Database of the week

Week 47

  • CC Search: Search tool from Creative Commons with more than 300 million images

CC Search cannot be used in Internet Explorer, but it does work in Firefox and Edge!

CC Search is a search tool from Creative Commons in which more than 300 million images can be searched. For example, you can search in the collections of some museums and in Flickr. It is also possible to filter by type of license. There is a CC Search Syntax Guide, for help by searching.

CC does not yet check if the images are properly licensed or if the information is correct or complete, so check the license status and the attribute information before using the content.

For example, if you search with the search term "Nachtwacht" in the Rijksmuseum collection, you will find the following results Nachtwacht in collection Rijksmuseum.

  • The Case Centre : Teaching by means of cases

In The Case Centre you will find a large number of cases in the field of business administration, marketing and management of universities and business schools worldwide. The case studies deal with real-life situations that confront the students with a dilemma or an uncertain outcome. A case often includes relevant documents, audiovisual items and carefully designed teaching notes. If you are interested in inspection copies or the use of the cases in education, please contact the library.

An example of a frequently used case is "Google in China". In January 2010, Google threatened in a public statement that it would stop censoring the search results on the website, as required by the Chinese authorities. Should Google leave China? Or try to reach a compromise with the Chinese government? How should a multinational company react when its core values conflict with the policies of the host government? What are the challenges in the relationship between business and government in an emerging economy? How can the reactions of different stakeholders in a crisis be assessed? And can scenarios be developed regarding the resolution of the crisis?


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