Lecturer-researchers Ohad Ben Shimon and Stefania Marassi awarded NWO Doctoral Grants for Teachers

The Dutch Research Council (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wtenschappelijk Onderzoek, NWO) has awarded two Doctoral Grants for Teachers to lecturer-researchers Ohad Ben Shimon and Stefania Marassi. They will be conducting research within the Digital Operations & Finance Centre of Expertise. Over the next five years, the NWO grants will allow Ohad and Stefania the space they need to work on their doctoral research projects while continuing to teach as well.

O. (Ohad) Ben Shimon, The Hague University of Applied Sciences - Utrecht University 

The Body Reorganized: The Role of Embodiment in Knowledge-Based Organizations 

In knowledge-based organisations, with their emphasis on “mental labour”, the body is often – either consciously or unconsciously – viewed as merely the “vehicle that transports the mind to work”. This research is aimed at developing an alternative approach to the body within organisations. The different, everyday bodily experiences within organisations are the central focus of this approach.

S. (Stefania) Marassi, The Hague University of Applied Sciences - Leiden University 

Wearables in European Workplaces: A Saviour of Workers’ Health, Safety and Wellbeing or a Peril for the Rights to Data Protection and Privacy? 

Wearables have the potential to help prevent risks to safety and health and to promote well-being in the workplace. To achieve this, the devices apply algorithms to analyse personal data. Through this research, it will be possible to draft a legal framework by which wearables can be deployed in the workplace in a manner that is in keeping with European privacy and data protection principles.