Opening hours during autumn half-term (October 22nd – 26th)

During the autumn half-term holiday the libraries of the main building, location Zuiderpark Sports Campus and Zoetermeer are open according to the normal opening hours. No library staff is present in Zuiderpark, you can use the self-service. The library in Delft is only open during the day.

Safety personnel in acute mental health care under pressure

Trouw's research shows that the safety of personnel in acute mental health care in the Netherlands is under pressure. According to the mental health institutions and staff, the aggression increases. How is that actually in other countries? Take a look at ASSIA, one of the databases in the area of social work and mental health care.

Improve your research with ATLAS.ti and discover the convenience

ATLAS.ti is a powerful tool for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. From the 1st of October, ATLAS.ti will be installed on all college computers. It’s also available for your personal devices!

Digital student cards this academic year available

As of the 2018-2019 academic year, students of The Hague University of Applied Sciences will be receiving a digital student card. This is a step on the way to improving sustainability and implementing digitalisation at THUAS. The student card will be made available in the MyTHUAS Student App automatically after completing enrolment. Students will receive an automated message via email from OSIRIS with information about it.

About the MyTHUAS Student App

  • The student app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • You can log in to the app with your THUAS account. You will be able to view your grades, timetable, THUAS news and (once you are enrolled) your student card.
  • The student ID card is also available offline, provided that you are already logged in.

What are the benefits of a digital student card?

  • Displaying your digital student card in and outside THUAS proves that you are a registered student at THUAS.
  • You can use your digital student card to take out books from the THUAS library.
  • Note that you must be able to show a legally valid proof of identity while taking examinations and you may also be asked to display an ID at other times.

And if you don’t have a smartphone?

  • No problem! You can download a statement of enrolment via Osiris Student. You can do so by going to the ‘personal details’ tab, ‘programme’ section and subsequently ‘status of enrolment’. To the right of the programme there will be a link to the statement of enrolment.
  • You can borrow books without using smartphone directly at the library desk.

Is my digital student ID card universally accepted?

  • We have informed providers of special deals and offers for THUAS students about the digitalisation of the student card.
  • If you plan to go abroad, you can download a declaration in English with an explanatory note about the digital student ID card here. If needed, show it wherever a student discount applies.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Enrolment Centre by completing this contact form.

Replacement of ATLAS.ti version 7.5 by version 8.2

The Hague University of Applied Sciences holds a campus license on ATLAS.ti, software supporting qualitative research. Version 7.5 is currently installed on the computers of the university. This is an outdated version, which is not technically supported anymore. Therefore, IT will deploy the current version 8.2 for Windows at the beginning of the new academic year to replace version 7.5. Projects created in version 7.5 must be exported as a transfer bundle and can then be imported in version 8.2 (the reverse is not possible).

In order to prevent data from being lost, it is very important that you create a transfer bundle on time and store it in a safe location.

The library offers functional and substantive support in the use of this tool. For introduction, there will be an opportunity in September to get acquainted with ATLAS.ti version 8.2. The web page about ATLAS.ti Windows 8 contains an introductory film, a comparison between the versions, an explanation of how to export from 7.5 to 8 and user manuals. A large number of instructional videos on YouTube can be found at

For any questions and remarks you can contact Niloufar Soekhai and Francesco Izzo

Access to ATLAS.ti

The ATLAS.ti license had been renewed. This has already been applied to the fixed campus computers. Users who have installed the program themselves on their private computers, can find the new license key in this FAQ.

The H Library app is now available!

By logging in with your THUAS account, you can use the H Library app to:

  • check your borrowing information
  • renew your books
  • consult the library catalogue
  • set up push notifications: to get a reminder that the lending period for your borrowed books is almost up. This will help you avoid unnecessary fines!

The app also gives you contact details for the various library locations and a link to the library website. This app is available for Android and IOS devices.