UPDATE following press conference 18 June

Covid update 22-06-2021 Developments in national corona policy are moving at lightning speed. Last Friday, 18 June, there was also a press conference in which many relaxations of the rules, the majority of which will take effect on 26 June, were announced. Moreover, the picture now being painted is that the most important development for us, the implementation of the ‘baseline scenario’ for higher education, is being brought forward from 1 September to 16 August.

Update: the situation from 26 June 

Even after June 26, the 1.5 meter measure will still apply in higher education and also at THUAS. A maximum number of students and employees per room and the walking routes will therefore continue to apply. We will keep to the current timetables until the summer holidays.

Face masks: not obligatory, but permitted

From Saturday 26 June, nationwide you only need to wear a face mask in situations where it is not possible to keep 1.5 meters away, such as in public transport, at airports and stations. The mask obligation will also expire at The Hague University of Applied Sciences from 26 June. We do, however, call on all students and employees to be extra sharp on the 1,5 meter measure. Students and employees who feel comfortable wearing a face mask can of course continue to do so.

Self-testing: an urgent request

We cannot emphasise enough: keep using the self-tests before you come to college. Even after the summer holidays and at the start of the new academic year. So make sure you have some extra self-tests ready before you go on holiday. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has not yet been eliminated  and the Delta variant of the virus is spreading. To prevent us from ending up in a new lockdown situation, timely detection of the virus remains necessary. Self-testing remains the way to do that. You can request self-tests through the SURF portal until at least the end of July.
Also keep in mind all the basic rules:
  • Wash and/or disinfect your hands often.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  • Take a self-test before you come to THUAS.
  • Do you have any complaints? Stay at home and get tested at the GGD (Public Health Service). Housemates also stay at home in case of shortness of breath and fever. Respect the rules regarding quarantine.

Preview of the new academic year

The most important good news is the government's expectation to be able to cancel the 1.5 meter measure for higher education as of 16 August and to put the baseline scenario into operation. This looks like a 'normal' start to the next academic year. However, the decision on this still depends on various factors, such as the vaccination rate (also amongst students) and the advance of the Delta variant of the virus.

The cabinet will therefore only make a final decision on 13 August about which scenario will be introduced and what that means for the measures to be taken or not. The Ministry therefore asks us to take into account the fact that a situation could arise in which we have to change negatively from the baseline scenario.

For more information about the organization of introduction activities and about hybrid working, click here for employees

Looking forward to a new academic year

The Executive Board is very happy that we can look forward to the start of a new academic year without most of the restrictions we have known since the outbreak of the virus. We are looking forward to a wonderful, well-deserved summer holiday and with these positive sounds from the cabinet we are looking forward to the start of the new academic year! During the summer holidays we will keep you informed of any further developments via the website and intranet.

The Executive Board,
Hans Camps, Albert Cornelissen and Rajash Rawal