Be on the frontline in tackling complex 21st century safety and security challenges!

Safety and Security Management Studies (SSMS)

It's hard to think of a recent news story that has not involved safety and security. Headlines talk of conflicts, crime, terrorism, and violence. Risks and threats come in all shapes: technological, political, economic, etc. Safety and security specialists are at the frontline when an organisation has to tackle such critical issues.
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About SSMS

SSMS is a unique, international programme that focuses on the safety and security of people, organisations, and public spaces. This programme teaches you how to take decisive action, and develop necessary measures when stakes are high. You will learn how to adapt, act readily and solve problems in diverse and challenging environments, thriving under pressure.

  • Bachelor's degree in applied sciences
  • full-time study programme in 4 years
  • The Hague: city of peace, justice, and security
  • 240 ECTS

Meet our Students

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Ana Vornicov

Tymofii Postoiuk

Ghyorka Kpee

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Why we are unique

  • most of our graduates secure promising international careers in exciting key positions
  • vast international professional network giving you access to the public organisations and private companies
  • practice and theory help you develop a can-do attitude in numerous fields
  • hands-on projects helping real-life clients to protect their assets
  • access to high-level internships from around the world
  • expert guest speakers from the field will share their experiences with you
  • strong sense of community with a passionate culture
  • supportive international staff with extensive sets of skills, knowledge, and experience
  • social, political, and cultural diversity amongst the student body
  • high academic and professional standards, encouraging you to push your boundaries


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What The Hague University of Applied Sciences can offer you!

At THUAS, we have almost 26,000 students from more than 140 different countries. The Hague is the perfect location to become a global citizen. It is home to international organisations such as the International Criminal Court, Europol, and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
There are also many good reasons to study in the Netherlands. It offers a high standard of living at a fairly low cost. Moreover, Dutch education is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking systems in the world. It’s based on student-led learning, debate and hands-on experience. Dutch society is liberal and open-minded with a vibrant cultural scene. You’ll be part of a dynamic cosmopolitan and multi-cultural community right in the heart of Europe.


Want to know what it's like to manage safety for an international company?


SSMS Alumnus & Security Specialist at Amazon


SSMS Alumna & HSEQ Coordinator at Damen Shipyards Group


SSMS Alumnus & HSE manager offshore projects at Aecom

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Your career opportunities

SSMS is a career-oriented programme. As our graduate you’ll be highly employable for crucial positions in various fields, be they commercial, military or in international politics. In any case, you’ll most likely deal with valuable assets, including people’s lives. You’ll need to keep an eye on things so others don’t have to. SSMS will prepare you to identify risks so you can initiate feasible safety and security countermeasures. You could specialise in transnational conflict mediation, urban safety management, or start a career as a security consultant. An international airport will need your abilities as much as an insurance company. The opportunities are limitless.

  • Offshore Security Operations Manager
  • Physical Security Advisor
  • Crisis Communication and Issues Manager
  • Aviation Safety Manager
  • Corporate communications manager
  • Financial Intelligence Policy Advisor
  • Cyber Investigation Consultant
  • Information Security Officer
  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Risk Data Analyst
  • Airport Security Quality Manager

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