The Hague is the international city of Peace and Justice and home to numerous embassies, multinationals and institutions of higher education. Because of this the housing market is very tight. Looking for a place to live in The Hague or one of its satellite cities can be a challenging experience, so it pays to start house hunting early. Especially for students it can be challenging to find a place to live. And having a legitimate address is a prerequisite for obtaining a residence permit.

The Hague is bursting with culture and creativity and offers students an all-round experience, from galleries packed with Dutch masters to idyllic beaches and parks and buzzing nightclubs. It’s a small-scale, hospitable city with an international attitude. We understand that you would like to live in such a radiant city, needless to say, there is a shortage of student accommodation in and around The Hague. Therefore, THUAS cooperates with accommodation providers who offer student rooms to our first year incoming international students. With this service, THUAS can assist approximately 50% of the incoming students. For students starting in September 2020, THUAS has a quota of around 650 rooms. The rooms that are offered are both self-contained as shared-facilities and are fully furnished.

THUAS charges a non-refundable housing fee of €275.- for our help (free for Master students). This fee is charged to cover the costs that come along with reserving this designated quota of rooms for international students.

The following conditions apply: 

 Type of programme  Duration contract  Accommodation provider Housing fee 
 Bachelor  Full academic year DUWO University Housing
Geste Groep
The Y
 Master  Full academic year DUWO University Housing  No
 Exchange One or two semesters,
depending on the duration
of the exchange programme
DUWO University Housing  Yes

Please note that early termination of the rental contract is not allowed.

The number of rooms available is limited, so we cannot guarantee accommodation for every student. Do not wait until you receive your admission to your programme offer and then find out that you are too late to find suitable accommodation. Don’t worry, if it turns out that you’re not eligible for admission, of if you decide not to accept our admission offer we’ll do an (almost) full refund of the housing fee. In short: we advise to complete the application form as early as possible.

The housing fee is not the same as the contract fee that may be charged by the housing provider, and is not automatically included in any other fees (e.g. package fee) that may apply to your stay at THUAS.

During your Osiris application you can indicate if you are interested in accommodation via THUAS. You will receive an email with detailed information about the housing service application procedure. 

If you forgot to mention your interest, please email us at accommodation@hhs.nl and we will send you the link.

Applications are dealt with on a first paid, first served basis. The application offers a direct payment via credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Your application will only be processed once the payment is complete.

We do our best to minimize financial risk and want to encourage you to apply for housing early. Therefore, under the following conditions you are eligible for a refund:

  • If you were placed on the waiting list but did not receive an offer.
  • If you were not admitted at THUAS or if you decided to withdraw your application.
  • If you received an offer for accommodation but decided not to accept it. In this case, you will not receive another accommodation offer.
  • You paid the housing fee, but due to COVID-19 you are not able to come. In this case we can only refund the money if you have not accepted the offer for the accommodation partner. After signing the contract, we can no longer accept requests for refund and the cancellation policy of the accommodation partner will apply.

In all other situations, we cannot accept requests for refund.

Refunds are always paid out to the credit card that was used to make the payment with. Please note that we will always deduct € 25 administration costs. International bank transfer fees may apply.

THUAS accommodation partners

This accommodation provider offers both shared facilities, as well as self-contained rooms (single rooms).  

Room and inventory
All the rooms are fully furnished. Depending on the type of room, you may have your own kitchen, shower and toilet, or you may share a kitchen, shower, toilet, and other common areas with one or more students of THUAS. A bed linen set and basic kitchen inventory package will be waiting for you uplon arrival. On the inventory list you can see what is included in your room. 
Please note: the 4- bedroom apartments are mixed. This means that 2 females and 2 males may be placed in these apartments.

Monthly rent
Room Type  Rent per month
 Self-contained  Starts at € 600
 Shared facilities  Between € 400 and € 600

More information about this accommodation provider can be found on their website.

In order to finalize your booking with DUWO, they will ask you to transfer the first payment. On their website you can find the information what this entails.

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Contact details DUWO
Office The Hague
Stamkartplein 98
2521 ER The Hague

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 08.30-17.00

Phone number
Dutch phone number: 0900 - 2353 896 ( local rate )
International phone number: +31 ( 0 ) 15 2192 299 ( costs depend on country )

This accommodation provider offers self-contained studios in two of their buildings: The Y and Maritz.

The Y
Monthly rent starts at €773 per month (all-in)
The Y is situated right next to The Hague Hollands Spoor railway station and within 10 minutes walking distance from THUAS. The Hague University of Applied Sciences has reserved a number of studios exclusively for its international students. These studios are all completely furnished (including kitchen inventory, excluding linen). Residents can make use of a secured bicycle shed, a launderette, a rooftop terrace and meeting point.

The studios at The Y are offered with contracts for an indefinite period of time, with a minimum stay of 6 months.

