Robert Duiveman, first associate professor at The Hague University of Applied Sciences!

Effective 1 November 2020, Robert Duiveman has been appointed as associate professor for Urban Governance at the Governance of Urban Transitions (GUTs) Centre of Expertise. In this new role, he is responsible for practice-based research on new forms of governance for urban issues.

An important subject within this is the development of city labs. As coordinator of the GUTs city labs and project leader of the RAAK-publiek project “The city as Lab”, Robert is very familiar with this subject. 


Associate professor is a new position within The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Robert's teaching assignment, Urban Governance, falls under the Public Governance research group of Henno Theissens, the leading professor of the GUTs Centre of Expertise.  


Robert has been working as a senior researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences since 2016. In the new role of associate professor, he will assist (lecturer) researchers and senior researchers in their research and professional development, among other responsibilities. Robert will be responsible for leading larger research projects and will initiate new projects in and with the city. Strengthening the connection between research and education remains the central theme in Robert's work. Within Urban Governance this specifically means that there will be more interaction among the Centre of Expertise, lecturers and students. For example, by sharing expertise through minors, but also by making current developments and learning processes in the city accessible for internships and graduation projects.  


Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact Robert.