So can you

Stories from seven current and former THUAS students

Start your own business. Become the mayor of Rotterdam. Give a speech at the United Nations. In other words, make your dreams come true. The sky’s your limit and we believe you can do it. Read stories from current and former students who have trailblazed the way and learn from the inspiring experiences and ideas they’ve had during and after their studies. They’ve not only changed their own world for the better, but have changed the lives of many others as well. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Follow the link below each story and find out what THUAS can offer you.

Suzanne Ros

Design light-up toys for refugee children

Suzanne so can you image

Niels Beekhuizen

Launch your own brand of beer

Niels so can you image


Emad Khatibzadeh

Create potable water in the desert

Emad so can you image

Rosalie de Moel

Bring a children’s book to life

Rosalie so can you image

Ahmed Aboutaleb

Become mayor of Rotterdam

Ahmed so can you image

Arash Sohrabie

Draw attention to a little-known sport

Arash so can you image

Christina Hollander

Give a speech for the UN in New York

Christina so can you image