Mayor and the municipal council embrace a city lab approach for all focus areas

Recent research at City Lab Duindorp, conducted by researchers from the Hague University of Applied Sciences working at the Global and Inclusive Education and the Governance of Urban Transitions Centres of Expertise, was one of the reasons for the Hague city council to develop a new action plan for this neighbourhood.

Between 2017 and 2020, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has actively organised Public Dialogues with residents, policy-makers and professionals involved in the neighbourhood to gain a good understanding of what is happening in this district, which issues concern everyone, and how to find solutions together.  

On the recent Monday evening of 12 October, the city council held a positive debate about the research and approach. Opposition party NIDA submitted a motion to conduct similar research in the areas of Schilderswijk, Transvaal, Stationsbuurt, Schipperskwartier, Laak and Escamp (South West). With the support of the municipal executive council, the motion was adopted by alderman Martijn Balster. The fact that the approach in “City Lab Duindorp” served as inspiration to conduct similar research in other neighbourhoods is a compliment to all of those involved in “City Lab Duindorp”! With great enthusiasm and somewhat impatiently, those involved are waiting for the collective implementation of the announced “Duindorp action plan”. 

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