Vacancy for a student assistant to research heatwave effects

The Center of Expertise on Global Governance recently received a subsidy from the Municipality of The Hague to study the effects of heatwaves on vulnerable populations in The Hague. The project aims to better understand and counter the effects of heatwaves on vulnerable population groups living in The Hague, including through appropriate risk communication by the municipality. In addition, the project aims to identify and take stock of simple and affordable (so-called ‘frugal’) innovations developed by and for local citizens, both in The Hague and globally, in order to formulate practical policy recommendations. The research will adopt a mixed-methods design including adapting the European Cool Towns Heat Stress Measurement Protocol for use in internal spaces such as Care Homes, citizen science to measure temperatures in private homes, household surveys to better understand compounding vulnerabilities, and Participatory Action Research.

The project leader, Dr. Sylvia Bergh (senior researcher at the CoE on GG) is looking for a student assistant to:

  1. Conduct desk research on the state of the art in this field in the scholarly and policy literature. The document does not have to be written and formatted to publishable standards, but should be a ‘quick and dirty’ (but still quite exhaustive) review that can answer the following questions: what are the main case studies in NL and globally (especially with regard to effects on vulnerable populations)? What are the main theoretical concepts used? What are the main findings, both in empirical terms and in terms of policy implications? And what research methodologies/designs have been applied in these case studies to measure these effects, and which ones are most promising/successful?

  2. Build an easily searchable database of relevant literature (and include the documents used for the first task), including storing the documents systematically and providing a complete list of references.

Please apply by expressing your interest to Sylvia Bergh, Senior Researcher at the Centre of Expertise Global Governance ( by 6 April. Please include a short motivation letter and your CV.

A good command of Dutch is recommended for this position, but motivated candidates who speak English only are also invited to apply.

The assignment will have an expected duration of 12 weeks during spring 2021, with a weekly workload of 6-8 hours.

The student assistant will be renumerated by a so called 'IB47' contract, with a gross salary of 16 EUR/hour. For this reason, you cannot currently be employed at THUAS in another contract.