FAQ's on the coronavirus 

The Dutch Prime Minister and Cabinet announced measures relating to the coronavirus that have a major impact on The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). We can imagine that you have many questions and we hope to answer them as well as possible with this Q&A. Unfortunately, we may not have certain answers (yet) and we ask for your understanding. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and flexibility. Please check regularly for updates here.


FAQ - General

We follow the websites of RIVM and Foreign Affairs (travel advice), in addition to all known news sites. Besides that we also stay in continuous contact with other higher education institutions in the Netherlands.

The THUAS follows the policy of the government and RIVM.

Extra hygiene measures are taken at all locations of the university of applied sciences

FAQ - Potential students

The Open Day will not take place in a physical form. We are investigating the possibilities of organising the Open Day in a virtual format. More information will follow on the special Open Day page

All events are cancelled up to and including  1th June. This includes activities like Trial Study Days and Shadow-a-Student. In case you enrolled for one of these activities, you will receive a personal notification. 

Our buildings are open on normal opening hours, but spaces in which education-related activities take place, such as the library and workshops, are closed. This also applies to the sports facilities. Also there is less staff present to be able to answer your questions in person. We therefore recommend to contact the programme(s) of your choice.

We would like to refer you to the website pages of our programmes for contact details.

THUAS is closely monitoring the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. Several measures have been taken, following the guidelines of the Dutch government.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the application deadline for Bachelor’s programmes has been moved to 1 June. However, we strongly advise applicants who require a VISA or residence permit for the purpose of study to apply as soon as possible.

More questions about your application? Get in touch with the Enrolment Centre.
Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the application deadline for Bachelor’s programmes has been moved to June 1.

Please contact the Enrolment Centre (stating your student number) to explain your situation. They will determine what measures can be taken at the moment. There might be a possibility to submit another document or grade list in order to determine your academic background.
Note that different language test deadlines apply for EU and non-EU applicants at THUAS. Find out which important deadlines apply to you.

Some English test centers now offer the possibility to take the English test at home until test centers can reopen. Check out our entry requirements page to find out more about accepted tests and minimum scores.
Yes, however, due to the corona measures the 21+ admissions test scheduled for 13 May will be offered as an online test. Testing will be conducted at home through the use of live human remote proctoring. Test takers who signed up for the 13 May test will be notified via email.

For now, the examinations that are scheduled in July and August will take place at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Read more about the 21+ admissions test in the online information brochure or on the entry requirements page.

For additional questions, please send an email to bit@hhs.nl.

FAQ - Consequences for your study

Up to and including 1st June, education will no longer be offered at the locations of the THUAS. This measure applies to all locations of The Hague, Delft and Zoetermeer, as well as to the Sports Campus. It also applies to all educational activities (work groups, lectures, practicals, etc.) and exams.
The possibilities of offering digital education are examined for each study program. You will be informed of this as soon as possible by your programme.

If you miss exams because the THUAS is closed or because the GGD or general practitioner has said that you have to stay at home because of (possible) infection with the coronavirus, this is a case of circumstances beyond your control. Please look at the communication of your programme and the Exam Board closely to what procedure to follow.

This has to be considered case by case. The university will make every effort to minimise as much as possible any negative effect on your study progress.  However, as this is an international crisis we follow the advice of the Dutch Ministry of Education.  Should you be facing a study delay then – in principle – you should first contact your study advisor.  However, as this is such an extraordinary situation, they may not be able to answer your question immediately.

First discuss with the organisation where you are doing your internship whether or not, and how you can continue your internship. If this is not possible, please consult your internship supervisor.

There are no exams that require your physical attendance at the university up to and including 6th April. We are also looking into offering digital alternatives where possible. Online tests can go ahead as planned. Please contact your programme for specific information.

No, all events up to and including 1st June will be canceled in accordence with the national measures that the Dutch Government has taken. You will be informed about how and when you will be awarded your diploma.

The main building is open during weekdays, from 8 AM untill 7 PM. Most of the facilities, such as the library, catering and sports facilities, are closed. All physical desks, such as the frontoffices of the facultybureaus, will not be manned, but will be reachable by phone or email. The same goes for the Central Student Registration and International Office. The FZ/IT desk will continue to be manned.

All other campuses (Zoetermeer, Delft and Sportcampus Zuiderpark) will be closed starting Thursday 19 March.  

The Open Day will not take place in a physical form, but as an online virtual event. Activities such as ‘trial study’ and ‘shadow a student’ have been cancelled.

No, all events and meetings up to and including 6th April will be canceled. In any case, activities such as ‘trial study’ and ‘shallow a student’ will not take place up to and including 6th April.

All physical desks, such as the frontoffices of the facultybureaus, will not be manned, but will be reachable by phone or email. The same goes for the Central Student Registration and International Office. The FZ/IT desk will continue to be manned.

You will be informed whether your appointment takes place in a different setting (for example by telephone). At the very least it will not take place at school.

