New professor of Risk Management & Cyber Security: Dr Pei-Hui Lin

Dr Pei-Hui Lin will join the Faculty of Public Management, Law & Safety with effect from 16 May 2022. Pei-Hui will form her research group at the intersection of risk management and cybersecurity within the Centre of Expertise for Cyber Security (CoECS) and thus lead the fourth research group within this Centre of Expertise.

Dr Pei-Hui Lin was awarded her PhD from Delft University of Technology with research on safety management and risk modelling in aviation. She later became a university lecturer at Delft University of Technology. Her research focused on analysing and quantifying potential risks for complex organisations/critical infrastructures, taking human factors, technical errors and organisational aspects into account. Pei-Hui has received numerous research grants from various (EU) projects by applying her research in different safety and security domains, such as process safety, transport safety and civil security.

In 2016, Pei-Hui continued her career in cyber security. She worked at the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), where she was responsible for improving cybersecurity for Europe's smart grid operators. Pei-Hui subsequently worked as a lead assessor at SGS Brightsight, where she led a team conducting cyber security assessments of hardware and software on various types of IT devices. Pei-Hui has more than 15 years of experience in conducting practice-oriented research on safety and security issues.