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Week 28

  • War for talent in U.S. hospitality business. Find out what's going on with Regional Business News

The Regional Bussiness News database allows you to search business magazines, newspapers and newswires published in both urban and rural regions in the United States and Canada. Find out what's going on in the U.S. hospitality industry right now in sources like the Journal of Business, The Washington Post and the Crain’s Chicago Business. Perhaps it can provide inspiration for your own study and research. The COVID-19 Pandemic as consumers self-isolate and restaurants close down has turned the U.S. hospitality industry upside down.

For example, employment in Illinois' leisure and hospitality industry dropped by more than 50%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. After pandemic, restaurants face a new threat: worker shortage. Former employees decided to take a different path, especially because they were underpaid before pandemic. Therefore, in order to regain their strength in terms of staffing levels, restaurants are increasing pay, offering more benefits or bonuses, and getting creative in where they search for talent. There are hospitality owners trying to recruit new employees through referral bonuses for existing employees. Any employee who brings a friend, family member, or even a former employee to apply for a job gets a $200 bonus if the job candidate gets hired and stays for at least 30 days. While restaurant owners are feeling the pinch of a shortage of workers, this could be a time of necessary change in the industry. It’s making business owners reflect on their culture, how they keep their employees, how to treat them right.


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