Information literacy skills curriculum – Training activities

To help you locate and evaluate information, the library had developed several workshops and training activities  to create our own special curriculum  that teaches the following information literacy skills: 

  • Formulating effective search requests
  • Establishing what information you need
  • Determining a search strategy with the use of the right keywords
  • Assessing and selecting sources of information
  • Thoroughly analysing and processing the information for the products you generate yourself

Information literacy skills are one of the basic competencies you need as a student in a university of applied sciences. At the end of this curriculum, you will have the information literacy skills you need to be truly effective in completing your graduation requirements. These skills will benefit the quality of your final project as well as being skills you can put to excellent use after graduation. 

ILS CurriculumCourseFormatTarget groupManual
1. Bibits E-campus (online, supervised by an information literacy specialist) First-year studentsManual Bibits

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2. HIT E-campus (online, supervised by an information literacy specialist First-year and second-year students (a follow-up to Bibits)Manual HIT

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3. WorkshopLecture (on request, given by an information literacy specialist)Third and fourth-year students (follow-up to previous courses / students working on their thesis/graduation projects)
4. RefWorks Lecture/demonstration (on request, given by an information literacy specialist)Third and fourth-year students (students working on their thesis/graduation projects)

We can modify these courses according to the specific needs of a degree programme , and we can also teach them in English. The library has its own instruction room for providing these training activities.


More information? Or make an appointment? Contact Leen Liefsoens ( or Hamida Rodjan ( You can also contact the information specialist for your programme or send an email to


Bibits is a computer tutorial developed especially for The Hague University of Applied Sciences. It introduces students to the library by means of photos, exercises, short video training clips and a virtual tour. A key component is learning how to use the online library catalogue.   This tutorial is aimed at first-year students.


This computer information skills tutorial explores the search for information step by step and consists of four modules: 

  • What am I searching for?
  • Where do I search?
  • How do I search?
  • What have I found?

HIT is aimed at undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) and graduate (master’s degree) students.


The library organises various workshops to help students and staff find information in its physical and digital collections. These training activities are given for a range of purposes,  good examples being a workshop to teach students how to use a particular database to find literature in their field, or a workshop for students who are starting on their final thesis.   We can also provide a team of lecturers with a demonstration.


RefWorks enables users to save, manage, export and share references online. This makes it a useful tool for processing information in a student’s or lecturer’s own products. The library provides both students and lecturers with demonstrations of how RefWorks can support them in their activities. These Workshops are available for both beginners and advanced users.