THUAS about Nederland Maakt Impact

Last weekend, Dorienne Bruinen and Michelle Berden, third-year students of Facility Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, attended the summit conference Nederland Maakt Impact. The stories they heard there made a lasting impression on them. Michelle: ‘As the young generation, we have to deal with the important themes of our time, such as sustainability’. Dorienne: ‘So, if you have an idea of how to solve a social problem and you want to go for it, don’t let anything or anyone stop you’.

The two students also gave a workshop during the summit. Michelle: ‘During the workshop, we mainly focused on how facility managers can have an impact, for example on the reduction of CO2 emissions’. The participants were enthusiastic about their workshop. Dorienne: ‘We felt honoured to be able to share our story with them’.

On her own LinkedIn page Michelle wrote: ‘It was a weekend full of inspiration and motivation for an impactful future. Let’s hope we can do it again next year!’