Take a break

Tip 1. Activities in and around Den Haag

Meisje met Parel  rez Mauritshuis

Did you know that some of the best paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Jan Steen can be admired just around the corner from THUAS? Masterpieces such as 'The girl with the pearl earring' are on display in the Mauritshuis, a museum next to the Binnenhof. Walk by the most beautiful Dutch paintings from the Golden Age and travel back to long forgotten times.

Wandeling Walk along the dunes

The Hague has a rich history, during the second world war a line of forts and bunkers was constructed by axis-forces to prevent the allied forces from landing on the European mainland; the so called Atlantic Wall. When the war ended, some of these constructions were destroyed and others were buried, some can still be spotted when walking through the dunes. Take a walk through Scheveningen to discover this hidden history.

TIP from Teamplayers’ Danielle

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Tip 2: Take a break and invest in yourself this holiday!

VitaliteitsscanDo you want to learn to cope better with stress, study pressure and other challenges? Then use the free online Vitality Scan!

Check your score on the basis of 7 vitality pillars. You receive a clear score for each pillar, and find out if you are in the 'vital zone', the 'risk zone' or the 'danger zone'. Depending on your score per pillar, you can see which pillars need work and which ones benefit you the most. This can be done from your personal dashboard with online training courses. For example: 'Optimise your strategy for dealing with stress', a 'Lifestyle course for learning healthy habits for a fit and healthy life' or a 'Time management' course.

Create your own dashboard here with your @student.hhs.nl email address and create your personal vitality dashboard. The results of this scan are confidential and can only be viewed by you.

Tip 3: At home

Do you like to alternate outdoor activities with activities at home? Then we also have some great tips for you. Swoon over a Christmas film, cook some festive dishes together or knit your own Christmas bauble.

samen koken rez Cooking Together

Did you know that people who eat together more often feel happier? It's a fun way to maintain social contacts, share experiences and enjoy each other's cooking.

Kerstfilm rez Holiday Movies

Grab your onesie and prepare your snacks. Matthijs, second year European Studies student, collected the best holiday movies for you.

Afbeelding meditatie Meditation

Are you already familiar with meditation apps like Headspace or VGZ? Just 5 minutes of meditation a day can help you experience more peace.

Tip 4. A helping hand

Trying to successfully get through your studies? See what we offer to support you. From tips to workshops, walks with fellow students to support help lines. And last but not least, our student counsellors and psychologists. You are not alone, we will be back in 2022. Take a look here for everything we have to offer.

If things are not going well, you can also call or chat anonymously and for free with the Alles Okay support line. Read more about it here.

Tip 5. More happy hormones? Take a walk (together)

WandelingWalking is a very simple way to give your health, mood and mind a big positive boost. You produce happiness hormones while walking! And those are much needed in these dark winter months.

Double your happiness by walking with friends. You can find a lot of walks online. For example https://www.wandel.nl/routes/wandelroutes-bij-steden-den-haag/ if you want to walk near the city.

No walking buddy? There are a few opportunies to easily connect with other students from The Hague for a walk, join the HHS Walk or the Christmas City tour.

The HHS walk is a collaboration of Frisse Gedachtes and THUAS. You can sign up at http://hhswalks.nl. On the website Frisse Gedachtes you will also find an online platform where you can chat anonymously with students.

DH City tour juiste afmetingThe Christmas tour offers you a walk around The Hague. Complete challenges, relax with hot chocolate (or mulled wine) and discover The Hague’s hidden gems together! Good to know, the team/person who completes the challenges in the most original or funny way will win a prize! We’ll keep the challenges secret for now. You’ll receive a goodiebag, the route and a free drink, and all of that for only €6,50. You can find a details in the flyer.

You'll never walk alone!

Tip 6. Holiday challenge

How well can you relax? Join the Holiday challenge and show us. Share your most relaxed activity in your onesie or ugly Christmas sweater, share your baked creations, most beautiful muffins or gingerbread houses before January 3th. Use the hashtag #thuascares and perhaps you’re the lucky student that wins a real THUAS hoodie!

 We will announce the winner in the second week of January on our Instagram channel.

Tip 7. THUAS take a break Holiday playlist

Whether it’s with hot chocolate on the couch, during your winter walk or dancing around the Christmas tree. Enjoy this holiday music list composed by Ergi and Matthijs!