Tightening of the measures at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

During the press conference held Monday, 28th September, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister de Jonge announced a tightening of the applicable Covid-19 virus measures. In addition, the mayors of the major cities of The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam made an appeal for additional measures. The THUAS Crisis Management Team (CMT) discussed the impact of the additional measures and recommendations at our university.

The most important thing that we all can and must do is to continue to abide by the basic rules that are already in place.
Keep a meter and a half distance. Wash and disinfect your hands regularly. Cough and sneeze in your elbow. Stay at home if you have any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is infected. Get yourself tested if there is reason to do so. 

In addition, in accordance with the advice of Mayor van Zanen, from now on you are urgently recommended to wear a face mask in all public areas at all THUAS locations. This advice also applies to our practical education classrooms. You are of course allowed to wear a face mask in places outside the aforementioned locations (workstations and classrooms).

Working from home

The Cabinet has further tightened the measures when it comes to working on location. The norm will once again be: only come to work when there’s really no other way.

We are still allowed to give face-to-face education which is very important to us. We know that our students and staff find that face-to-face education where possible very important. That is why we will continue to provide it as long as we have the option to do so, and ask the necessary staff members to come to THUAS for that reason. That’s only possible as long as we all contribute to a safe environment. So only come to THUAS if absolutely necessary.

A long haul

Everyone had hoped that we would have escaped this situation by now and at the beginning of the summer it seemed to indicate that as well. However, it now seems the COVID-19 virus will have a very large impact on our daily lives for some time to come. 

We know that everyone, students and staff members alike, has put in an enormous amount of effort over the past few months and that it has not always been easy. And unfortunately, we are in it for the long haul. But hang in there and take good care of each other. We will certainly be able to deal with this situation together.

On behalf of THUAS’ CMT,

Elisabeth Minnemann
Hans Camps
Rajash Rawal