Monthly rent starts at €650 per month (all-in)
Maritz is a brand new residential complex in the center of The Hague, a stone's throw from the Malieveld, Binnenhof and The Hague Central. All the studios are fully furnished (including kitchen inventory, excluding linen). You will have your own kitchen, shower, and toilet, and you share other common areas (launderette, indoor bicycle shed, communal courtyard and rooftop terrace) with other residents.

The type of contract that is applicable to these studios is a so-called ‘short-stay contract’ – which entails a minimum rental period of1 month up to a maximum of 3 to 12 months (depending on the criteria you meet).

Note that there is a possibility that the accommodation partner asks you to sign up to an online portal to activate your account or charges contract fees. This fee is only for administrative purposes. The payments are not part of the housing fee, nor are they included in any other fee that may apply to your stay at THUAS.

Contact details Holland2Stay
+31 85 130 55 91

More information about the offer of Holland2Stay can be found on their website.
Monthly rate: starts at € 600

THUAS has reserved a number of independent furnished student apartments for prospective international students. Rooms are available for at least an academic year and may be rented for the entire duration of the study programme.The location is only two minutes walking distance from the main campus of THUAS and close to Hollands Spoor train station. The student apartments are fully furnished and are equipped with their own private kitchen and bathroom. Tenants can make use of a common living room and a roof terrace.

Note that there is a possibility that the accommodation partner asks you to sign up to an online portal to activate your account or charges contract fees. This fee is only for administrative purposes. The payments are not part of the housing fee, nor are they included in any other fee that may apply to your stay at THUAS.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on their website to contact them.

Contact details
Stationsweg 155-479
2515 BM The Hague
Finding accommodation in The Hague can be a challenge. For this reason, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has partnered with HousingAnywhere to make sure you can book your room with priority and in complete safety. You will just have to pay a small fee to be able to contact all the advertisers that you want. You can also use HousingAnywhere to offer your room to an incoming student during your time abroad. In this way, you avoid paying double rent and can move back into your place upon your return. Sign up via this form, you will receive priority access to all rooms available.

Keep in mind: The housing market in The Hague is very seasonal. So if you don’t find a room listed right away check back regularly.

Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to vip@housinganywhere.com and be treated with priority!

Rent out your room to tenants
As The Hague continues to attract young and international students, housing everyone has become a great challenge. If you would like to start offering your property to international students, THUAS can put you into contact with HousingAnywhere. Send an e-mail to accommodation@hhs.nl, indicate that you are interested in renting out your property and we will provide you with a link. 

Accommodation providers

Please find below some other reliable housing providers offering student accommodation in the Hague.

Monthly rent: between € 375 and € 550 a month. Studios are available from € 690.

Homey Housing offers spacious and fully furnished apartments with rental rooms and studio’s in The Hague for (international) students. Each apartment is designed with attention and Scandinavian touch. With a private (bed)room where you can set up your space the way you like it. You'll find a very comfy bed, a study desk with a lamp and a spacious closet. You share the living room, bathroom, a chef-ready kitchen and a washing machine with your fellow housemates. Bedding, towels, pots & pans, dishes, cutlery - and more - are all taken care of. 
All of the apartments are located in a colorful neighborhood which ensures an enjoyable living. The apartments are strategically located, either close to one of the train stations, a university or a good connection with public transport nearby. Feel free to book a whole apartment with a group or apply for just a room. You will find the rooms of Homey Housing on this website.

The room prices range between € 375 and € 550 a month. Studios are available from € 690. The rent includes internet. Utility costs and user taxes are excluded. And of course our team will help you with the utility contracts if necessary. 

Sounds great right? Check the Homey Housing Pararius page for the most recent listings. If you find a room to your liking, apply within two minutes.

RoomPlaza: a smart housing platform for international students. This one of kind platform offers affordable, furnished student flats across the Netherlands. RoomPlaza boasts centrally located flats across the country with high-quality facilities and great service by a young, friendly and professional team.

Book your next flat with RoomPlaza. It only takes a few minutes and is completely safe. Check out the flat descriptions, photos and videos before you book and once you’ve identified the accommodation of your choice you simply apply by providing your details online.

Want to book a flatshare with a group? Make sure your group size matches the number of available rooms in the flat. RoomPlaza values a great group dynamic so feel free to invite your fellow students. Or inform your International Officer about the flat you’ve selected to see if they have someone who would be interested to share.

Room prices range between € 500 - € 600 a month. Water and Internet are included in the price. Gas & electricity costs and user taxes are excluded. The RoomPlaza team will help you set up the contracts. To ensure the highest standards on-property, the RoomPlaza team personally certifies all facilities such as Internet access and quality. Check out RoomPlaza now!

The Student Hotel got you covered! Whether you’re in town for a semester, a full academic year or 12 months - the fully equipped student rooms, bold communal spaces and bustling community is at hand to help you learn, stay, work and play in style this sunny season - just minutes from all the action.

Further information about The Student Hotel The Hague can be found on their website.

Get in touch!
Email the reservations team at reservations@thestudenthotel.com or call +31 (0)20 760 75 75.

