The manifesto “Parenting and growing up in Delft” brings social partners together

On 3 December 2020 many parties involved in youth issues in Delft signed the manifesto “Parenting and growing up in Delft”. This is a guideline with eleven principles which collectively form the basis for a sustainable approach to parenting and growing up in Delft. In the manifesto, the municipality of Delft and its public partners present themselves as partners of parents and young people.

Manifest opvoeden en opgroeien in Delft

The manifesto is a new, guiding vision to provide support for parents and for youth who grow up in the region. In this manifesto, the municipality of Delft and its public partners commit to the eleven principles. Moreover, they pledge to provide actual space to be able to work according to these principles. After all, at the end of the day it's the professionals on the work floor who have to work with these principles. As the manifesto states: ‘We are going to do whatever it takes, always from the perspective of the interests of young people. We will take a bold approach and create and appropriate the space for this. We will keep each other focused.’ 


The manifesto was developed in a process conducted by the Governance of Urban Transitions (GUTs) Centre of Expertise, in particular the research group Youth Aid in Transformation. The researchers interviewed more than 50 key people. They also held a session with the city council. Afterwards, they discussed a number of specific issues in five focus groups, in which another 30 to 35 key people participated. The researchers then wrote a draft of the manifesto. This draft was discussed with the municipality and with the administrators of the public partners involved, after which the researchers wrote the final text of the manifesto. 

Youth Aid in Transformation professor Rob Gilsing speaks of a unique and beautiful course of action. ‘Because all the key players in Delft demonstrated great involvement in the entire process. And because all relevant public partners in Delft signed the manifesto. This lays a very solid foundation for the joint endeavour in Delft to provide sustainable support for parenting and growing up.’ Gilsing states that the manifesto is an important outcome, but emphasises that the value of the process to achieve it should not be underestimated.