Located in the centre of the Main Campus (OV 1), The LINK strives to be an inclusive place for students and staff from all backgrounds, cultures or identities. The LINK offers a variety of different activities to promote an inclusive educational environment and a community space, along with guidance and advice. 

About The LINK

Inspired by the meeting point at Leiden University, we hope to create a welcoming and warm environment for students from around the world and here in The Netherlands. The LINK is special because it is the first of its kind at THUAS. At The LINK you will find many different events, from social events to educational nights, but it is also a place to go to when you have questions or a problem. The Student Branch team is happy to listen to and help you with any questions or issues you may have!


  • Offering advice/guidance for students or referring students to the right services when they need a helping hand as a form of student-to-student support on all student affairs (housing, application, providing useful information and contact to student psychologist, student counsel, etc.)
  • Conducting Collaborative projects with student associations, internal and external organizations
  • Offering a platform to support initiatives from students
  • Gathering input and feedback from students and staff (as part of the improvement of THUAS)
  • Connecting and exchanging students and staffs’ perspectives


  • Coffee Chat: Coffee Chat is an event at the physical meeting point of The LINK. Students and staff are welcome to walk in, have a cup of coffee and have a nice casual conversation with our members or with each other. The activity is conducted on a weekly basis. Initiated in 2019, the Coffee Chat is an event organized by the Student Branch with the goal to improve visibility of both the Student Branch and the Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning.
  • Workshops: The LINK offers workshops and trainings adapted to the needs and interests of THUAS’ multifaceted communities. Hands-on workshops to enhance awareness of well-being, inclusivity, equality, and soft skills (such as design thinking, collaboration, communication, etc.)
  • Guest Speakers event: The LINK offers a series of events where professionals/ students can share their inspiring stories with different interesting themes.
  • Activities: We collaborate with other student associations and organizations to create activities. From game nights to guest speakers, there’s always something happening at The LINK. There’s more! You can always collaborate with us to create exciting events for our fellow students!
  • Students Form: Do you have any feedback, an instance or concern in mind that you would like to communicate with us? Do you feel like talking to a student about this or would you like to get things off your chest?  Use our student form and tell us more about it. You can find the student form at The Link and soon online, keep an eye on our Instagram account.