City Deal: Local Resilience to Cyber Crime

City Deals are means to achieve the objective of Agenda Stad (Urban Agenda): strengthening the growth, innovation and quality of life in Dutch cities. City Deals secure concrete cooperation agreements between cities, the Dutch government, other authorities, companies and civic organisations. These deals must lead to innovative solutions to social issues and/or contain measures to strengthen the economic ecosystem of the urban region(s).

Together with a number of cities, this City Deal aims to develop creative and innovative applications to increase the cyber resilience of citizens and businesses. This City Deal connects cities in their approach to local cybersecurity by setting up pilots and various meetings to exchange information and share inspiration on how to reach vulnerable groups and foster behavioural change. In addition, participating governments and parties are researching how they can strengthen each other in their approach to cyber crime. Together with the Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety (CCV), six cities, several regional Security Alliances, the Public Prosecution Service, various Platforms for Corporate Security, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), and the ministries of Justice and Security, Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (Digital Trust Centre, DTC), and the Interior and Kingdom Relations are studying the possibilities for composing this City Deal. 

The Cyber Security Centre of Expertise (CoECS) at the Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) is involved in the implementation and evaluation of three projects which are part of this City Deal. Together with partners from the field, CoECS is acquiring the latest knowledge about making our society more cyber-resilient.