggression increases. How is that actually in other countries? Take a look at ASSIA, one of the databases in the area of social work and mental health care.