ISPM student shares his journey as an intern at ASICS

The sport management industry is quite vast and the working field offers a multitude of options. However, the first ideas that come to mind usually revolve around FIFA, IOC, club franchises and sport apparel brands, such as ASICS, one of the leading ones particularly in their running category. So, to learn that one of our own ISPM students is part of that team is cause for celebration!

Currently in his third and final year at the programme, Henriks Diure, is a Digital Marketing intern at the ASICS Europe Running Category, since February 2020. Among the tasks that he works on with the team are a marketing strategy for the European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets, the production of marketing campaigns for the ASICS Running brand, including integrated marketing strategy, content creation and delivery to internal and external stakeholders, and integration with channels.

Henriks started his internship working at the company’s European headquarters located in Hoofddorp, in the Netherlands. After 2 months, however, due to Covid-19 the routine changed to home office, with a visit to the physical location once a month, but that meant missing out on some opportunities, such as business trips. Nevertheless, the intensity of the work did not change for Henriks: “my direct roles and responsibilities include localization of the campaign materials, creation of digital assets, building campaign landing pages, managing content on the screens within the channel, leading many more ad-hoc projects and supporting the team in various other tasks. The tasks vary from day to day, but every day brings new challenges in an ever-changing digital environment”, reflects.

The journey to get to this internship started with sending applications (less than 50 in his estimates). One of them was for an E-commerce internship at Onitsuka Tiger, a brand which is part of ASICS Corporation with a focus on fashion. Henriks went through 3 interviews process for the position, after which the hiring team found a vacant position with ASICS Running Category, better suited for his skills and experiences – talk about perfect timing! He then went to 2 additional stages of interviewing until finally landing the internship position!

The hard work starts way before the internship position is offered. You have to be well prepared to face selection rounds, particularly 5 interviews. Henriks’s preparation was focused on having a resume that would stand out for the hiring managers. In order to do so “I focused on broadening my knowledge, working on individual projects, completing online courses and choosing a minor study that helped me gain relevant expertise on the career path I wanted to follow”, recalls.

Henriks is definitely a go-getter and his attitude doesn’t change after reaching his goal: “I believe I have brought to ASICS some fresh ideas, a new perspective as well as a professional attitude and a solution-oriented mindset”, concludes.

Henriks’ main tips for applying for internship positions successfully are:
Step 1- Research organization you would like to work for.
Step 2- Find a department you would fit the most & the potential roles you could have.
Step 3- Do extra-curriculum activities, online courses to learn the skills needed to cover the role.
Step 4- Emphasize your knowledge and showcase your previous experience in similar roles.
Step 5- And obviously, be pro-active, professional, show interest, and show uniqueness which you can bring to the organization.