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Whether it’s a smart fridge that replenishes itself online, or a watch that tracks our activity: the user experience of digital technology has become a reality for every professional designer. As a prospective student of User Experience Design (UXD) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) you might already have some initial ideas of how to improve your daily life with the use of technology. But what UXD teaches you is to funnel your creativity by putting the end users of your product at the forefront of the designing process.

At the core of UXD is how people’s experiences, emotions, values and goals intersect with technology. We will teach you how to design useful products and services based on how users behave. You could be the next bright engineer who creates an app that makes algebra fun for school kids by tapping into the latest virtual-reality technology.

Jeroen (24, from the Netherlands)

Jun 1, 2017, 12:04 PM
"There’s a number of reasons as to why I chose to study here in The Netherlands. On the one hand I was born here, and my family is here and on the other hand The Netherlands has always been a great country to study in, especially in the field of design. ‘Dutch Design’, well known throughout the world. Furthermore, as an international person who has lived all over the world (the Netherlands, the Philippines, Canada and the United States) the Netherlands is not only a great place for international people, but Europe is a great place to study work and live for open minded creative people like myself. More impact with User Experience Design I am someone that comes from a designer background, having studied both Architecture and Communications and Multimedia Design in the past AND having worked as a lead designer at a Dutch food company. That being said, I quickly found my experience in (graphic) design and classical communications to be lacking. I wanted something with more impact. It was because of this that I stumbled upon User Experience Design. Future forward User experience design offers a future forward oriented study that dealt with design in context of new and emerging technology, something that has always inspired me. Furthermore, UXD goes beyond traditional design, and factors in psychology and research, two topics that have always interested me For me Innovation is a byword for inspiration. One of my core motivators is the desire to leave behind a legacy. I want to leave my mark on the world, whether through design or technology, creativity or ingenuity; only the future can tell. It has driven me to start my own company for creative individuals."
Name : Jeroen
Description : I want to leave my mark on the world, whether through design or technology, creativity or ingenuity
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