2022 National Student Survey: students are positive about the degree programme and atmosphere at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Student satisfaction with The Hague University of Applied Sciences has increased again over the past year. This is evident from the 2022 National Student Survey (NSS), the results of which Studiekeuze123 published this week. Students experience the degree programme in general and the atmosphere as positive.

‘We are proud of the increased student satisfaction with The Hague University of Applied Sciences,’ says Elisabeth Minnemann, chair of the Executive Board. ‘THUAS is continually improving the quality of our education.’ We see strong scores across the board, almost all of which have increased compared to last year. ‘Our continuous commitment to professionalisation is bearing fruit and forms a good basis for us to continue to work together, every day, on improving quality’, adds Rajash Rawal, member of the Executive Board and portfolio holder for Educational Quality and Innovation.

The Executive Board is particularly pleased with the growth in the sense of wellbeing. Minnemann says, ‘We paid extra attention to that due to the Covid-19 crisis. It is great to see that our efforts are having an effect. Numerous lecturers and staff members have put their heart and soul into this.’

Core and optional themes

Six out of eight core and optional themes also show positive scores for THUAS. This is particularly true for the theme of Student Guidance, where the motto is ‘more and better’. Throughout The Hague University of Applied Sciences, we see initiatives such as extra personal guidance, smaller classes, peer-to-peer coaching and extra guidance for long-term students. We will continue this in the coming academic year.

Institutional questions

The Hague University of Applied Sciences has also formulated some questions for the NSS. In particular, the themes of Global Citizenship, Internationalisation and Networking University (the WIN themes) show a continued high rating. We have invested a great deal in these core values in recent years and fortunately, like last year, we see that again this year. It shows that the core values are now truly embedded in our education.     

2022 NSS

The NSS is a periodical recurring survey of student satisfaction with their educational institution in general and with the degree programme in particular. THUAS participated in the NSS for the first time in 2010. There was no survey in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis. Last year, Studiekeuze123 launched a new questionnaire for the NSS. This means that in 2022, we were able to compare with the previous year for the first time. It was an important evaluation moment for The Hague University of Applied Sciences because all degree programmes worked hard to improve the focal points from the 2021 NSS. Elisabeth Minnemann said, ‘We attach great value to the opinions of our students. With the NSS, among other things, they can really make their voices heard. We are pleased that our students indicate that they are more satisfied than last year, and we will continue to improve ourselves’.