Adjusted services

Due to the curfew imposed by the government, the evening opening of the library will be canceled until further notice.  

The opening hours of the library will be as follows:  

  • Mon - Fri         9 am - 6 pm 
  • Sat and Sun 10 am - 6 pm 

Our digital collection is available 24/7.

To study in the library, it is required to reserve an individual workplace in advance through the reservation system.

You can reserve a study place via various routes (make sure you work with Chrome or Edge):

On this page we will post frequently asked questions about our adjusted services. See also the frequently asked questions on our website about additional topics (including digital access to our database, e-books, magazines and articles).

The information on this page can be adjusted at any time depending on future measures taken.

Due to the curfew imposed by the government, the evening opening of the library will be canceled until further notice.  

The opening hours of the library will be as follows:  

  • Mon - Fri         9 am - 6 pm 
  • Sat and Sun  10 am - 6 pm 

Of course there are some restrictions and rules concerning a maximum number of students and the 1.5 meter regulations in the library.

First of all, you need to make a reservation of a time block in advance via a reservation system if you want to use a study workplace in the library. This way you won’t be faced with disappointment when the library is "full". (Manual for reserving an individual study work place)

From the 22nd of December it is possible to place reservations for the new calendar year.

Only individual study places can be reserved. Working in groups is not allowed in the library.

Due to the 1.5 meter rules, we can only make a limited number of study places available.

Although the physical library at the headquarters is now open again, the library staff is still working from home most of the time. The other campuses are still closed. Also at home the library staff is certainly not idle and they are doing everything they can from home to make sure that you can make optimal use of the digital collection and services of the library.

The library staff, in collaboration with IT and publishers, ensure the stable availability of more than 130 databases, they keep the library website up-to-date and update news items and tips about using our digital sources from home, and also provide on request of teachers Dutch and English digital training and workshops (such as ATLAS.ti, publishing Open Access, researching sources), and they check the technical settings to find THUAS subscriptions to digital journals via Google Scholar.

They also answer daily various questions from lecturers, researchers and students via,  maintain a special library website on Blackboard, request articles from other libraries via interlibrary loan (ILL), update the HBO Knowledge Base with publications by HHs- research, prepare the 2020-2021 book lists, together with the THUAS courses, maintain the physical and ebooks collection in our catalog.

They provide information about copyright and the correct inclusion of and links to articles and visual material in the digital learning environment, in support of digital education and the Blended Learning Desk. They advise lecturers in finding educational resources and draw their attention to the webinars of publishers and… last but not least, they adjust the lending periods if necessary, temporarily suspend the fines and lend out books by appointment.

Are you curious or do you have any questions or advice, please consult our Who does what accessibility and contact us!

Library open 7 days a week for individual study activities.
Due to the curfew imposed by the government, the evening opening of the library will be canceled until further notice.  

The opening hours of the library will be as follows:  

  • Mon - Fri        9 am - 6 pm 
  • Sat and Sun 10 am - 6 pm 

To study in the library, you must reserve a workplace in advance according through the reservation system.

The library can be reached by e-mail ( and telephone (070-4457882).

If necessary, we can help you online via Teams.

The digital collection is available 24/7 via our website.

All locations of the library (Sportcampus Zuiderpark, Delft and Zoetermeer) are closed until further notice. Their paper collection is not available.

For up-to-date information on the library, keep an eye out on our website’s news page, Instagram and Facebook.. The digital collection is available 24/7 via our website.

The library is open to students who have reserved a workplace in advance. Nevertheless, there are students and teachers who would like to borrow/return a book, they can report this via

When you return books, you can put them in the book box outside at the entrance of the library. We will then collect the books for you and you will automatically receive an email that your books have been returned.

This is only possible in the main building on the Johanna Westerdijkplein, not at the libraries at the other campuses. Books from the other campuses may be returned to the main building.

It is possible to send a request for borrowing a book by e-mail and to make an appointment to pick up the book. The requested book must be collected within 48 hours at the reception at the first floor of the library where the book is waiting for you. You can pick up the book during our opening hours.

If you are not able to collect the book yourself within 48 hours, please let us know. Also let us know if someone else will come to pick up your requested book. The latter is only possible if we know in advance who will come to collect the requested book on your behalf.

To make a request for a book:

For availability of books, see the library catalogue

Consult the digital collection via the library website or Blackboard

The loan period of your book(s) can be extended. You can do so through the H/Library app (for Android (google play) and for IOS (Apple Store)) or the catalogue. You can also send an email to No fine will be counted on the days during which the library is closed. We will automatically extend the loan period as long as this is necessary due to the current special circumstances.

It is possible to reserve a book, but there is currently no guarantee that you will receive the reserved book on time, depending on whether students (can) return the books on time.

Please note, the loan period for all books has been extended to the 8th of February 2021!

Yes that is possible. Through the ILL-application form you can request books and articles from other libraries. Here you will find also more information about Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Do you need help finding literature you need for your graduation or your project? Or are you looking for articles for your research or review article?

You can send an email to with a description of the information you need.Then one of our information specialists will contact you to help you properly formulate your query and how to search and find the right sources. The information specialist will work with you on your search question via Microsoft Teams and explain how you can consult found articles and books.

With this tailor-made service, we hope to be able to help you in the way we previously did by means of personal contact via, for example, the Helpdesk or telephone.

Refer to the Who does what page on our website.

For additional questions, see the frequently asked questions page on our website. Are you unable to find the answer you are looking for? Please email your question to

Students can follow the library courses Bibits and HIT online. In Bibits, the student is introduced to the library systems and the databases relevant to his study. In HIT, the search process is discussed in depth: what am I searching for, where do I search, how do I search and what do I have. The Bibits manual and the HIT manual explain how students can start the training courses at home. Both Bibits and HIT contain a test. Send the deadline by which the students must have followed the training to and you will receive the grades from us. For easy handling, we also need the start date (date on which the students were instructed to follow the training) and the study programme. Also indicate which library training it concerns: Bibits and/or HIT. For completeness, we also need the academic year and study form (full-time or part-time).

The library's digital collection is available 24/7. Also from home. However, you must always log in with the THUAS account. Off-campus access to most databases is arranged via EZproxyserver. For a number of databases and Simultaneous search, the SURFconext login mechanism is used. If you hover your mouse over the title of the source in the list of databases and digital sources but do not click, you will see the URL of the correct link. Copy this via the right mouse button to share with the students. To link to specific content from sources (deeplinking), in most cases you can use the URL in the address bar of the browser. However, you will need to add the EZproxy prefix (if it isn’t already part of the URL) so that users will see the EZproxy login screen. In the list of databases and digital sources, click on the plus next to the resource's title to find out the correct way of sharing that resource's content. You can read more about it in this manual. See also current news and issues with databases.