Message following the press conference of January 12 2021

We hereby give you a brief update on the latest Covid press conference by the Dutch government, and its impact on The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). The current lockdown has been extended to February 9, but because THUAS previously opted to provide only distance learning (with the exception of practical education and testing) for the entire first semester, this extension has no impact on our schedule for these three weeks.

However, the Crisis Management Team has decided to anticipate a further extension of the lockdown-measures beyond February 9. By doing so, we hope to create perspective and tranquility for students and staff. For that reason all scheduling until April 2 will be according to the current principle: Only practical education and testing can take place on campus, beyond that we will only schedule distance learning.  Should the government announce easing measures earlier than April 2, we will look at how we can make optimal use of this.  

Although it is still not the intention to come to campus for students who are not scheduled to do so, we know that there are students whose personal circumstances hinder them from properly studying at home. For these students we still offer the possibility of reserving a space in the library of the main campus. We have however noticed that the need for workspaces is increasing beyond what our library can safely offer. That is why the number of workspaces will be expanded in the near future.  In addition, the possibility of making workspaces available on our other campuses in Delft, Zoetermeer and Sportcampus Zuiderpark is also being considered. We will inform you as soon as more is known. 

We had of course all hoped to start this new year with an easing of restrictions, rather than an extension of the lockdown. That unfortunately is not the case, and we will need to persevere a little longer. However, just as we did last year, we will get through this, by keeping an eye out for one another and supporting each other. We wish our community the energy and perseverance to keep on going.

On behalf of the Crisis Management Team:
Elisabeth Minnemann
Hans Camps
Rajash Rawal