The decision to go back to your homecountry is yours. Please check whether there are travel restrictions in your home country for travelers from the Netherlands. Check with your program what the possible educational consequences are. This has to be reviewed case by case. NOTE: THUAS will offer online education as long as face to face education is impossible. At a certain point in time the world will once again return to normal, and regular ways of education will resume.
No. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science may decide to adjust the tuition fees in the future, but at the moment THUAS is continuing to provide education which means students are required to pay the full tuition fees. The fact that education is now offered online rather than in person (and with various forms of online support) does not change this. Despite the situation, our goal remains to provide good quality-and-value for money education. If you feel that your programme is not offering sufficient tools or support for you to meet your educational goals, please contact your study adviser / SLB’er.

DUO has acknowledged that this could be a problem. DUO: “To be entitled to student finance, you need to show that this is a case of force majeure. To do so ask your (former) employer for a declaration stating that you are not working or working less because of the coronavirus. The declaration must clearly state to what period this refers.” For more information, see https://duo.nl/particulier/footer-engels/contact/index.jsp.

The crisis management team has decided to make an exception at this time for countries that are code orange because of the Corona crisis, so you could register for trips abroad for the new academic year. However, considering the current developments, there is a chance that you may still be unable to travel at a later date.

Yes, it will remain the same.

Students can find more information about minors by going to the Student Portal > choose your faculty > choose your degree programme > Minors and Electives. Staff members can go to the Staff Portal, under Themes > Minors and electives.

If you are staying in DUWO accommodation booked via THUAS, please note that early termination is only allowed if either your government or your home institution is calling back all students. A full calendar months’ notice applies. For example, if your home university calls you back in March, your contract runs until 30 April.  If the decision to terminate your stay is yours, termination is not possible and you are liable to pay for the full tenancy period.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has requested that institutions defer issuing negative binding study advice until the second year of studies. THUAS will comply with this request, and has decided to maintain the standard of 50 EC, and any qualitative demands.
For our students this means the following:

Enrolled for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year?

If you’ve obtained fewer than 50 credits, you will be given a deferred advice. We recommended you to carefully consider whether you wish to continue your studies. You should also talk to your mentor/academic career coach. If you've achieved the standard 50 credits and meet the qualitative criteria if any, you'll get a positive advice.

Have you received a deferred study advice in the 2019-2020 academic year due to personal circumstances?


We will look at whether without the perils of the corona virus you would have also gotten a NBSA. For instance, because the tests that you still had to take were before 16 March, when the measures entered into effect. If that is the case, you will now too receive a negative binding study advice. If not, you will receive a deferred advice.

Enrolled for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year, but withdrew between 1 February and now?

You would normally have received a binding negative study advice. But due to the perils of the corona virus, you will now receive a deferred advice.

Enrolled for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year, but withdrew before 1 February?

Nothing changes for you, you will still not receive a (deferred) advice.

Are you considering to withdraw due to the current situation? Carefully consider the consequences. Withdrawing from studies has consequences for among other things the right to student finance and your right of residence in The Netherlands (in case THUAS applied for a permit for you). Once withdrawn, you also lose the possibility to file for extra financial support that DUO may offer due to Corona. In short, we highly discourage withdrawing for the rest of the academic year.

Under normal circumstances, first-year students will receive a standard letter of warning regarding the upcoming Binding Study Advice (BSA) by 31 March at the latest. Due to corona, things are going a little different this year. The term to achieve the BSA standard has been extended for students who entered their first academic year in 2019-2020. The Hague University of Applied Sciences aims to send the letters / information about the (N)BSA no later than 1 May.

FAQ - Studying abroad

Limit your travel movements as much as possible and carefully review the need. This also applies to trips abroad, for employees and students. Contact your study programme to find an alternative together.

Costs are not reimbursed; this is circumstances beyond our control. If you have received a Holland / Hogeschoolfonds / Erasmus+ scholarship, you can (partially) keep your scholarship under certain circumstances.
 For questions, please email scholarships@hhs.nl.

Yes, the THUAS is asked to maintain regular contact with students who are known to reside in risk areas. NOTE: Make sure that your stay abroad is registered in OSIRIS at all times.

If it concerns your study progress, but you are not directly endangered, you can contact your study programme to find a solution. When it concerns a crisis in which you are also concerned about your physical safety, you can call the emergency number of THUAS 070-445 7679.

You are free to return to your home country. Make a careful and balanced decision for yourself. In the period where THUAS does not offer any face to face educational activities, classes will be provided online as much as possible (will vary between programmes). Where you take those classes is irrelevant. As soon as the regular programme can be continued, we expect you back in The Netherlands to continue your classes. Should you choose to travel to your home country, always confer with your programme.

No, THUAS does not reimburse these costs, as they are the consequence of an individual decision. Are you being recalled by your home University? Please consult them on the possibilities for reimbursement.


What is the plan for communication about the coronavirus at The Hague University of Applied Science?

The crisis management team carefully monitors the situation and anticipates possible scenarios. New developments are communicated as soon as possible via Intranet. The Q&A is also regularly updated. If necessary, additional communication takes place via social media and e-mail.

Where can I go with my questions regarding The Hague?

For questions about the COVID-19 virus, you can call 070- 445 8777 on workdays between 09:00 and 17:00. You can also email: coronavirus@hhs.nl

Where can I find general information?

More information about the coronavirus can be found on the RIVM and GGD sites or call the RIVM information line: 0800-1351.