Events during the Month of Living Labs and Methodology

April 2022 is Living Labs and Methodology Month. That means we share interesting knowledge on the subject throughout the month. We do this with interviews and articles (keep an eye on our social media), but also with events. See below which events we currently have planned.

Mission Zero

11 April: ‘Living labs as a tool for innovative education’ Digital lunch meeting, 12.00 pm - 1.30 pm Want to take part? This Teams link takes you directly to the meeting

month of living labs and methodologyPractical learning in labs is becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so. It is the way for students to develop skills that they can use straight away in their future professional practice. But it does not always go well. What bottlenecks and solutions do we see in the practice of practical learning? What do students, lecturers and lab coordinators think about this?

Together with a panel of experts, we answer these and other questions about learning in living labs.

The panel of experts
Drs. Eveline Kapteijn, M.Sc., Living Labs lecturer researcher