Reclaiming the “social” part of contemporary multilevel regulation

The Inaugural Lecture of Dr. Barbara Warwas, "Returning to the Origins of Multilevel Regulation", centred the motto from the Manifesto of her newly launched research group on Multilevel Regulation: “Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for the 99%!” This research focuses on the study of ADR to increase the diversity of multilevel regulation in contemporary society, institutions and public and professional spaces.

A photo of Barbara Warwas and the title of her inaugural lecture Contemporary rules and regulations are complex and extremely formal, and ultimately inaccessible to the people that they are made to govern. Dr. Warwas’ new research group and manifesto explores why returning to the historical values of multilevel regulation will embrace diversity, include all voices and broaden opportunities. In doing so, she emphasizes the importance of practical research to reconnect contemporary multilevel regulation with social values outside of the dominant western, technocratic power structures.

This lecture explored the widespread lack of perceived social legitimacy of states, as well as a lack of transparency around producing contemporary rules, and the complications of the translation of these rules into citizens daily life. Dr. Warwas used historical contexts to explore the importance of ADR, demonstrating how historical social values such as trust and empathy can guide us when facing current socio-political challenges. ADR and its historical values is presented as a tool to provide accessibility for the 99%, being the missing and excluded practical side of research on contemporary multilevel regulation, and the people that become invisible because of this. Dr. Warwas’ research group on Multilevel regulation from the Global Governance Centre of Expertise works with students, lecturers, professionals, and citizens from different fields and levels of expertise, including layman, to increase the diversity of contemporary multilevel regulation and reclaim ADR for the 99%.

Watch Dr. Barbara Warwas' Inaugural Lecture and explore how ADR can serve as a diverse, collaborative tool for solving your disputes.