Adjusted services

Due to the measures taken in connection to the corona virus, the library of The Hague University will be closed until further notice (at least until April 6) with the exception of the digital collection, this is available 24/7.

On this page we will post frequently asked questions about our adjusted services. See also the frequently asked questions on our website about additional topics (including digital access to our database, e-books, magazines and articles).

The information on this page can be adjusted at any moment depending on future measures taken.

The library is only accessible through email ( Questions will be answered every work-day between 09:00-17:00.

For up-to-date information on the library, keep an eye out on our website’s news page. The library is closed at least until April 28. The digital collection is available 24/7 via our website.

The library at the Sportcampus Zuiderpark is closed too. The printed collections at Delft and Zoetermeer are not available either.

For up-to-date information about the library, check the news page on our website. For now, the library will be closed until April 28.

The digital library offers many e-books and digital magazines, refer to our website for more information.

The library is closed. We do not count a fine for the days we are closed. In case of an emergency, please book an appointment to return your books by emailing

The loan period of your book(s) can be extended. You can do so through the H/Library app (for Android (google play) and for IOS (Apple Store)) or the catalogue. You can also send an email to No fine will be counted on the days during which the library is closed.
It is currently not possible to make any reservations because we are unable to provide you with an opportunity to pick up the book due to the closing of the library.

No, you may keep the materials you have at home until we reopen the library.

We will not count a fine for the days during which we are closed.

You may keep the materials you have until we are open again.

We don't charge a fine for the days we're closed.

During the closure of the library, there will be no fine. Not even if a book cannot be renewed because it has been reserved or has already been renewed 5 times.

During the closure of the library, no fine will be charged. Not even if a book cannot be prolonged because it has already been prolonged or reserved 5 times.

The messages on your phone or tablet are personal push messages. The library can not stop this. You can disable the push messages in the Library app under 'Manage push notifications'.

We have decided to process ILL-requests again. However, this only applies to (digital) articles.
It is currently not possible to request books through ILL.

Refer to the Who does what page on our website.

For additional questions, see the frequently asked questions page on our website. Are you unable to find the answer you are looking for? Please email your question to

Students can follow the library courses Bibits and HIT online. In Bibits, the student is introduced to the library systems and the databases relevant to his study. In HIT, the search process is discussed in depth: what am I searching for, where do I search, how do I search and what do I have. The Bibits manual and the HIT manual explain how students can start the training courses at home. Both Bibits and HIT contain a test. Send the deadline by which the students must have followed the training to and you will receive the grades from us. For easy handling, we also need the start date (date on which the students were instructed to follow the training) and the study programme. Also indicate which library training it concerns: Bibits and/or HIT. For completeness, we also need the academic year and study form (full-time or part-time).

The library's digital collection is available 24/7. Also from home. However, you must always log in with the THUAS account. Off-campus access to most databases is arranged via EZproxyserver. For a number of databases and Simultaneous search, the SURFconext login mechanism is used. If you hover your mouse over the title of the source in the list of databases and digital sources but do not click, you will see the URL of the correct link. Copy this via the right mouse button to share with the students. To link to specific content from sources (deeplinking), in most cases you can use the URL in the address bar of the browser. However, you will need to add the EZproxy prefix (if it isn’t already part of the URL) so that users will see the EZproxy login screen. In the list of databases and digital sources, click on the plus next to the resource's title to find out the correct way of sharing that resource's content. You can read more about it in this manual. See also current news and issues with databases.