Maintenance of Library system (25-26 Feb)


An upgrade of the library system will take place on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 February. On these days, there may be disruptions in consulting the library catalog, placing reservations and renewing books.  It will still be possible to borrow and return books in the library (main building).

If you have any questions, you can contact us through

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Library open during the Spring Holiday (also during the weekends)


During the Spring Holiday (Saturday February 20th to Sunday February 28th) the library is open 7 days a week at the main building.

  • Mon-Fri               9.00 - 18.00 uur
  • Sat-Sun              10.00 - 18.00 uur
The library location Zuiderpark Sports Campus of The Hague University library and location Zoetermeer and Delft will be closed.

Expansion of study places at the main office and at the locations Sportcampus and Delft


From Monday, February 8, the number of study places at the main location will be expanded outside the library. Study places will also be available at the locations Sportcampus Zuiderpark and Delft. These new places must also be reserved in advance here.

There are 30 study places available in the library on the Sport Campus and 16 places at the Delft location.

Pay attention! Evening opening is canceled due to curfew.


Due to the curfew imposed by the government, the evening opening of the library will be canceled until further notice.  

The opening hours of the library will be as follows:  

  • Mon to Fri       9 am - 6 pm 
  • Sat and Sun 10 am - 6 pm 

Study places library available on reservation only


The library at the main location remains open during regular opening hours for individual study. You can only use a study place if you have reserved a study place in the library in advance.

There are no study places available elsewhere in the building. The study places at the locations on the Sport Campus, in Zoetermeer and in Delft are also not available.

From the 22nd of December it will be possible to place reservations for the new calendar year, also via your mobile phone.

You can reserve a study place via various routes (make sure you work with Chrome or Edge):

If you are unable to attend at the time reserved by you, or if you have health problems, please cancel via the link in the confirmation email. Then the place becomes available for other students.

Stay informed through our Social media accounts, like our website, Instagram and Facebook.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know:

Where and how to find The Economist


The Economist is an influential British magazine that is published weekly. The magazine offers leading insight and advice on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the links between them.
Despite its name, The Economist is not an economics magazine but a general magazine about news and current affairs. It covers the world news of the week (it calls itself a "weekly newspaper").
Almost all articles are anonymous; after all, each article is supposed to reflect the opinion of The Economist and not that of an author.
All editions of The Economist are available in our digital? In the manual “Where do you find The Economist” we explain step by step how to find the magazine.

Boomportaal : New database with many e-books


Boomportaal is a digital library of the publishers Boom Amsterdam and Boom The Hague with more than 2,400 e-books on almost all subject areas, plus 54 e-journals in the fields of law, administration and policy, society, healthcare, HRM, communication and languages.

Do you want to know which titles are offered? Click here for the Boomportaal e-books and refine by author or keyword for a specific title or topic.

Or go to the database a-z list for the complete Boomportaal collection (e-books and e-journals).