Monthly rent starts at €500

Student Housing The Hague offers furnished short- and long-stay rooms without charging any agency fees. Booking at SHTH gives you, as a THUAS international student, priority access to the rooms. And a free ‘personal care package’. More information can be found at their website

Important to keep in mind

If you are looking for a room on the private market there are a number of important things to keep in mind.

Every year there is a high demand for international student accommodation in The Hague and finding suitable accommodation can be difficult and time-consuming. DUWO – and other accommodation providers, have limited rooms available, therefore we recommend that you start looking for a room as soon as possible, even before you are fully enrolled.

  • Spread your options, do not focus on just 1 room
  • Do not only look for accommodation in The Hague, but also in the surrounding cities of The Hague
  • Suggest to attend viewing(s) via Skype if you are abroad or come to The Netherlands prior to your semester in order to attend the viewing(s) in person.
The number of available rooms is limited and one room can have multiple applicants. The landlord, tenants or agency randomly select a number of candidates for a viewing, which can be quite competitive.

Responding to a room online does not automatically mean that the room is yours. We advise you to keep responding to rooms and do not limit yourself to one or two housing websites but subscribe to multiple sites.
How to avoid and recognize a rental scam
So you think you’ve found suitable rental accommodation. That’s great! But before agreeing to anything, follow the advice below to make sure you don’t fall victim to a rental scam.

  • Make sure the accommodation is being rented out via an official website or company.
  • Check out the address in Google maps, to make sure it really exists.
  • Scammers often use stolen identities. Search for their photo online. make an appointment to meet in person or through Skype. Make sure the landlord is actually the person he/she claims to be.
  • Never send a copy of your passport or credit/debit card to strangers.
  • As housing is scarce, you might receive unwanted e-mails from scammers trying to rent out ( non-existing ) accommodation. Be aware of unsolicited e-mails.
  • Never sign a housing contract without having first read it carefully. Be sure you fully understand and agree with what you are signing. Get someone to translate it for you if necassary.

Possible signs of a rental scam
  • You have to pay rent ( or other costs ) in advance, without having seen the apartment or met the landlord/agency staff.
  • You have to transfer money to a non-Dutch bank account.
  • The rental price is much lower than other apartements in the same area/location
  • The pictures sent do not resemble the location in any way.
  • The landlord/agency is too eager or pushy to rent the apartment to you.
  • You have a bad feeling about the landlord/agency or how things are proceeding.

What if you have been scammed?
If you have been scammed don’t lose hope of finding another apartment. Always contact the police to let them know what has happened. They might be able to find the scammer and prevent others being caught out.

The landlords are free to decide the amount of rent they ask from a tenant. The rent in The Hague is on the higher side as there are more Universities of Applied Sciences and/or Universities in the surrounding cities. You can expect a monthly rate between € 500 - € 800 for shared facilities, please contact the landlord to ask what is included and excluded from the monthly rate.

If you prefer to rent a studio or apartment with private facilities you can expect a monthly rate of € 800 and above. Most of the time the landlord or agency will ask for a guarantor, probably with a Dutch nationality. For more information about the rent and a guarantor, please contact the rental agency you are interested in.

Other agencies and platforms

Please note that THUAS does not have any affiliations with the below mentioned agencies and platform, this is just a refferal service.

You can also look for accommodation on Facebook groups, below you can find links to groups for accommodation in The Hague.
Always remain aware of potential scams and fake offers, espcially on platforms and social media.

The Hague Internationals
Short Rental in The Hague
Expat Rental Market The Hague
Expats in The Hague

Below you can find a list of Hostels in The Hague for temporary accommodation options. Hostels are quickly fully booked and therefore we recommend to book a hostel well in advance of your semester, also to get the most affordable rate. Not all temporary accommodation providers allow you to register yourself at their address, please ask the hostel for the rules and regulations about registration.

StayOkay Den Haag 
The Golden Stork   
Jorplace ( Scheveningen )
Hostel The Hague
Hostel Pink Flamingo - Den Haag Hostel
Max Suites

You found a room but it is unfurnished and you do not have enough time to run from shop to shop to find furniture? Mystarterkit might then be the perfect solution. They offer all the essentials for your student room, bathroom, kitchen and much more, in one complete kit. More information can be found at their website.

With the furniture rental service of Student Furniture Holland it is now also easy to rent an unfurnished room. The delivery and pick-up service is free of charge for every rental of at least 3 months. In this way you also add a contribution to a durable society. Your furniture will be used again when in good order. More information can be found at their website.

Within a 10 minute walk of THUAS’s main building, you will find a shopping centre with several reasonably priced furniture shops as well as second hand shops. The nearest IKEA is less than half an hour’s train/bus journey away. Of course they all do deliveries, too.

Buying your own furniture might take a little effort and money, but you’ll easily earn that back by paying a lot less in terms of monthly rent.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Email address: accommodation@hhs.nl
Phone number: + 31 ( 0 ) 70 445 8585