Science of Happiness Do it today! Procastrination behavior


Take a first step in breaking your procrastination!

"Why do we sabotage our own positive intentions by not doing what we intended?"
In this lecture given on the 7th of October, student psychologist Maarten Geers answered this question by focusing the arrow on yourself. We started by identifying the deferral patterns with which you also postpone your performance and well-being.

Scientific research clearly shows that people who often postpone overall experience less performance, experience more negative feelings and even significantly more health problems.
While taking on the postponed task gives us a more positive appreciation of that task, and also of ourselves and our own ability to deal with difficult situations.

Recommend reading of this lecture is available in the library: eat that frog (e-book) and solving the procrastrination puzzle.

Maarten Geers is a student psychologist at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and has given the past five years hundreds of students the training “Do it today!” More information:

Science of Happiness – Lighthouse Events
What is happiness anyway? And why are many people unhappy or suffer from burnout or depression? A lot of research has been done into this. What did that research yield? In this series of meetings we discuss the theme of "happiness" from different angles and we offer practical tools to apply in your own life.

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Several courses at the HHs use one or more chapters from the Edubooks of Edumundo publishers. This is Dutch-language digital teaching material (text, video, assignments) for a particular subject, which replaces the paper book. These Edubooks are also accessible at the library's main location. On the ground floor of the library there is a catalogue PC at seat height, intended for people with disabilities, where you can consult all Edumundo Edubooks. You just can't print, fill in assignments and email; use your own laptop for that. These are the titles: 

  • Branding en Positionering (2019)
  • Branding en Positionering (2017, 2018)
  • Management en Organisatie
  • Veranderkunde
  • Bedrijfsadministratie
  • Studie en Loopbaan
  • Marketing 1
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  • Study Career Coaching

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