Update following March 23 press conference

On 23 March, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister of Health, De Jonge, gave another press conference about (the measures with regards to) Corona. In the previous press conference it was hoped there would be a relaxation of rules around Easter, but unfortunately the increasing number of infections does not make that possible. Whilst this is understandable it also very unfortunate. We all know that our students and staff want nothing more than to "simply" come back to campus.

Covid General

Curfew adjusted 

There will be an adjustment of the curfew from 31 March, from which time it will start one hour later at 10pm. In addition, the Crisis Management Team of THUAS has decided to make use of the possibility to make exceptions to the curfew for examinations and practical education.

This means that from 31 March, our buildings will be open again during our regular hours. For students, if you have to travel after 10pm for an exam or practical class from 31 March onwards, you must be able to show the following three things: 
  1. Your personal curfew statement. You can find this on the website of the Dutch government via this link. Download it, fill it in and save it. NOTE: you need a new personal statement for every trip.
  2. Proof that you are a student of THUAS: your student card. You can find your student pass in the student app of THUAS. 
  3. Proof of your registration for the exam or practical class (make a screenshot of your timetable in Osiris in advance where this is visible) 
Members of staff who have to travel after 10pm because of work need an employer's statement in addition to a completed personal curfew statement. These employer's statements can be requested via the HRM service point. This requires written or telephone permission from the immediate supervisor. 

Due to the wider curfew, starting 31 March we will also have self-study places available from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in our library. Please remember, you are still required to be off the streets before 10:00 pm.

Further easing of rules regarding education 

At this moment there will be no further relaxations of rules for higher education until at least 26 April. The government intends to allow some relaxation from 26 April, under strict conditions, including the level of infections and the availability of self-tests. The current picture is that from that date onwards, every student may be physically present at THUAS once a week.  Behind the scenes we are preparing ourselves as much as possible for this potential easing, so that when it is possible we can implement it quickly and optimally in the best interest of our students and staff. More information about the details and conditions will follow as soon as we know more from the government. 

Extended negative travel advice 

Finally, the negative travel advice from the government for travel abroad has been extended to at least 15 May, and THUAS is supporting that urgent advice. What this means for students with an Erasmus grant is currently being investigated. The students concerned will be informed about this as soon as possible.

On behalf of the Crisis Management Team, 
Hans Camps, Rajash Rawal