Update following the press conference of 26 November: no additional measures for Higher Education

During the press conference on Friday 26 November, the Dutch government announced that it will not at this time be introducing any additional measures for higher education. There will be a new early evening closing time that will apply to many sectors to take effect this Sunday evening but this will not affect higher educational institutions.

The situation in the Netherlands however remains worrying, so the policy for education may still be revised at a later date. To prevent this turning point from being reached, every one of us, student or employee, can do their share.  
Being able to continue to follow on site education, with all the social interaction that comes with it, is of great importance to the mental wellbeing and resilience of our students. That is why THUAS is committed to keeping its doors open and to ensuring our campuses remain safe learning and working environments for our students and staff.  
You can greatly contribute towards this goal. You do so by following the now familiar principles:  
  • Wear a face mask when moving through campus. This is mandatory. Of course, should you want to keep wearing your face mask in the classroom, this is allowed.
  • Keep your distance from each other. Even though the 1.5-metre rule does not apply for education, we still ask you to observe it where possible. 
  • Ensure good hygiene, wash your hands frequently. 
  • Regularly take a self-test (at least twice a week). 
  • Ventilate rooms as often as possible. 
  • Are you displaying symptoms? Then please get tested and do not come to the campus. For more information on where to get tested, or to make an appointment to get tested, go to www.coronatest.nl/en/

Vaccination can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Dutch government is urgently calling on everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to still do so: to protect yourself, to prevent others from being infected, and to help prevent the number of admissions to hospital from rising any further. Anyone who now wishes to be vaccinated can make an appointment via https://prikkenzonderafspraak.rijksoverheid.nl/en/  

For our employees, working from home will for now remain the norm. Employees should only come to work if this is strictly necessary for providing or facilitating education. If this is not the case, we work from home. What this means in individual cases is to be discussed within the teams and with the immediate supervisor. We also ask you to continue to keep an eye out for one another. Please make sure that, even if working remotely, you and your colleagues maintain your bond with each other, students and the university as a whole.   

The measures continue to demand a lot from our staff and students. We are extremely proud of the resilience and flexibility that our community has shown with each new turn of events during the pandemic. Together, we can keep our education safe and accessible!