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During the Autumn Holidays (Saturday October 16th  to Sunday October 24th ) the library is open 7 days a week at the main building according to the regular opening hours.

Give your opinion on the University library!


Give your opinion on the University library! Win 1 of the 10 €25 gift cards.


The Hague University wants to know your opinion on the University library. Rate your satisfaction for example with the availability, comprehensiveness and range of the English-language physical collection but also for instance with the search ease of ebooks, ejournals, thesises, etc.


With your feedback we can improve our services for all students in the future. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.


Click on one of the links below to enter the survey. Select the location that applies to you:


Main building (Johanna Westerdijkplein):

Library Satisfaction Research, Main building



Library Satisfaction Research, Delft



Library Satisfaction Research Zoetermeer


Sports Campus:

Library Satisfaction Research Sports campus


Many thanks in advance!

5 tips to improve investigative ability


We expect a professional at a university of applied sciences-level to have a critical attitude and be capable of analytical thinking. That is why investigative ability is one of the themes in our educational vision. The THUAS library is pleased to help students and lecturers to expand their investigative ability. We show you how based on 5 tips:

  1. Smart methods in resource research
  2. Three brand new browser tools that lead you to the full text in the digital library in one click while you search the internet and the option to alert you to new publications
  3. A constructive learning track information skills to develop the investigative ability
  4. Literature analysis and processing tools
  5. Access to a scoring rubric to assess investigative ability

Read about it in the article Getting Us There: 5 tips to improve investigative ability. Getting Us There helps teams of lecturers to achieve the educational vision with a metro map: an interactive map that provides insight into the range of tools and support available at THUAS. The metro lines are the themes from The Hague Educational Vision. The 5 tips show that the library supports the stops (benchmarks) of the metro line Investigative ability:

  • Constructive development track
  • Use of valid knowledge
  • Curious, critical, analytical and inquisitive attitude

The line ends at the transfer station Integrated offer. Education talks about investigative ability and the library about information skills. In essence these two are very closely intertwined. Would you like to know more about how the library supports increasing investigative ability? Contact Leen Liefsoens, information skills coordinator at the library. You can also contact the information specialist of your programme or send an email to

Write 'N Cite will be replaced by Refworks Citation Manager (RCM)


Write ’N Cite will be replaced with the updated version: Refworks Citation Manager (RCM). The RCM add-on makes it possible to cite while writing in MS Word in combination with RefWorks. The new RCM works with the old and new RefWorks account. This change within MS Word will take place the upcoming weeks on all THUAS laptops and campus pc’s. Click here for more information about the use of the RCM add-on.

To continue using Write-n-Cite after June 1, 2021 you must confirm your computer supports TLS 1.2.
If you are using an institutional computer this check is not needed as the THUAS pc’s supports TLS 1.2.
To check this yourself on your personal or institutional computer refer to the instructions in the following links:
Windows users
Mac users

Please contact or for questions.