Tightening of measures within The Hague University of Applied Sciences

This morning, Wednesday, 13th October, the Crisis Management Team (CMT) of The Hague University of Applied Sciences discussed the impact of the press conference by Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge and the measures they announced will have on our university.

First, we would like to stress how pleased we are that no further extensive measures have been announced for higher education to date. Although limited, we attach great value to the space we currently have for delivering in-person educational activities. The fact that there are individual cases of Corona virus in higher education, including at THUAS, but these have hardly lead to further outbreaks, says a lot about how the measures and our organisation contribute to a safe environment. This also means that for some of the measures announced yesterday, higher education is still seen as an exception. 

However, we can only maintain that freedom if we continue to earn it. We do this by abiding by the applicable rules. By keeping our distance. By washing our hands. By sneezing into our elbow. By staying at home when we display symptoms or have been in contact with a person who has tested positive. And as was made clear at this press conference, by wearing a face mask in the common areas of the university.

Face masks 

Prime Minister Rutte announced that there will soon be an obligation to wear a face mask in all public places. That applies at THUAS as well, of course, and we don't want to wait. Until now, you were advised to wear a face mask but it is now mandatory to wear a face mask in THUAS’ buildings. The only exceptions are classrooms and workstations (unless otherwise indicated), where it will not be mandatory but it is of course allowed. 

So please don't forget to bring a face mask if you have to be in a THUAS building, because without one you will unfortunately no longer be welcome in our buildings. 

Working from home

To be able to continue teaching 'on campus', the implementation of the timetables is crucial. Tasks that must be carried out at the university to enable in-person and online education require staff members to come to the university. Which staff members they are and how they can do this safely is determined as always in good consultation within the team and with your manager. 


For a number of the measures announced by the government, (higher) education has an exceptional position. 

  • Sports education is classified as practical education and may therefore continue. 
  • Travelling with public transport is still allowed because giving and following education is seen as a necessary activity. Do you have other ways to get to THUAS? If so, it may be wise to make use of them.
  • Graduation ceremonies can still take place as planned. All other events had already been made digital, been cancelled or postponed. 
Stick to the rules. Take responsibility. As a staff member and also as as a student. If we hear signals that there is still any partying going on, for example in student housing near THUAS, it is difficult to reconcile that with the situation we are in right now. No matter how difficult it is, and everyone understands that it is, only by adhering to the measures can we return to a 'normal' situation, one where this virus does not have such a major impact on our daily lives.    

On behalf of the CMT

Elisabeth Minnemann
Hans Camps
Rajash Rawal

The protocol and the Q&A have been updated with the new measures.