Research group helps Team NL prepare for the Paralympic Games

For a small country, the Netherlands is very successful at the Paralympic Games. In the last summer games in 2016, the Paralympic team won 63 metals and finished in seventh place overall in the metal ranking. At the end of August, Tokyo will host the 16th edition of the Paralympic Summer Games. The Technology for Inclusive Movement and Sport Research group is contributing to the preparation of Team NL by researching how technology can further assist athletes.

In the podcast ‘Technology for the Paralympic athlete’ by Topsport Topics, professor Monique Berger and researcher Rienk van der Slikke talk about the research of the research group. They will discuss the wheelchairs that are fully adapted to the athlete, the sensors that register every motion and an app that shows the athlete and coach exactly what they accomplished in a training session.

Accessible to everyone

“Adjustments that improve the performance of F1 race cars eventually find their way into normal cars. We also want to make the technology that we are now developing for individual top athletes more accessible to amateur athletes with a physical disability and for people in rehab,” explains Monique Berger in this podcast.

About Topsport Topics

The podcast is part of a series of podcasts produced by Topsport Topics. This organisation aims to promote Dutch high performance sports by sharing new scientific information with the sports field and by answering questions from national top sports programmes. Based on current themes, the producers invite guests to share their expertise in the Topsport Topics podcast.

Listen to the podcast

Listen to the podcast ‘Technology for the Paralympic athlete’.