Studying with a functional limitation

Suppose you’re dyslectic. Or perhaps you have a hearing, visual impairment or physical disability. There is no reason why you cannot enrol in a degree programme at an university of applied sciences. THUAS has numerous facilities and adaptations that can help make studying easier for you. Possibilities include extra time to take exams, extra guidance and a specially equipped rest area. In order to provide the appropriate assistance, you must mention when registering that you have a functional limitation. You will then be invited to meet with a student counsellor, who will examine all the possibilities in your specific situation together with you. These possibilities are usually quite numerous.

More information & contact

Want to learn more? If you have any questions about studying with a functional disability, you can always talk to one of our student counsellors. Here you will find an overview of student counsellors for every degree programme. Download our flyer Customised study here.