Update press conference on Tuesday, 14 September 2021

On Tuesday 14 September, the Dutch government announced further reduction of the COVID-19 measures, including those applying to education. Starting Saturday 25 September, the mandatory use of facemasks will lapse, as well as the maximum limit of 75 people in one (class)room or facility.

Latest  Covid Update 15 september All other measures, such as frequent (self)testing and staying home when showing symptoms or following the advice to quarantine, remain in effect. We are overjoyed that our campuses are once again vibrant with the presence of students and staff. By remaining alert, we can all ensure that this will be the case for the foreseeable future.  

No more maximum limit  

In the coming weeks, each programme will determine when and how the final steps towards "normal" can be taken, steps that will be different and fitting according to each individual programme. While doing so, we will naturally take into consideration the need for 'live' contact and encounters experienced by students and staff alike, but also look at where online education has proven to be of added value, ea. based on the principles of blended learning. All our programmes will, in continuous dialogue with their students, give shape to this new educational reality.  

Do/don’t wear a facemask  

Since the start of this academic year, wearing a facemask on campus has again been mandatory. This obligation will apply until 25 September. This means that until said date, you are obliged to wear a facemask when moving through the buildings of THUAS. When entering the university, in the corridors, in the canteens, or when entering or leaving classrooms, but also when waiting for the lift or standing in a queue. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can take off the facemask. Anyone who wants to wear a facemask during classes is free to do so. That also applies after 25 September. 

Continue to self-test  

The recommendation to conduct a self-test twice a week remains in effect. It doesn't matter if you have been vaccinated or not (yet): this recommendation applies to everyone. You can order the free self-tests via SURF's online order portal (log in with your THUAS-account) or pick up a free self-test at one of the Front Offices at the THUAS campuses.  

Last chance: get your vaccine at our main campus  

Upon our request, the GGD health service has set up a vaccine post in our Sports Centre on a number of days in recent weeks. Perhaps you still haven't been vaccinated, but would like to be? On Tuesday 21 September, the GGD will offer students, staff members, and visitors/community members the opportunity to get vaccinated in the Sports Centre of our main building at Johanna Westerdijkplein. To check if you are eligible for vaccination at THUAS and/or to sign up immediately for one of the dates, go to the registration form
You may also come to the location on the abovementioned date without an appointment between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Don't forget to bring your identification. If you cannot make it on these dates, please check the website of the national government www.prikkenzonderafspraak.nl for a vaccination location. 
Kind regards, 
The Executive Board, 
Elisabeth Minnemann, Hans Camps, Rajash Rawal