Name change of research group dr. Rutger Leukfeldt - ‘Cybercrime & Cybersecurity’

As of January 2022, the research group will continue under the new name ‘Cybercrime & Cybersecurity’ as the previous name ‘Cybersecurity in SMEs’ no longer encompasses the current research programme. Together with our partners we believe that the social relevance of the research areas will remain evident in the coming years: there is a growing need to develop practical knowledge about cybercrime and cybersecurity. This need for knowledge is not only experienced by SMEs but also by (local) governments and public organisations. The research group is also part of the Cybersecurity Centre of Expertise and other research groups within the centre of expertise will also focus on this target group of (local) government and SMEs. The joint research group focuses on three pillars: people, organisation and technology. Unlike the other research groups and research organisations of our knowledge partners, the research group ‘Cybercrime & Cybersecurity’ has unique expertise on the human factors of cybersecurity and cybercrime.