Three vacancies for student assistants for the NRO funded Comenius Senior Fellow Project Trust MEdiators

We are looking for three student assistants to join our team on NRO funded Comenius Senior Fellow Project (“Trust MEdiators: Developing a student-driven mediation lab to learn and practice how to be trustworthy mediators”)

African student

What is the project about?

Trust MEdiators is a student-centered (and student-driven!) project aiming at developing a training model in soft mediation skills through a mediation lab. The added value of the lab is that it allows students to proactively develop and practice mediation scenarios in their own educational environment based on culturally informed mediation experiences of their peers, family members, and other people in their networks. Those mediation scenarios and learning goals will be discussed with professional mediators and educational leaders from the Netherlands and abroad who will act as a professional network for the project. Consequently, students develop as humans, professionals, and researchers as they establish sound connections with the labor market and practitioners. Additionally, students develop and build a repository of different culturally-informed mediation styles and experiences that will be chronicled and reused for the purpose of the project.

What is expected?

The project leader Dr. Barbara Warwas (research group Multilevel Regulation and the Centre of Expertise Global Governance) and Ms. Marike Hehemann (HBO-rechten) are looking for three student assistants who can commit their time, enthusiasm, knowledge, and culturally-informed mediation experiences for the full duration of the project that is until 30 September 2022. All three positions are part time positions and details will be discussed with the successful candidates (the timeline of the project is set in stone but the timeline of student activities will be determined by student assistants in consultation with the project leader).

Successful candidates will begin as mediation lab co-founders (year 1: academic year 2020-2021) and progress into responsible professionals such as facilitators and managers of the mediation lab for a new cohort (year 2: academic year 2021-2022).

In cycle 1 the three student assistants will:

  1. Take a masterclass in intercultural mediation.
  2. Research real-life examples of conflict situations with trust-building element from their own cultural backgrounds with a view of developing their own mediation scenarios for peer mediation (this will involve development of a website for chronicling purposes).
  3. Peer mediate their scenarios and conduct peer review.

In cycle 2, the three student assistants will turn into facilitators and they will guide the next student cohort in intercultural peer mediation. This will be done within the framework of the Dispute Resolution Minor in LAW Programme.

Other activities are also expected, and they will be discussed with the successful candidates. For example, student assistants will be expected to organise and participate in two (online) symposia within the framework of the project and administer the project when the need arises.

Student will need to deliver the following deliverables (non-exhaustive list): research briefs, (v/b)logs, podcast episode, a study newsletter, a website (student assistant 3).

Requirements and necessary skills

Availability: we need students who can commit to working with us for the whole duration of the project, from now until September 2022 (again, this is not a full-time opportunity but the successful candidates will need to be available within the predetermined project timeline).

Skills. We seek students who:

  • Have strong interest in dispute resolution including (intercultural) mediation.
  • Possess excellent communication, organizational, and project management skills.
  • Have a proactive and entrepreneurial attitude.
  • Have excellent writing skills in English.
  • Have excellent research skills including familiarity with basic research methodology (knowledge about an innovative research methodology such as citizen science is a plus).
  • Additionally, student assistant 3 will have excellent ICT skills and ICT experience in order to develop and maintain a website.

What we offer

  • Three positions of student assistants to start as soon as possible until September 30, 2022. The salary will be determined in line with the project’s budget and the Collective Labor Agreement. All three positions are part time positions and details will be discussed with the successful candidates.
  • A professional training in intercultural mediation as part of the project.
  • Supervision by experts in mediation and dispute resolution.
  • A network of professionals and educators to liaise with.
  • An opportunity to take part in (and co-develop!) a fascinating project that aims to innovate the ways we teach mediation at THUAS and beyond.

Are you our new colleague?

If you are interested, please send your application materials to Dr. Barbara Warwas at: by October 7th, 2020.
The application materials should include:

  • Your CV
  • Your short motivation letter (2 pages maximum) explaining: your interest in, knowledge of, and experience (if any) in intercultural mediation, and how you meet the requirements for the position.
  • A writing sample of no more than 2 pages.

In case of questions regarding the project, please email Dr. Barbara Warwas at: 

Good luck!