Databases of the week

Week 20

  • CINAHL : International database on nursing and related (para)medical disciplines

In The Netherlands, discrimination by patients has long been concealed.

You want to know more about this topic? Consult the database CINAHL, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, with over 770 English-language nursing and healthcare journals.

Example of a search: Nurses and discrimination and patients

In the above example, only the full-text articles are displayed.  From the article: "Go back to your Country"  only a summary is included in CINAHL. By clicking on the button “Find it H/Library” you will find the full text version of the article.

  • VideoArts: database with short English-language videos in the field of management and communication

    The VideoArts database contains now more than 230 short (humorous) video clips in the field of for example management, leadership, health and safety, sales, communication and customer service. The English-language clips contain skits averaging 3 minutes between often a 'good' and a 'bad' manager. There are also slightly longer video clips of about 10 minutes on some subjects, for example about Cyber Security.

The clips can be a good addition to the theoretical material on the above subjects, and show recognizable situations on the work floor that we all have dealt with or might have to deal with in the future.

The clips from VideoArts can be used copyright free within Blackboard and PowerPoint environment, and other applications within the Haagse Hogeschool. It is best to search VideoArts via Google Edge. If you click on a video with the right mouse button, one of the options is in which ways you can share the video. This could be useful for Blended Learning.

A recognizable example is: Bad news meeting

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