Face mask rule updated, access to main campus restricted and postponed NBSA: this is the update of 13 November 2020

Main campus temporarily only accessible for staff and students of THUAS 

Starting 16 November the main campus of THUAS will temporarily only be accessible for students and staff of THUAS. Every visitor will be asked at the main entrance to show their student ID or employee-card.  

This measure has been caused by the increasing levels of aggressive behaviour by people when they have been addressed about the applicable measures and their enforcement in our buildings. In a number of these incidents, the person being addressed turned out not to be a student or employee of our university. In order to guarantee a safe environment for of all our employees and students, the decision was made to make the location accessible only to them. This measure will apply for a period of at least three weeks. 

Wear a face mask when moving throughout our campuses. Keep a distance of 1.5 meters of one another. Should you by accident forget to adhere to these and other applicable THUAS measures, you can be asked to correct this. If so, please behave as can be expected of a THUAS student or staff member, that is with respect for one another. 

Mandatory face masks 

The decision by the THUAS Crisis Management Team to immediately make the wearing of face masks mandatory within the buildings of THUAS has in practice led to some differences of interpretation and has therefore been further clarified. 

The interpretation of the ‘masking’ obligation will be: 

A face mask should only be worn when moving through The Hague University of Applied Sciences’ campuses, or when remaining in transfer areas. For example in the corridors, when entering and leaving classrooms, at the lifts, in cafeterias and in queues. When the destination has been reached, the mask may be removed. The classrooms, lecture halls, study places and office spaces are furnished in accordance with the safety protocols, these have been arranged to keep 1.5 meters distance from one another. Anyone who of their own accord wishes to wear a face mask during class is free to do so. 

In order to formalise the decision, this new clarification will be included in the “Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Measures” which the General Council has been asked to approve. In anticipation of this approval, the clarification may already be followed. 

NBSA 2020-2021 

The Binding Study Advice that all first year students of the current academic year 2020-2021 would normally receive at the end of the academic year has been postponed to the second year of studies. The ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, in consultation with the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, has included this in the so called ‘Service Document Higher Education’ that was published earlier this week. In this way, students who are encountering difficulties in obtaining the necessary credits because of the pandemic will have time to meet these prerequisites, and so prevent a delay in study or dropping out.  

In the previous academic year the same arrangement was applied to the then first year students. The current academic year’s arrangement will be equal to last years.