Sharing vaccines? Having access to Euthanasia? Inheriting authority?

Agora edit 1 These are the subjects we discussed during our last debate event, organised by Agora, IPM study Association. 

Do we need to share vaccines? Something that has been on the hearts and minds of many, while we generally try to avoid the subject as it can be a heavy one, we managed to tackle it in a respectful manner. There were given examples of vaccine patents having side effects which were yet to be measured, if the intention behind sharing vaccines was to be questioned and if it is realistic to get to the point of sharing vaccines worldwide.

We guided the debate by asking questions, when discussing if every citizen should have access to euthanasia for example we asked questions to figure out the ethics behind such a notion. It was quick to realise that the whole group had come to a consensus on the topic, which is that everything should be both regulated and accessible, as well as euthanasia. 

When we arrived at the topic of authority being something you can inherit or not, we asked what it takes to measure the value of inherited authority, take symbolism, diplomacy and tradition for example. The attendees gave us arguments both agreeing and disagreeing with the sentiment of inheritance of authority, which led to a fruitful debate.

Whether you agree or disagree with any of these arguments, only gives you more reason to join us next year in our debate events! We hope to continue this type of dialogue as students often learn about a variety of topics which they later never get the chance to dissect and discuss.

Agora Student Association has been planning debate events for 2 years by now, it started out on location but due to the shift in our current situation, the debate events also shifted to an online platform. We planned our meetings a month before each event and decided on topics through asking first years on Instagram and group chats.
This is when our team came up with the more relaxed manner of debating, through discussing topics on which a majority of people have opposing views and that in the eyes of the general public might get perceived as controversial. While doing this, we always maintain a level of respect, patience and openness. 

If you have any questions or want to join please contact us via Agora SA | Linktree