Global Gossip podcast: new episode features Ambassador Simon Smits

Global Gossip is a podcast in Dutch about international politics led by Mendeltje van Keulen and Ruud Schapenk from our research group Changing Role of Europe. Together with our guests, you can join the conversation on international politics. What do we hear in the corridors about the future of the European Union in times of Brexit, Corona and an emerging China? How does the EU deal with our sustainability ambitions during these times of crisis?

This episode features Ambassador Simon Smits, the Ambassador for international organizations in the Netherlands. As a 'diplomat close to home', he acts as a point of contact for professionals working at international organizations such as the EEA, the International Court of Justice and Europol.

With Simon, Mendeltje and Ruud discuss the importance of having international organizations for a country like the Netherlands, about international ecosystems and about syrup waffle diplomacy. And what do these expats actually think of our country?

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