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Week 5

  • DOAB: Academic e-books
    DOAB: Directory of Open Access Books, provides access to full text, freely accessible scientific books and contains publications in almost all academic disciplines.

    Do you want information about sustainability, for example? Do you want to know how companies can ensure that they contribute to a changing society in a sustainable way? Read the e-book: Sustainable Business Models

Week 4


Week 3

  • Your future : from dream to reality
    Many people dream of starting their own business or career one day. But why wait?
    In Bookboon you will find many e-books about entrepreneurship, time management, presenting, applying and steps for a successful career. Start now and read the e-book “4 steps to career success” (register first).

Week 2

  • Brittannica Image Quest: Do you need a copyrightfree image of child labor in Asia?
    In the English image database Brittannica Image Quest you will find more than 2.5 million images (photos, drawings, cliparts, etc.) in high quality, safe and free of copyright, which can be used for educational purposes.
    For example, if you are looking for images of child labour in factories in Asia, you can filter the results on the shape and collection they come from. You can download the images, print them, save them in your own folder and e-mail them directly.

Week 51

Week 50

  • Google Scholar : ‘Googling’ for scientific articles
    Easily find recent scientific publications with Google Scholar such as : "A new sustainable hydrogen clean energy paradigm". You can search the publications (mainly magazines and books) of the largest scientific publishers in Europe and North America. You can also set Find it @ H/Library, a tool to find full-text publications. See also this LibGuide about Google Scholar.

Week 49

  • Use for business and market analysis
    The traditional Dutch department store Hema was saved by Marcel Boekhoorn. This entrepreneur is no stranger in the fashion- and retail world. Previously, he was an investor of McGregor, Gaastra and Suit Supply. Both McGregor and Gaastra went bankrupt in 2016. Bad omen?Do you want to know what the financial situation is of a company, e.g. your internship company, through annual reports and annual accounts, benchmark, compliance and bankruptcy information), how the market situation is in which the company operates, through industry news, market reports and case law, and whether the management also is connected to other companies (directors, committee members, shareholders)? You can find it all in the database. Useful when you need to make a business and / or market analysis!
  • Academic Search Complete: Do you want to know what the impact is on the environment of plastic waste in the oceans?
    In Academic Search Complete, a very extensive multidisciplinary database, you will also find many articles on this subject. The article The Price of Plastic discusses the impact of dumped plastic bags on ecologic system in the Amundsen Sea in Antarctica, one of the most remote seas on earth. The plastic waste issue is also discussed in the article Problematic Plastic from the USA Today Magazine.

    Academic Search Complete
    is an EBSCO database and via the search page of this database you can also search simultaneously in other EBSCO databases, such as GreenFILE, SPORTDiscus, MEDLINE, eBook Collection) and Business Source Elite.


Week 48

  • Cyber crime, what can you do about it?
    Cyber criminals, how do you detect them and how do you prove that they have actually committed a crime? Read the article in the ACM Digital Library that was presented at the de Internationale Conferentie 'Availability, Reliability and Security' last August in Germany, Hamburg. To view the other (80+) articles presented, click on the "table of contents" tab.

    The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the largest professional association in the field of computer education and -science in the world. Their digital library contains an extensive full-text collection in the field of information technology, as well as conference reports, newsletters, video and audio files.

Week 47

  • All muscles and bones explained in Acland’s Video Atlas of Human AnatomyDo you want some extra practice for your anatomy exam? Then consult Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy. This atlas was developed by Prof. Acland of the Department of Anatomical Sciences at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. He is an expert in instructional videos and clinical anatomy and has developed a video atlas that provides a three-dimensional explanation of anatomy. All videos are made with prepared body parts. With the help of this atlas (health care) students can individually study the field of anatomy and possibly test it through examinations. For example, watch the video about the wrist muscles.
  • Discover Armed Conflict Database!In Armed Conflict Database you will find information about armed conflicts worldwide. Users are able to generate reports on conflict data dating back to 1997 and correlate reports from various years, conflicts, regions and topics. The database includes conflict reports from 2000/2001 onwards. The users can search or browse per region, per conflict or per conflict party, both on active and archived conflicts.Per conflict there is a short background summary and an overview of related conflicts and in which countries or regions they are active (or have been active).  Using the data tool, you can find annual figures for global conflict trends, as well as multi-year statistics on fatalities, refugees and IDPs. Users can generate targeted results from their data queries. These results can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet. E.g. you can make an overview of the number of refugees from Syria from 2011 till today or an overview of all European armed conflicts between 1997 and 2015. See the example of the conflict and the conflict parties in Libya.

Week 46

  • Safety personnel in acute mental health care under pressure
    Trouw's research shows that the safety of personnel in acute mental health care in the Netherlands is under pressure. According to the mental health institutions and staff, the aggression increases. How is that actually in other countries? Take a look at ASSIA, one of the databases in the area of social work and mental health care.