Database of the week

Week 13

  • Van Dale Online dictionaries: Always an up-to-date dictionary at hand 

Van Dale Online dictionaries contains complete and up-to-date dictionaries, the Dikke van Dale Dutch, Synonyms, dictionaries English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Handbook Dutch, Handbook English, Dutch spelling aid. All sources are searched simultaneously. With additional information, thematic overviews, language tips and country information.

No more expensive old-fashioned dictionaries in your book shelf, but the latest up-to-date versions always available online. With examples, synonyms and multiple meanings of a word.

  • CBS Statline : data on the Dutch economy and society

Statline is the database of Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and contains figures on the Dutch economy and society. From inflation to population development, the information is conveniently classified by theme and available to everyone free of charge. It is precisely now that governments, scientists, businesses and citizens need and have an interest in knowing how the Netherlands is doing. Just think of figures on health, care and the economy. What are the figures on international trade? What are the figures for exports of services to China? This table shows the data for the year 2019. From this table you can compile selections, present them on your screen, print them and download them in various formats. It is also possible to display the data graphically. See also the manuals to support optimal use of Statline.


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