Update 21-01: Impact evening curfew on THUAS

It was just confirmed that the evening curfew announced yesterday by Prime Minister Rutte will begin this Saturday and will be in effect daily between 09.00 p.m. and 4.30 a.m., until at least 9 February. There will be one exception to this measure for higher education: exams in the evenings may still take place.

However, all our students and staff who are not administering or taking an exam will be expected to reach their final destination for the day by 9.00 p.m. Students who have to take an exam and staff who have to supervise an exam, may travel during the evening curfew, but must be able to prove with both a personal declaration and a declaration by THUAS that they fall under the exception. You can find more details regarding these declarations and how to get them at the bottom of this page.

We will look for an alternative for physical practical classes that would finish after 7.00 p.m., either by moving them to another time slot, or by offering an online solution. The best solution may vary per programme or subject. It will be up to the programmes to provide further information.

The evening session for self-study places in the library will be cancelled. During this period, the library will close at 6 p.m.

Although this is another significant bump in the road, we should all keep our spirits up. Together we will overcome this challenge.

On behalf of the CMT

Elisabeth Minnemann, Hans Camps and Rajash Rawal


Update exception to Evening curfew for Exams

As previously announced, there will be one exception for higher education to the Evening Curfew that will be implemented this Saturday: planned exams may still take place.

This means that students who are scheduled for an evening exam, and any staff needed to make that exam happen, are allowed to travel after 9.00 pm. However, the following protocol must be followed. 


Students that need to travel after 9.00 pm due to an exam, need to show these four things:

1)      Your personal declaration evening curfew. You can find it on the Dutch government’s website: rijksoverheid.nl. Download it, fill it out and save it. Please be aware that you’ll need a new personal declaration for each new exam.

2)      Your THUAS Student Card as proof that you are in fact a student at THUAS.. You can find your Student Card in the THUAS student app.

3)     Proof of your registration for the exam (make a screenshot of the relevant OSIRIS-schedule).

4)     An email confirmation per exam. You will receive these e-mails from your faculty bureau prior to every exam.


Any staff that need to travel after 9.00 pm due to work, require both a filled out personal declaration evening curfew and an employer’s declaration for curfew exemption. These employer declarations can be applied for via the HRM service point. Authorisation by the supervisor is required, either written or by phone.